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Doom Eternal Guide to All Enemies

Doom Eternal Guide to All Enemies

Doom Eternal is a massive game and compared to Doom 2016, there is just so much more content. One thing that Doom Eternal promised to do is double the amount of enemies that the game had, and they were very successful at completing their goal. There are 27 different enemies in the game and in those enemy types, there are multiple versions of them. Here are all the enemies in Doom Eternal and the easiest way to defeat each of them.

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Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Shooting its back turret with the Combat Shotgun’s Sticky Bombs or the Heavy Cannon’s Scoped Attachment will destroy it and force the Arachnotron to fight closer to you.

The Arachnotron is one of the first enemies you fight in the second half of the first level and they can be challenging if it is the first time you fight them. The design is fairly similar to its original depiction in Doom 2, a demonic brain on large mechanized legs. However, its turret has been moved from its underbelly to the rear of its body. Its legs have also been made much larger, and the body has become more narrow.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – It can’t attack while summoning a group of demons, so approach it from behind and deal as much damage as you can. Its fire wall can be destroyed with a Blood Punch.

This is the most annoying demon in the game for me because it summons tons of enemies if you can’t get to him in time. If you can catch him while he is summoning, then you won’t have any issues with him. Forged from Hellfire, the Archvile is feared among lesser demons for its innate ability to channel and manipulate the unholy powers of Hell magic.

Baron of Hell

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Weakness – They are weakest to the Chaingun and Rocket Launcher. If you can swap between them quickly, you can easily take them down fast.

The Fireborne Barons have evolved, the descendant clan of the Baron hell breed, and are indigenous to the caustic, scorched hellscapes bordering the Burning Abyss. A landscape of cragged spires forged from unbreakable Blackstone, tempered by the crashing waves of the magmatic tide, these sulfuric planes of Hell have long served as banishing grounds – a place of the exodus to which the damned are sentenced as their final destination.


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Weakness – The mouth is its weakness. All you need to do is shoot either a Grenade from the Equipment Launcher or the Combat Shotgun Sticky Bomb into its mouth and it will explode.

Hunters of the Sloughlands, the Cacodemon lurks the bottomless and murky depths of Hell in search of easy prey. An aimless wanderer, the Cacodemon is mostly devoid of cognitive ability, sensory awareness, and otherwise commonly occurring impulses. Driven only by a singular desire to feed, the Cacodemon is likely to appear wherever there is flesh to be consumed, bringing with it an insatiable propensity for hunger.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – It places up energy shields that when shot with the Plasma Rifle will explode and stun the Carcass, leaving it open for all attacks.

These are hard if you don’t have a Plasma Rifle. If you see one, pull out your Plasma Rifle as fast as possible because you might get sprayed from the damage of your other weapons if the shield pops up in front of you quickly. Also, when you learn the moves of certain demons, the combat pretty much has a pattern.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – It is the only demon that does not attack. Just attack him and he will fly in the direction you hit him in and explode.

Former UAC Engineers, these malformed zombies were rendered inept during the war for Earth. Their bodies are now a disturbing fusion of body, bone, and barrel. They are used for dealing damage to other demons. They don’t really have any other purposes.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14 1

Weakness – It has a ton of armor so use a Blood Punch to break off all its armor and then you can destroy his arms just like the regular Mancubus.

The Cyber Mancubus has undergone the same bodily redesign as its lesser Mancubus brethren. However, it is also covered from head to foot in gunmetal grey armor, with passive green lighting emitted off of certain sections of its body. Once its armor is removed, it appears mostly identical to the regular Mancubus. Once the armor is off, just blow off his Arm Cannons and you will be good.

Doom Hunter

Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Start by destroying its shield with the Plasma Rifle and once it is down, just destroy his sled and he won’t regenerate his shield again.

The Doom Hunter is a new type of enemy introduced in Doom Eternal. It was originally known as the Agaddon Hunters from the Telos Realm, a demon species which was specifically designed to hunt the Doom Slayer and his fellow Night Sentinels during an event called “the Unholy Crusade.”

Doom Hunters are Super Heavy demons with a wide variety of attacks that allow them to deal damage at all ranges. Their rocket boosters grant them limited flight, allowing them to move surprisingly quickly in multiple directions.

Dread Knight

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Weakness – It is very weak to the Chaingun. If you don’t have the ammo, the Lock-on burst for the Rocket Launcher will destroy it in a few hits.

You fight these demons pretty early on in the game. It has the appearance of a dull brown Hell Knight. However, it is also covered in various machinery, including metal plating and orange tubes. Particularly noteworthy are the two orange energy swords placed just above the Knight’s wrists. Unlike the Hell Knight, the Dread Knight’s eyes glow a deep red.


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Weakness – Basically any weapon you have will do well against these. There really is no weakness for this enemy. Just keep shooting and you will kill it.

Similar to the Imp, Gargoyles dart around the battlefield and rarely stop moving. However, unlike Imps, Gargoyles are capable of temporary flight, allowing them to gain line of sight with the Slayer in a way few other demons are capable. They launch green projectiles from a distance and will slash at the Slayer when up-close.

Hell Knight

Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – It is very weak to the Heavy Cannon’s Micro Missiles and the Combat Shotgun’s Full Auto attachment. Also, the Chaingun works really well.

The Hell Knight behaves mostly identical to its depiction in Doom (2016), rushing down the player and slamming into them with powerful punches and ground slam attacks. The Hell Knight is capable of shrugging off damage from most weapons unflinchingly, charging through them to reach the player as quickly as possible.

This serves as both a blessing and a curse, as they will not dodge out of the way of the Slayer’s fire, but also require significant punishment to prevent them from reaching the player and dealing devastating amounts of damage.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – This is another demon that can be killed with basically any weapon in the game. They are also sort of used as a means to get armor, ammo, and health.

The Imp has a slightly different appearance to its 2016 counterpart, possessing elongated back spines to more closely resemble its original design. It otherwise remains similar to its previous incarnation, being a nimble demon capable of pestering the Slayer from a distance and traversing terrain with ease. These are very easy if you have played the reboot so you can take them out very easily.

Lost Soul

Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Its weakness is the Combat Shotgun because it will repel it, sending it flying in the opposite direction and explode.

The Lost Soul will wander aimlessly until it spots the Slayer. Upon sighting the player, the Lost Soul’s flames will shift from blue to red and it will unleash an echoing screech. The Lost Soul will then barrel towards the Slayer in a straight line. If it makes contact, the Lost Soul will explode, dealing significant damage.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Destroying the left and right flame cannons on the Mancubus will make all attacks from it basically harmless. Use Sticky Bombs or Precision Shot to easily destroy the cannons.

The Mancubus is a tank, able to dish out absurd amounts of damage and take it too. From a long distance, the Mancubus shoot powerful flame balls from its cannons while slowly moving towards the Slayer. At medium to close ranges, it will use dual flamethrowers to rapidly damage the Slayer. These flame-throwers have a surprisingly long reach, so caution should be exerted until they are disabled.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – It is very weak to the Super Shotgun and Ballista. Keep in mind that you must get the timing right to actually get your hits on him.

To effectively duel with a Marauder, the player must understand the spacing gimmick that revolves around it. At longer distances, the Marauder will hurl a beam of energy at the Slayer. At close range, it will fire upon them with its Double-barreled Shotgun.

At medium distances, the Marauder will lunge at the player with its axe. The Marauder will also summon a wolf to chase the Slayer after it blocks the Slayer’s, or another demon’s attacks. Not an easy enemy to master.

Maykr Drone

Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Their head is not only vulnerable to damage but if the killing shot is a headshot, the Maykr Drone will drop a payload of health and ammo, making them very useful for a Slayer in a pinch.

Its protective hide grants the Maykr Drone defenses bordering that of the Hellified Soldiers shield. The Drone will hover around the battlefield, shooting quick bursts of yellow light at the Slayer from a distance. Up close, the Drone will spin quickly as tendrils of golden energy whip the Slayer.

Pain Elemental

Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – The Pain Elemental serves as a bullet sponge, requiring concentrated fire to take down. The Ballista deals increased damage against them, but several bolts will still be required to take it out.

The Pain Elemental possesses an incredible amount of health, able to take significant punishment before going down. Similar to its original depiction, the Pain Elemental will produce Lost Souls from its mouth. The Pain Elemental can also release several Lost Souls at once, launching them at the Slayer over time while they serve as a barrier to protect the Pain Elemental itself.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – The Ice bomb can freeze a Pinky in its tracks, leaving its rear weak point exposed and allowing for an easy kill. Just shoot it in the back to kill it fast.

As Hell emerged on Earth the Pinky began to appear on terrestrial soil in great number, rapidly becoming the bane of existence to ARC military fortifications. Utilizing its armored frontal carapace, the Pinky is able to penetrate defensive encampments, breaking through walled defenses and using its ramming ability to upturn and immobilize armored vehicles.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – The Lock-On Burst attachment for the Rocket Launcher will track it constantly, even after teleporting, removing it from the battle without much issue.

Prowlers will behave similarly to Imps, zipping around the battlefield while hurling purple fireballs at the Slayer. However, they will also regularly teleport both towards and away from the Slayer. This teleportation ability can make the Prowler hard to track, as the distance they travel with their teleportation can vary from a few feet to half of an arena.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – While using its jetpack, the Revenant will take increased damage from the Ballista. Also, destroying both of its rocket launchers on its shoulders, it will eliminate a lot of damage to you.

The Revenant will attack the Slayer from mid to long distances with its shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. It will frequently fire two rockets at once that will travel in a straight line towards the Slayer unless he moves out of the way in time.

On occasion, the Revenant will also launch a missile barrage, a cluster of several missiles that will home in on the Slayer unless he double-jumps or dashes to break the target lock. When in close range, the Revenant will swipe at the Slayer.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Soldier (Blaster) can be killed with any weapon easily. Soldier (Shield) can be killed by shooting the shield with a Plasma Rifle, killing everything around it to.

The Soldier (Blaster) has a dark-green buzz cut, green under armor with sandy-white colored armor plating, and an arm-cannon on their right that acts like a Plasma Gun. The Soldier (Shield) looks similar to the Soldier (Blaster) except for having no hair at all, leaving them bald, and their armor re-colored to a dark grey-ish blue. Their arm-cannons are also different, as it now has three smaller barrels instead of one and acts like a shotgun.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Its weakness is the Chaingun. Just keep shooting it until it is dead. It does not have the armor like the regular Pinky does so it is easier.

Spectres behave in an identical manner to their Pinky relatives, charging at the Slayer from a distance and dealing massive amounts of damage. However, they also have some notable differences. For one, their cloaking ability nullifies the effects of several weapon mods. Fortunately, unlike the regular Pinky, Spectres lack any armour, meaning they can be fought head-on just like any other demon.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – The easiest thing to do to kill these is to hit it with one hit from the Crucible and it will kill it right away. Also, using the Meat Hook deals massive damage.

A Tyrant is a slow-moving powerhouse, extremely tough, and able to dish out high damage, with its main weakness being slow turning speed. It shares some of the attacks of the Doom 2016 Cyberdemon, though some are pared down with respect to its status as a regular enemy rather than a boss fought on its own. It is one of the hardest demons you will encounter so be ready when you see your first one.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Seen as cannon fodder, they can be killed quickly with one shotgun blast or a few punches. This, combined with their slowness makes them the least dangerous enemy.

The Unwilling do not possess skin unlike the Possessed. Instead, they have a deep red tissue for skin and a bone-like armor. The only thing left of their faces is the two sockets where their eyes were, nostrils, and their mouth filled with unclean teeth.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14

Weakness – Due to its tendency to duck its head and slither around on the ground, accurate weapons capable of firing high-speed projectiles such as the Heavy Cannon, Combat Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Super Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher is highly recommended.

The Whiplash crawls and slithers at an alarming speed to flank and slash the Slayer with its energy chain blades. It can hop ledges with its chains, using them like grappling hooks. It can also fire argent energy waves similar to the Summoner. These are very annoying if you first start fighting them.


Doom Eternal Screenshot 2020.05.14 1

Weakness – They are ridiculously slow and are basically just cannon fodder so I wouldn’t worry about them at all.

Possessed by the influence of Hell, once human underlings that follow in Hell’s ranks are those that have been corrupted and deceived by its power, forsaking their own humanity. Those who have fully succumbed to Hell’s will cannot be saved, becoming mindless, grotesque contortions of their former selves.


In conclusion, there are a ton of enemies in Doom Eternal and they all take a certain amount of time to master how to deal with each of them. From all the enemies in the game, 80% of them will be in every mission you play and you have to learn how to adapt to fighting multiple of each at once. I hope you have a fun time fighting the demons!