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Saints Row 2022 7 Best Weapons (All Weapon Types)

Saints Row 2022 7 Best Weapons (All Weapon Types)

Saints Row is a gaming franchise that has built its legacy on its innovative combat and plethora of cool, bizarre weapons. And the latest installment of the franchise, Saints Row 2022, is no different. There are several amazing weapons in the game, but we’re here to tell which ones are the best of the best.

Regardless of your playstyle, we’ve curated a list of the Best weapons for all of the weapon types within the game:

  • Rifles
    • MDI-77 Auto Rifle
  • SMGs
    • TEK Z-10 SMG
  • Shotguns
    • Stagecoach Shotgun
  • Pistols
    • MDI-39m Sixguns
  • Big Guns
    • AT Rocket Launcher
  • Melee Weapons
    • Smelterville Slugger
  • Special Weapons
    • TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle

We’ve selected for each of the 7 weapon types the best possible weapon that you can use. We’ve done this so that our recommendations will still have some meaning and utility to you no matter what your style of play. But let us go into further detail regarding each of these weapons, why they’re good, and how to get them.

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Best Rifle in Saints Row 2022

MDI-77 Auto Rifle
MDI-77 Auto Rifle

There are quite a few rifles available to the player in Saints Row 2022, and picking just one out of them was truly challenging. However, we believe that we’ve come to a decisive conclusion regarding overall damage and damage you can deal per second. This weapon is fast, and it feels good to use.

Of course, we’re talking about the MDI-77 Auto Rifle, which is our pick for the Best Rifle in Saints Row 2022. There are several reasons for this because we didn’t just make our choice for the MDI-77 based on only one factor. Rather our decision was predicated upon an amalgamation of points that let this rifle stand above the rest.

The first aspect in favor of the MDI-77 Auto Rifle is its special ability. According to this ability, this weapon has a random chance of firing a homing projectile that can land on enemies for immense damage and accuracy. I mean, just by reading that ability, you can tell that it is incredibly strong.

After all, the weapon has a smooth and fast fire rate, which compliments multiple shots fired and increases your chance of landing those big homing projectiles. They are “homing” projectiles, which means the chances of them missing their mark are significantly lower than the abilities of other rifles.

The massive damage of the homing projectile is great for dealing with mobs of enemies, but it is also especially good for dealing with single-target foes. The added damage accentuates your already fast and strong fire rate. And no one can deny that the MDI-77 is by far the most accurate rifle we have access to.

When you compile all these factors, in tangent with the ease with which you can gain access to the MDI-77, you can’t help but be impressed by the power and precision of this weapon. And if you’re someone looking for the best rifle, then we’d recommend you look no further.

Best SMG in Saints Row 2022

TEK Z-10 SMG – Friendly Fire

If you’re looking for the best SMG in Saints Row 2022, then look no further than the TEK Z-10 SMG. It is an incredible weapon, able to eliminate large crowds of enemies quickly and efficiently. The best thing about this SMG is that its effectiveness does not wane, regardless of how far away you are from enemies.

The TEK Z-10 has a fantastic distinctive skill that allows you to hemorrhage your foes, shocking them in the process while simultaneously giving you an advantage by increasing your attack power, allowing you to deal much more damage. After all, who doesn’t love more damage?

However, we wouldn’t be completely honest if we didn’t tell you about the few drawbacks that you might experience while trying to use this weapon. Especially because since the first Saints Row game, the developers have always come up with some ways to balance how good the SMGs are, and the TEK Z-10 is no different.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is how much ammo this weapon consumes when you’re actively using it for combat. And this can be quite the issue in the early sections of the game as you will not be receiving an abundance of ammo packs.

Shocker Rounds is the signature ability of the TEK Z-10 SMG. Every refill will loop among the effects of fire, lightning, and bleeding. You’ll need to rack up 20 Marshall Double Kills while using the weapon to get access to the Shocker Rounds bonus.

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Best Shotgun in Saints Row 2022

Stagecoach Shotgun
Stagecoach Shotgun – Friendly Fire

Some people might tell you that the Stagecoach Shotgun fails at being a weapon that you can practically use throughout the game and that there are far more effective weapons, but they are incorrect. There is no other shotgun within the game with the same amount of sheer killing force.

The biggest weakness highlighted by players regarding the Stagecoach Shotgun is its sluggish shooting and the lengthy amount of time you need to spend reloading the weapon. However, we would counteract that the ability of the weapon to delete enemies in one shot eliminates the necessity to reload too much.

Many of the other shotguns have a larger cartridge size. However, this is a non-issue for the Stagecoach Shotgun, as the aim of the weapon is to eliminate whatever object or person is unlucky to stand in its way.

The Stagecoach shotgun is an excellent weapon to have if you’re prone to end up in close combat and need to fight your way to the distance again. The weapon is great for getting rid of a few tough enemies instantly and giving you the space you need to reinitiate on your terms. Certainly our best Shotgun.

Best Pistol in Saints Row 2022

MDI-39M Sixguns
MDI-39M Sixguns – Friendly Fire

If the Pistol is more of your style, then we’ve got just what you need. The best Pistol in Saints Row 2022 is the MDI-39M Sixguns. It’s so incredibly good that we’ve got a host of reasons to convince you why you should go get and start using this pistol.

The Marshall might not be the most morally upright faction in the game; however, few can disagree with the fact that they made some spectacular weapons. They’re the ones who created the MDI-39M Sixguns and who you’ll have to team up with if you want this Revolver.

The MDI-39M fires some pretty rad-looking projectiles at your enemies, and the best part about them will be that they automatically are guided towards perfect hits. This makes the MDI-39M Sixguns the perfect weapon to whip out in clutch moments of a heated fight or to go to when you need reliable shots.

You just have to make sure that your aim isn’t completely off the mark, and you can let the weapon do the rest. It never misses and will shred through your enemies faster than you can say “bang bang.” Another reason why it’s so good is that it deals crazy high damage, giving you a big punch when you need it.

Finally, the weapon has an incredible Signature Ability that you simply do not want to miss. The ability is called Rocket Rebound, and this allows for its micro-missiles to ricochet off nearby enemies after hitting their intended target. This does a lot more damage to a bunch more enemies, perfect for mobs.

You can purchase this weapon from the Friendly Firearms vendor.

Best Big Gun in Saints Row 2022

AT Rocket Launcher
AT Rocket Launcher – Friendly Fire

Next, let’s move on to the Big Guns, and we mean Big Guns because our selection for Saints Row 2022’s best Big gun is destructive, powerful, and merciless. It’s the type of weapon that you can wield and feel unstoppable while doing so. It’s difficult to beat the joy of watching dozens of enemies getting wiped instantly.

Thus it’s with no hesitation and no mystery that we select the AT Rocket Launcher as the best Big Gun in Saints Row 2022. This weapon has everything you might want from a Big Gun, and we’ve got several reasons why it deserves to be among one of the top spots on this list.

First of all, what does the AT stand for in AT Rocket Launcher? Well, that’s simple. It stands for Anti-Tank, which means this Rocket Launcher has been specifically designed to ensure that even a tank can be obliterated by using it. It is highly effective no matter how many enemies or what type of vehicle you’re up against.

Perhaps the best feature of the AT Rocket is the Potato Cannon Skin. It’s hilarious to use and doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the weapon at all. There is nothing quite like smacking your enemies with a potato and watching them go flying from the explosive impact.

Finally, compared to other Big Guns, the AT Rocket Launcher can hold many more rounds. This, in turn, means that you remain in the thick of the action for longer and do not have to disengage or switch weapons. This can be handy in tough situations where you need to fight for longer durations.

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Best Melee Weapon in Saints Row 2022

Smelterville Slugger
Smelterville Slugger – Friendly Fire

If you loved Neegan from the Walking Dead, then we’re sure that this next weapon is going to put a smile on your face. The Smelterville Slugger is our pick for the best Melee weapon in Saints Row 2022, and it outshines the competition in every way possible.

The Smelterville Slugger is a baseball bat adorned with barbed wires and nails, making it a very “welcoming sight” for unsuspecting enemies. It is perhaps one of the most potent melee weapons, able to do some serious damage to anybody unlucky enough to find themself in its range.

The Smelterville Slugger’s signature ability is called Swing Away. And it does exactly what the name suggests; it sends enemies flying, dealing massive damage as it does so. The Smelterville Slugger does even more damage than the Sledgehammer and can even deal decent damage to a shielded foe.

If you’re looking to unlock this weapon, you’ll need to kill 25 Specialist enemies with heavy Attacks. There are also several hilarious mods to use with this weapon, such as the delightful Crutch look. If you’ve been playing Saints Row for a while, then you’ll appreciate the Dev team’s humor in this regard.

Best Special Weapon in Saints Row 2022

TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle
TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle – Friendly Fire

The last weapon we will feature on our list is from the Special weapons category in Saints Row 2022. The best special weapon that you can get in Saints Row 2022 is the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle, and if we’re being honest, no other weapons even come close to its efficiency.

Although one can’t say that Saints Row is a particularly spectacular sniper game, the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle is an extremely dangerous and useful weapon to use. The best thing we’ve noticed about the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle is that it’s super easy and intuitive to use, which can go a long way when playing with a sniper.

However, this is the only sniper in the reboot, and if you’re looking for sniper play, you will be limited to only picking this weapon from the special weapons category. And we have to admit that if you’re in a normal encounter, the usage case for this weapon is going t be severely limited.

there are several scenarios where using the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle can completely trivialize encounters and give you the upper hand. In some cases, you might even feel like a vengeful god, sending bullets of judgment raining on the heads of your unsuspecting enemies.

Additionally, the TOGO-13 has an adjustable scope. This is a brilliant additional feature, especially because, unlike other sniper games, the scope does not sway when you’re aiming. So you get far more accurate shots than you would have in another game. Also, the weapon packs a meaty punch.

This sniper rifle will come in handy for players who are light to get their kills at long range. The Bonus Rounds signature ability makes headshots with the weapon deal more damage and adds ammo to your reserve. You can unlock it by killing 20 enemies driving vehicles with the sniper rifle.

And that’s about it. These were our Top 7 Best weapons for each of the weapon categories available in Saints Row 2022. If there are queries that you still have regarding Saints Row 2022, then let us know. Till next time!