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Guide To Defeating All Bosses In Valheim

Guide To Defeating All Bosses In Valheim

Valheim is a game about progression and survival. Once you create a character, you are thrown into a world with no idea what to do and where to go. If you are new to the game, then you might be very confused as to what to do first. The question about what to do is easy: just explore and discover what to do yourself.

Yes, it might seem annoying, but the whole fun of the game is exploring and finding out what to do on your own. It takes the fun out of the game if you know what to do because you have a goal. If you don’t have a goal, it can make the game feel mysterious and fun. So, if you haven’t played the game, then we would recommend not reading this article. SPOILER WARNING.

There are a total of 5 bosses in the game as of this article. There is Eikthyr, the Elder, Bonemass, Moder, and Yagluth. They are all based on Norse Mythology which makes fighting them even cooler. Each one should be fought at specific points in your playthrough and get progressively harder as you go on.

We will go over each boss and tell you their strengths and weaknesses. We will also go over the general locations where they are located and what you will need to summon them. They are randomly generated per seed, so it is up to you to find the boss spawner in the world you are exploring. So, here is our boss guide to the bosses in Valheim.

Why should you fight the bosses?

Well, if you don’t fight the bosses in the game, then you will only make it so far. Not only does fighting the bosses get you some really cool abilities that you can equip, but they also give you access to a whole new set of tools that you can upgrade yourself with. Every single boss is another step on the ladder that will lead you to become the most powerful person in the land.

If you don’t want to fight the bosses and you just want to explore, you will have some trouble doing so since the tools you get access to help you with the harder enemies around the world. As you start exploring new biomes, there will be enemies that need a certain weapon to defeat.

If you just go around with the starter gear, you will die and you will eventually lose everything you have. You can go pick your stuff up, but if you go farther into the more dangerous areas, then you will have a lot of trouble getting your stuff back. Fight the bosses because it will help you in the long run.

What are the bosses in Valheim?

There are a total of 5 bosses in Valheim as of this article and we will try to keep it updated as they release more in the future. Each one of the bosses has a unique moveset that you will have to get memorize to successfully defeat them. They are hard until you figure out what they are weak to.

If you can’t read what the boss is going to do, then you might have a small problem on your hands. It might take one try or ten tries, but you will eventually get the hang of defeating each one. Some people like to grind out the bosses because they do give some good items for you to get.

Here are the 5 bosses that you can fight in Valheim:

1. Eikthyr

His antlers are branches of iron, they crack the rocks and bring down mountains. His hooves are the sound of thunder. His voice a howling gale.

Biome: Found in the Meadows Biome

How to spawn: It is spawned by placing 2 Deer Trophies in its Forsaken Alter in the Meadows

This boss is by far the easiest in the game. Not only can you fight it right away in most cases, but once you defeat it, you get a tool that lets you upgrade to a whole new gear set. To easily beat this boss, you will want to use a bow. Its attacks are very easy to dodge and a bow is a great option to stay away from the boss itself.

You should also carry a shield with you since you can block all of the boss’s attacks with it if it gets too close. You will want to be rested and have plenty of food on you so your stamina won’t run out quickly. Also, make sure to keep a few health potions on you just in case you end up getting hit.

The power you get from defeating this boss is super helpful. It not only is good for material collection, but it also helps you escape from any enemy very quickly. Most of the time, you will have this power equipped since it is the all-around most useful ability for most players.

Power: Eikthyr Power – Reduces stamina cost of running and jumping by 60%

2. The Elder

First of the Forest, King-in-the-Wood, Lord over those who dwell at his feet. His roots will grow where cities once stood, their blood his wine, their flesh his meat.

Biome: Found in the Black Forest Biome

How to spawn: It is spawned by placing 3 Ancient Seeds in its Forsaken Alter in the Black Forest

This is the second boss you will encounter and is a lot harder than the previous one. Not only is it the tallest boss in the game, but it also has some seriously damaging attacks. It has a bunch of attacks that are AoE attacks, so make sure to keep an eye out for when he does them.

It is another boss that you should use a bow with. The main difference is that you will want to use fire arrows. The boss is a literal tree so fire deals a ton of damage to it. Plus, using the power from the previous boss will help save a ton of stamina while using a bow.

There are four pillars in the arena that you can use for cover so make sure you take advantage of those. The ability you get from this boss is only good for collecting wood since it will increase your damage to trees by 60%. It is good, but only if you are collecting wood.

Power: The Elder Power – Increases damage to trees by 60%

3. Bonemass

Wanderer, look to your feet, that tread upon our tomb. One thousand bones without their meat, will drag you to your doom.

Biome: Found in the Swamp Biome

How to spawn: It is spawned by placing 10 Withered Bones in its Forsaken Alter in the Swamp

This boss is the first challenge you will come across that you might die to. The previous two bosses are hard, but you will most likely make it without dying on your first time fighting them. The Bonemass is a very annoying fight since it can poison you. Yes, poison you.

You will want to come prepared with a poison resistance potion because you will die very quickly without it. The best thing you can bring is a blunt weapon. This is your best chance at taking this boss down. You could also bring frost arrows because it is weak to frost damage.

The power is pretty decent so if you like taking less damage from certain damage types, then you will most likely be using the power. The main thing that we can tell you is to go into this fight prepared because you will die from this boss. We died multiple times before finally defeating this thing.

Power: Bonemass Power – Provides 50%-75% resistance to blunt, slash, and pierce damage, depending on the armor you are currently wearing

4. Moder

Black wings across the moon and sun, down from the mountain our mother comes. Her weeping tears will fall like rain, her voice will call us home again.

Biome: Found in the Mountain Biome

How to spawn: It is spawned by placing 3 Dragon Eggs in its Forsaken Alter in the Mountains

This boss is a difficult one since you need 3 Dragon Eggs just to spawn it. Not only is it a dragon, but it can fly during the fight. The best thing you can bring for this fight is a bow with Obsidian arrows. It is weak to fire, but Obsidian arrows deal way more damage for some reason.

Poison arrows can deal damage, but try to stick with the Obsidian arrows. If you don’t want to use arrows, then a melee attack will do even better. It is harder to do, but it will defeat the boss faster. You will need silver weapons to deal the most damage and you will also want to have the Bonemass power equipped.

Also, having a shield is a must in this fight. The power you get from this boss is extremely important if you do a lot of traveling on the sea. It will activate the fastest mode that your ship can go for a bit. Also, defeating this boss gives you access to build the Artisan Table.

Power: Moder Power – Forces tailwind when sailing which will make getting to your destination a lot faster than normal

5. Yagluth

Long ages past, he wore a crown, beneath a blood-red sky. Now naught is left of all he was, but his spirit cannot die.

Biome: Found in the Plains Biome

How to spawn: It is spawned by placing 5 Fuling Totems in its Forsaken Alter in the Plains

This is the current final boss of the game and is by far the hardest one so far. The game is still in early access and this can change, but for now, this is what we get. It is located in the hardest area in the game and you will definitely need some good gear to take it on. It is literally a giant skeleton.

The boss has fire breath, can call meteors down, and even use nova blasts. It is not an easy fight. The best way to defeat this boss is to get the best gear you can while equipped with the Bonemass power and use melee. You will lose health, but in the long run, the boss doesn’t regain any health during the fight.

As of right now, the main item you get from it doesn’t really have a use. So if you are curious, keep the item and see what it does when the next major upgrade for the game comes out. It is not an easy fight so be prepared for the fight of your life when you fight this boss.

Power: Yagluth Power – Provides 50%-75% resistance to fire, frost, and lightning, depending on the armor you are currently wearing

Do the bosses heal?

Yes, the bosses do heal, but only if there isn’t a player in their vicinity. You really need to be ready once you complete the summoning for a specific boss. If you aren’t and you need to make a run for it, they might despawn. If you leave the area, they will regenerate all their health back.

None of the bosses actually heal during the fight, so if that is what you are wondering, don’t worry too much about it. As long as you follow the strategies we mentioned earlier and keep your distance depending on the boss, you should be fine for every boss fight in the game.

Just make sure you have enough items for you to heal. Obviously, the bosses can deal massive damage to you depending on what items you have, so make sure to take health potions and a ton of food with you. Also, make sure you have enough arrows if you are using a bow. Every little thing helps you win any fight.

Are the bosses difficult?

The first time you ever fight a boss, it can be pretty difficult. As we said before, the bosses get progressively harder as you unlock more areas and explore, so make sure you are prepared for each one when the time comes for you to fight them. Also, the more people you have, the boss’s health will increase for every person that is in your world.

If you are going to fight a boss, make sure to get every person in on it since you will all get rewarded. Plus, it will be easier to defeat the boss since it is not focused entirely on you. If you are fighting it solo, good luck, and try to stay away from those AoE attacks.

Bosses do have the most health out of any single enemy in the game and some bosses might even spawn other enemies to help them fight. Try to find a good spot near the boss spawner to go to when you spawn it and make sure you always have some sort of backup plan in case anything goes wrong during the fight.