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Is Elden Ring Harder Than Sekiro?

Is Elden Ring Harder Than Sekiro?

You have probably seen your favorite streamers rage or even get angry at games, especially when it is made in a way that is supposed to make everything difficult. Elden Ring is one of those games. FromSoft enjoys making games that are much more difficult and on another level than other games.


No, Elden Ring is not harder than Sekiro. Elden Ring gives you many classes, a massive open world to explore at any pace, and many weapons to choose from. Sekiro only has one weapon, and there isn’t much gameplay change, even when you get new prosthetics.

What makes Sekiro harder?

Sekiro is a game that is sort of open-world. It has the feel of an open-world game, but let’s be honest, it is a very linear game. You have a path, and you must follow the path to beat the game. Elden Ring takes you and throws you into a massive open world where you can go anywhere you want.

Yes, there is a story you need to follow to progress in each area, but you can spend a ton of time just exploring everything around you. Sekiro has some of that in the game, but for the most part, you will follow a path the whole time.

That is not bad because Sekiro is one of the best FromSoft games to date, and it will always be a fan favorite. Sekiro is also harder because the bosses are also extremely difficult. In Elden Ring, the bosses can be cheesed with certain Phantoms and weapons, but in Sekiro, you must learn how the game and bosses work to beat it.

Is Elden Ring easy?

By no means is Elden Ring easy. It is easier than Sekiro, but it is still a very difficult game because the difficulty is spread out a lot more. It is probably the best game for new people to the genre to play because it gives you a lot of downtime that the other games don’t give you.


If you are stuck on a boss, you can explore before returning and beating it. The game is way more open, so you can do whatever you want. With Sekiro, you have to beat a boss to progress. Yes, you can explore, but you must beat the boss to reach a new area.

If you get Elden Ring and think it will be easy, think again. It is easier than Sekiro, but it is not an easy game. Take your time with it; you won’t be as frustrated with yourself unless you want the challenge.