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Will Elden Ring Be Released on The Nintendo Switch?

Will Elden Ring Be Released on The Nintendo Switch?

Elden Ring, since its release, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and has no doubt reached the game of the year category for most players; this game has the timeless relevancy potential embedded in its core that From Software is well-known for. Everybody wants to get their hands on this game, even those new to this brutally challenging genre.


Elden Ring hasn’t officially been announced for the Switch, so everything after this should be taken with a grain of salt. It is highly unlikely that we will see a Switch Port of Elden Ring anytime soon.

Elden Ring on Nintendo Switch


In 2018 the first Dark Souls remastered version was launched on Switch, and though it worked fine, it still had hiccups here and there. Though no subsequent entries to the series were ported to the hybrid console, players are still wondering whether this portable device can play a modern game made for beefier machines i.e. Elden Ring.

Taking the massive adventure on the go does sound amazing, but it is highly unlikely we will ever see this come to fruition. This sounds sad, but Elden Ring’s beautifully crafted world in its current form requires relatively higher specs, with the recommended requirement for RAM for a PC being 16GB.

Compare this to the limited hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch, and we can hear the dream shattering.


Though one can argue there can be a more optimized port for the hardware, we will put the Dark Souls Remastered example in front again, where the console struggled to keep the FPS consistent, which is crucial in playing such a methodical game.

Switch users are generally a different type of gamers that prefer the niche of gaming that Nintendo has created. With that in mind, the Switch community is not that eager for this game’s arrival to the hybrid handheld.


There are fake pictures of the Switch version of Elden Ring popping everywhere, playing with the hearts of console loyalists. Though one way that the developers can explore is the cloud.

Games like Control and Guardians of the Galaxy have been released using this method and have met with varying degrees of success or downright failure.

Almost every game released over the cloud has seen the latency issue with streaming, regardless of having the best internet money to buy. Still, some experiences are better, so we can’t rule out this feature.