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Wand Length in Hogwarts Legacy (Does It Matter?)

Wand Length in Hogwarts Legacy (Does It Matter?)

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you know about the awe-inspiring power of the Elder Wand. And now that you’re playing Hogwarts Legacy, you might wonder if the length or appearance of your wand matters at all. In this article, I’ll discuss the answer to that question and tell you whether wand length matters.

No, wand length or wood type does not matter in Hogwarts Legacy. A wand’s length does not make it stronger or weaker. All wands function the same in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are many systems and mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy. However, not all of them have an impact on the gameplay itself. Many are merely there to enhance your role-playing experience. Read on to find out more about wands in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Does Wand Length Matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

Receiving your Wand - Hogwarts Legacy
Receiving your Wand – Hogwarts Legacy

Fortunately, no. Wand Length in Hogwarts Legacy simply does not impact the gameplay experience in Hogwarts Legacy. How long your wand is or what type of wood it is made out of is purely an aesthetic choice that you can make. This means it only impacts the way your wand will look, nothing else.

This is good news, to be honest. Because you can now create a wand that best expresses your creativity and desire. And do not have to make the consideration of whether the wand will be the most optimal at casting certain types of spells, charms, or curses.

The power of your spells and the speed at which you cast spells in Hogwarts Legacy is not affected by the length of your wand. Additionally, you will not be blocked from learning certain spells just because you have a wand of a particular type. Despite how cool that might sound to all you min-max ers.

However, I will say that depending on the type of character you design certain looks might be more appealing. Such as shorter characters, might want to fancy a shorter wand. Thus the proportions of the animations will look appropriate and not out of place.

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How Many Varieties of Wood Exist in Hogwarts Legacy?

Creating your Wand - Hogwarts Legacy
Creating your Wand – Hogwarts Legacy

Despite the Length of your Wand and the type of Wood your Wand is made of has no effect. The team behind Hogwarts Legacy still provided you with many options for you to choose from. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are 38 varieties of Wood Types and 21 varieties of Wand Lengths.

This means that you can create a massive amount of custom Wands that and can select the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Regardless of what you consider to be your wand, it’s fairly obvious that Hogwarts Legacy can design the one perfectly fit for you.

However, if you just wish to be like the fabled Harry Potter, then I suggest you opt for an 11-inch wand. And if you wish to make sure that the wood is the same type as well, then select the Holly wood. The size is perfect because it will look neither too short nor too long. And you’ll be able to play out your fantasies like none other.

Wand Length might not matter in Hogwarts Legacy. But if you’re a fan of the Harry Potter universe then being able to build your wand is its reward. I hope you got the answer you were looking for in this article. Till next time!