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How Many Acts Does Diablo 3 Have?

How Many Acts Does Diablo 3 Have?

Diablo 3 is one of the most renowned games in Blizzard Entertainment’s catalog. If you’ve just picked up the game or planning to purchase it. Then you might wonder how many Acts Diablo 3 has and how long it takes to finish the game. In this article, we’ll answer precisely that question.

There are a total of 5 Acts in the Main Campaign mode of Diable 3. Additionally, the game features an Adventure Mode. This mode allows you to explore the game’s world. And take on challenges and objectives after the main campaign has concluded.


Read on to learn more about the Main Campaign Acts in Diablo 3. And the additional storylines added in the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Diablo 3 Campaign: How Many Acts to Conquer?

The Reaper of Souls Expansion - Diablo 3

The campaign of Diablo 3 features the ongoing battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell. You as the player character, find yourself caught in the middle of this conflict.

The game sees your character tasked with stopping the rising demonic armies. An invasion force threatening to invade and destroy the world.

Throughout your time in the game, you will face many powerful demons in battle and defeat other supernatural enemies. The various mysteries and intrigue in Diablo 3 will keep you on your toes. Especially until you confront the prime evil, Diablo, to save the world from sheer destruction.

Let’s break down each of the 5 Acts within the game and how you can expect the story of the game to progress.

Note: There are spoilers in the following sections.

Act 1: The Fallen Star

New Tristram Inn - Diablo 3

This is the beginning section of the game. You will see your character arrive in the town of New Tristram. This will be the first major area available to you and where the first act of the Story will center.

Within this section, you will be tasked with investigating a fallen star that has struck the town’s cathedral. Within the cathedral area, you will find hordes upon hordes of undead that will block your path to reaching the cathedral’s inner sanctum.


Finally, you will discover that the star that struct the town’s cathedral is a person. This individual is called Tyrael, and they are an angel who has fallen from Heaven based on the lore of Diablo 3.

Tyrael will reveal that he has no memories, and you will agree to help investigate the source of the demon invasion.

Act 2: The Legacy of Cain

Deckard Cain - Diablo 3

The second act will kick off right after you’ve been introduced to Tyrael. First, you will be tasked with traveling to the city of Caldeum. This is where we will meet another important character called Leah. She is the niece of a recurring character in the Diablo series’ called Deckard Cain.

You soon find out that Leah’s mother is Adria. This would be perfectly fine if not because Adria is a witch who may know how to stop the demonic invasion. You will thus have to travel through the desert to the ancient city of Alcarnus. Here the demon Lord Belial waits, having taken over the city. Defeat him.

Act 3: The Heart of Sin

Siege of Bastion's Keep - Diablo 3

The next section of Diablo 3’s campaign mode is the third Act, known as the Heart of Sin. In this, you will travel to the city of Bastion’s Keep. And will join forces with soldiers that belong to the High Heavens. Your goal? To repel the demonic invasion through your combined efforts.


You will breach the walls of Bastion’s Keep and fight your way through the hordes of demons that have overrun it. This will be quite challenging if you’re a new player, so make sure that deck yourself out with the best available gear.

Finally, you discover the demon Lord Azmodan. He is leading the demonic invasion and must be defeated to halt the advance of his forces.

Act 4: The Light of Hope

The battle against Diablo - Acts Diablo 3

The fourth Act of Diablo 3 will see you enter the High Heavens. This is a fantastical location and the design of the landscape is spectacular. In this section, you will battle through the armies of Hell to reach the Crystal Arch. This is the source of Heaven’s power.

As the story develops, you will reach a critical juncture where you’ll be faced with Diablo. At this point, in the story, the Archangel of Wisdom has been possessed by Diablo, the prime evil. His main goal is to corrupt the Crystal Arch and merge both Heaven and Hell.

Before Diablo can corrupt the Crystal Arch, however, you will be able to battle Diablo and defeat him. This will allow you to save the High Heavens from destruction and protect the rest of the world. This concludes the main campaign story of the base Diablo 3.

Act 5: The Reaper of Souls

Battle against Malthael

With the release of The Reaper of Souls expansion, an additional Act was included in the campaign mode of Diablo 3. In this additional story expansion, you discover that Malthael, the former Archangel of Wisdom, has gone rogue. He is attempting to steal the Black Soulstone.


The Black Soulstone contains the souls of Diable and many other demons. As the player, you will now travel through the city of Westmarch. Once you reach the ancient Pandemonium Fortress, you will need to stop Malthael and his forces.

Act 5 ends with your character confronting Malthael in his lair, defeating him and saving the world from destruction once more.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer to the world of Sanctuary, the five Acts of Diablo 3 offer hours of exciting gameplay and a rich storytelling experience. I hope you found it helpful and informative.