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How to Beat The Hollow Crow in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat The Hollow Crow in Lords of the Fallen

The Hollow Crow is the fifth Colossal Boss in Lords of the Fallen. This is one icy fight and you should come prepared. The fight is full of gimmicks and pretty confusing. The good thing is she is an optional boss if you are not going for the Umbral Ending.


Fortunately, with this guide, you’ll know all her moves and some nifty little tricks to bring down this feathery ice machine.

Preparing for the Fight with The Hollow Crow

Lords of the Fallen The Hollow Crow

The fight against The Hollow Crow in Lords of the Fallen can be made easy if you prepare for it and know the following:

  • Make sure to stock up on Frostbite Resistance Balm and Frostbite Cure to counter the effects of Frostbite.
  • The boss is weak to Fire damage.
  • She is also weak to Burn and Ignite status effects.
  • Inferno spells and weapons are your best friend during this fight.
  • There are two summons available for this fight; Pieta and Kukajin. Both are great.
  • You can find nodes in the corner of the arena to replenish your Umbral Lamp charges. Or you can use the weaker enemies to get it too.
  • Enter the Umbral Realm in the third phase of the fight not before. This way, you can easily hit her once or twice while she teleports around without the time-consuming process of soulflaying.

Fighting The Hollow Crow Boss

The Hollow Crow

The Hollow Crow is a kind of gimmick boss. You are not actually fighting the giant crow but the floating orb girl, Lucy.

Meanwhile, the crow will throw all manner of Frostbite spells at you while spawning mobs to defeat you. This fight technically has three phases but they are more like a pattern.

The boss pattern goes like this; the fight will begin with Lucy floating in the arena with a few Umbral zombies and wolves to back her up. You have to Soulflay her and attack her spirit to deal wither damage.

We recommend you kill the wolves before engaging Lucy, as they will prove to be a nuisance but you should leave the zombies be. They are a good source of Siphoning charges for your Umbral Lamp.

Once her health is gone, she will disappear and the Crow will start attacking you with ice spells. You only have to survive this portion of the fight until Lucy respawns. The Crow also tends to cover the outer circle of the arena with an ice whirlwind so move into the center when this happens.

When she comes back, this time she will be accompanied by ice mages. Take them out and begin the same process of tracking her, Soulflaying her, and killing her. When she goes away, the Crow will again start the survival phase, but this time he is more aggressive.

Lucy will respawn a third and final time and this time she will start teleporting away when you hit her. This is the right time to move into the Umbral Realm since you don’t have to Soulflay her there and can damage her directly.

This phase of the fight gets a bit overwhelming, especially because of the Vikings that spawn in to assist her. Ignore the Vikings altogether and focus on Lucy.

With some patience and honing in on the boss, they will go down in an icy breeze.


Lucy - The Hollow Crow boss fight

These are all the attacks by the Crow and the right way of maneuvering them:

  1. Ice Breath: The crow fires an icy breath that inflicts Frostbite and after some delay icicles will pop out of the ground.
    • Reaction: Run away from the crow’s location.
  2. Ice Whirlwind: A whirlwind will cover the outer ring of the arena. Standing in it will cause Frostbite buildup.
    • Reaction: Quickly move to the center of the stage to avoid this attack. Be careful, it will be harder to dodge mobs due to the small space.
  3. Line of Icicles: The crow sends a straight lightning-fast line of icicles that burst from the ground.
    • Reaction: Keep your distance from the crow and dodge to the side as soon as the line is about to hit you.
  4. Tracking Line of Icicles: The crow also sends a much slower line of icicles that will track you. This attack stays active for a much longer time.
    • Reaction: Run away from the line and keep it in sight as it returns to you. Keep outrunning it until it fades away.
  5. Projectiles: Hurls a stream of ice projectiles at you.
    • Reaction: You can either block this attack or quickly roll until it stops.
  6. Summons: The boss summons four types of enemies — wolves in phase one, ice mages in phase two, and Vikings in phase three. Zombies will continue to spawn throughout the battle.
    • Reaction: Kill the wolves and mages, as they arrive. You can leave the zombies to siphon charges and forget about the Vikings.
  7. Ice Pillars: The boss will start sprouting random ice pillars from the ground.
    • Reaction: There is no tell for this erratic attack so be careful where you step.
  8. Ice AOE: She will charge up a lingering AOE that emits Frostbite in a certain area. This attack will block off a portion of your stamina bar.
    • Reaction: Run out of the area where it spawns.

Other than the summoned enemies, all of these attacks have to be survived until Lucy respawns. Your only goal is to harm her and not the main boss.


Here are all the rewards for defeating The Hollow Crow in Lords of the Fallen:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring
  • x2 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Remembrance of the Hollow Crow

Once you know the tricks of the Hollow Crow, she will be a breeze, but to get there, you have to deal with her dumb crap. Fight for yourself bird, why send a little girl to do your dirty work?