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How Many Satchels For A Sheet Metal Door In Rust?

How Many Satchels For A Sheet Metal Door In Rust?

Rust is an open-world survival base building game that emphasizes PVP and the back forth that comes with it can be really intense. With you raiding enemy base and getting raided yourself there is a constant looking over the shoulder going on and preparing for the worst.

Doors are the perfect choke points that need this explosive treatment and with different door types the number of Satchel to destroy it will vary. As for the Sheet Metal Door it takes 4 Satchel Charges to completely destroy it, considering none of them go dud. So when you are raiding an enemy then keep a healthy stock of Satchel Charges.

And the best preparation that one can do in Rust is to surround themselves with a strong base able to withstand most onslaughts. On the flip side, you also need to have the appropriate knowledge of dismantling a base to swiftly take out the opponents.

Most structures in Rust are easily taken out with the help of some well-placed Satchel Charges. Though they have the tendency of backfiring they are pretty effective whence they work. There are chances that the Satchel can be a dud and you will have to go in again and risk yourself to reignite. If you have patience and know the value of these explosives you will be taking out most structures in no time.

Satchel Charges

The world of Rust is filled with explosive items and ammunitions of all kinds but the anticipation that comes with Satchel Charges is unnerving but if it works then you are surely getting your money’s worth. The nervousness to effectiveness ratio is worth it for this item.

The basic stats that govern the Satchel Charges are:

Explosion Radius4 m
Explosion Delay6–12 sec
Dud Chance20 %

These Charges are best when it comes to destroying a building effectively. Aiming for points that are entrances to other areas in a base is the best method of base dismantling. But the fact that these explosives have a random timer when placed or the chance that they become dud that requires second arming will keep you on your toes when using these.

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Obtaining Satchel Charges

There is a chance that you can find a Satchel Charge while exploring the land. You can sometimes even find one stuck to your building from the previous enemy raid. The chances of finding a Charge in the open world without reverting to crafting are listed below:

Supply Drop229 %
Sunken Chest11 %
Crate11 %
Underwater Lab Blue Crate11 %
Oil Rig Scientist10.2 %
Patrol Scientist10.2 %
Arctic Scientist10.2 %
Military Base Scientist10.2 %
Cargo Ship Scientist10.2 %
Excavator Scientist10.2 %
Underwater Dweller10.2 %
Tunnel Dweller10.2 %

Source: Rust Labs

Crafting Satchel Charges

As seen above the chances are slim in most circumstances of getting a Satchel Charge from various loot containers. Now you can either try your luck around in finding some or you can use your head and utilize the crafting items you have acquired over the journey to make one yourself.

The items required to craft Satchel Charge are:

Icon NameQtyHow to Obtain
Rope1 ftCan be often found in barrels near the sewing kits. You can recycle them to obtain more rope!
Sulfur480Can be found in its ore form in sulfur nodes. However, it needs to be smelt in a furnace before use.
Charcoal720Is the byproduct of wood after the smelting process. Keep as much as you can. It’s really useful in late-game. 
Cloth10Can be farmed with hemp and hemp seeds. The easiest way to farm it is by implementing planters. 
Metal Fragments80Smelted from Metal Ores and can be extracted by a Giant Excavator in bulk.

When you have the above-mentioned items in your inventory then it’s time for the elaborate crafting process. Each step of crafting is listed below:

  • Create 240 Gunpowder by mixing 480 Sulfur with 720 Charcoal on a Level 1 workbench. 
  • Use 10 Cloth to create a Small Stash and gather the Beancan Grenade and Satchel Charge Blueprints. 
  • Now, add 240 Gunpowder with 80 Metal Fragments on a Workbench to make 4 Beancan Grenades. 
  • Finally, add the 4 Beancan Grenades with a Small Stash and 1 ft Rope on a workbench to create a Satchel Charge. 

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Sheet Metal Door

This door is the go-to door for most bases as players are likely to replace the weak Wooden Door as soon as possible. The Sheet Metal Door is great due to its resistance against melee weapons and fire and they are relatively cheaper to create.

It’s somewhat weak to explosive type damage as compared to its stronger indirect upgrade the Armored Door. For an efficient bass building at the early and midpoint of the game, this is the best option. Some stats for the Sheet Metal Door are:

Upkeep Metal Fragments 15–50
Decay8 hours

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Crafting a Sheet Metal Door

The crafting of the Sheet Metal Door is rather easy than the Satchel Charge. Knowing how to craft it will be beneficial when rebuilding your base after an enemy raid has left it battered and bruised. The items required to craft this door are:

BlueprintIngredientsTimeWorkbench Level
Sheet Metal Door Blueprint x150 Metal Fragments7–30 sec1

This door’s blueprint is known by default so you can pretty much create it from the start and the Workbench level is basic too so not much tediousness is needed for this sturdy door. Even the time to create is short and basic ingredients are required.

Should You Use a Satchel Charge to Destroy a Sheet Metal Door?

The Satchel Charge is an amazing raiding tool at the start and can be easily made with little effort and prerequisites. The chances of getting a dud will hinder its effectiveness depending on your luck but its cheapness to effectiveness will always have you crafting it. Though if you have acquired the levels to craft a Timed-explosive charge then that is preferred.

Listed below are the exact number of Charges required to whittle down the HP of the Sheet Metal Door:

No. of Satchels Charges used 1234
HP Remaining180/250110/25040/250Destroyed

As you can see you need 4 Satchel Charges to fully destroy the Sheet Metal Door. Though an impressive number there are more effective ways of doing so. For Sheet Metal Door you can use 1 rocket and +-6 explosives ammo for the most efficient way in terms of cost/speed to break.

As we have seen though it is viable to use the Satchel Charges to take down Sheet Metal Door, It’s not the most effective way in terms of cost to speed. So if you have the option to use the better explosive types then go for that otherwise Satchel Charges are your next best answer.