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How to Destroy a Stone Wall in Rust (4 Easy Ways)

How to Destroy a Stone Wall in Rust (4 Easy Ways)

Rust is all about survival, and one of the key components of survival is building reliable and robust walls to shelter yourself from the environment or other players. However, sometimes you want to be able to break other people’s walls down. 

Stone walls are generally considered some of the toughest to destroy in Rust. This is because the material you use affects the durability of your walls. So how do you destroy a Stone Wall?

Numerous tools can be used effectively to destroy a stone wall in Rust. The amount of each required varies depending on their power. Generally, you can destroy Stone walls through: 

  1. Use C4s or Timed Explosive Charges.
  2. Launch Rockets at Stone walls to destroy them.
  3. The Satchel Charge can destroy Stone walls
  4. Smash through the Stone walls using a Jackhammer

Building your base can be very frustrating, especially if you place down a wall and find that you misplaced it. If you miss the timer to destroy it for free, here is how to efficiently demolish your walls in Rust.

Why are Stone Walls So Hard To Destroy? 

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Anyone serious about building their base in Rust considered building a Stonewall at one point. But what are they, and what makes them so good? 

The Rust player base prefers stone walls as the ideal material for their bases. This is due to several factors that directly improve your chances of survival in any Rust game. 

The first factor is that Stone walls are cheaper to build than any other type of wall. This is largely due to the ease whereby you can find stone while traversing and exploring the map of Rust. The less time spent gathering materials, the safer you will feel.

The second factor that makes Stone walls so liked by the community is that they are heavily resistant to fire, unlike walls made of other materials such as wood. This means they take much less damage from explosive devices and fire-based weaponry. 

The survivability, durability, and resistances of stone make it so that walls made out of it are heavily sought after. For these reasons, many players make some of their largest bases out of stone. Knowing how to break them is thus pivotal for any serious Rust player.

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How To Destroy A Stone Wall In Rust? 

We’ve discussed the various strengths that Stone walls have in the previous section, so without any further adieu, we’ll be getting into precisely how you can destroy them. 

1. How To Use C4s To Destroy Stone Walls? 


One of the easiest ways to destroy Stone walls in Rust is by using C4s or Timed Explosive Charges. You’ve probably seen them in many different games, and they function largely the same in Rust. 

Timed Explosive Charge, better known as C4s, are an essential raiding item you need in your inventory to be a good Rust player. They can be thrown towards structures such as walls, doors, floors, etc., and once deployed, will explode soon after. 

It primarily damages whatever structure the explosive is attached to and is dependable. It deals the most explosive damage out of all other similar items within the game. And is excellent at removing unwanted neighbors. 

How Many C4s Do You Need for a Stone Wall?

Alright, we know that C4s are a dependable way to destroy Stone walls, but how many do we need to destroy a stone wall anyway? Especially since only a limited amount of resources are available on the map to craft them. 

You need only two C4s to destroy any single Stonewall. With just two C4s, you will completely break down the structure of a stone wall and be able to infiltrate to your heart’s content. 

In just 11 seconds, using two C4s, you’ll be able to take down any single Stone wall that opposes you, and that truly is the beauty of this incredible item. It is deadly in the hands of a player that knows how to wield it. 

2. How To Use Rockets To Destroy Stone Walls? 

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Probably the second best and fastest method to destroy Stone walls is if you use Rockets. These are powerful explosive devices that can shred through whatever defenses your opponents might have installed. 

How Many Rockets Do You Need for a Stone Wall?

Rockets are the essential ammunition used in conjunction with Rocket Launchers. A total of 4 rockets are needed to destroy any Stone wall almost entirely. The Rocket also causes splash damage, so other nearby structures will also crumble as a side effect. 

Rockets can be launched at a large speed but can fall slightly because of in-game gravity physics. We suggest you be careful when aiming the Rocket launcher at buildings because it can backfire, or you might lose valuable resources. 

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3. How To Use Satchel Charge To Destroy Stone Walls 

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The next method to destroy Stone walls is using a Satchel Charge. The Satchel Charge is a midgame raiding tool that efficiently destroys any player-made buildings or structures. 

The Satchel charge immediately becomes armed when you place it. It does have a random time until detonation, so we suggest staying clear after you set it up. There is a small chance of it malfunctioning, which is why it is regarded as less reliable than a C4. 

How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Stone Wall?

If you’re wondering how many Satchel Charges you will need to destroy a Stone Wall, then be prepared to be surprised. Not only is this item effective, but it also can be constructed for very few resources. 

You need only ten total Satchel Charges to demolish any Stone Wall. In addition, if the charges do not malfunction, you can expect the wall to be destroyed within 22 seconds. 

The tool is capable of being incredibly useful, and learning how to use it can be quite the advantage for you.

4. How To Use A Jackhammer To Destroy Stone walls? 

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The Jackhammer is perhaps the best melee weapon that you can use to destroy Stone walls in Rust. The reason is that it is easily and quickly available within the game and has incredible durability. Only breaks after doing a considerable amount of damage.

How Many Jackhammers Do You Need for a Stone Wall?

You can destroy a Stone wall with only 5 Jackhammers, and the best part of this method is that it will not cost you any valuable sulfur or fuel to accomplish. The Jackhammer is completely a melee weapon. 

You can find the Jackhammer in tool crates and/or sunken crates. It can also be easily repaired at a repair bench or completely replenished at a workbench. It is the most inexpensive method on this list. 

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What is the Cheapest Way to Get Through a Garage Door?

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A commonly asked question in addition to how to destroy Stone walls is what to do about Garage Doors. They aren’t the most durable structures in the game, but dealing with them can get expensive if you do not know what you’re doing. 

Within this section, we’ll be directly answering how precisely you can break through a garage door and spend the least resources. We will be basing our answer on the amount of sulfur that this method will cost you, and thus you should be careful regarding the supply of sulfur you have.

The cheapest way to get through a garage door is by combining our old reliable C4 and combining it with explosive rounds. To be more precise, you need only 1 C4 or Timed Explosive Charge. You will also need 40 explosive rounds. 

Attack the Garage door with a combination of these items, and you will shred through the garage door. And the cost? With these items combined, you will only need to provide 3200 sulfur. The least amount needed.