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5 Reasons Why You’re Dying So Fast in Elden Ring

5 Reasons Why You’re Dying So Fast in Elden Ring

There are many reasons why you might be dying in FromSoft titles. No matter if you are new to the souls-like genre or a veteran, you will die no matter how much experience you have. There are soo many enemies in these games that you are bound to be bad at fighting at least a couple of them. If you die, that isn’t a bad thing.

There are 5 main reasons why you might be dying very quickly in Elden Ring. You might be under-leveled for the area, your weapon isn’t upgraded enough, you don’t have good enough armor equipped, you aren’t using a shield, or you just aren’t familiar with the mechanics of the game. Most of these can be changed very easily, but the last one will take practice.

Just because you are dying a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you are bad at the game. It means you aren’t doing something correctly or it is an extremely hard area. Every reason on this list is something that all players will struggle with and it takes a bit to get used to them.

Why are you dying so fast?

As we said before, dying is a part of the game. If you can get through Elden Ring without dying, that is a feat in and of itself. The problem with dying is that if you can’t get passed that initial annoyance of it, then you probably won’t really have a fun time playing the game. You need to think of dying as a mistake you made and learn from it.

If you get annoyed at every death, believe us when we say you will be getting angry an awful lot. These types of games aren’t easy, but that is what makes them a fun game. This is why a ton of people love the games and a ton of people hate them. Some people don’t have the patience to play it.

Here are 5 reasons why you are dying way too fast in Elden Ring:

1. You are under-leveled for the area

Being under-leveled is a big part of why you might be dying a lot. There are a ton of areas in the game and if you stumble into an area early on, you might have a hard tie with the enemies there. If you first start out and head straight over to Caelid, you will die a lot because the enemies there hit like a truck. You need to have a decently high level to combat everything there.

The same thing goes for pretty much any area past Limgrave. If you are first starting out, make sure to take your time and explore. This will allow you to level up and get the hang of how the game works. You can go and try to fight the first boss of the game, but it is not a wise decision because of the difficulty.

The game purposefully puts all types of enemies right in your path to show you what is coming later on in the game. It is up to you to determine when you want to fight each one. Just make sure to take your time and upgrade yourself so you don’t make the game harder than it should be.

2. Your weapon isn’t upgraded enough

Having a weapon that is not upgraded can be your downfall if you haven’t even given it a thought. Before you get to the Roundtable Hold, you can only upgrade your weapon to +3. You won’t think about it now, but once you get to the Roundtable Hold, you can upgrade it a lot higher than that. If you are new, you probably still have your weapon pretty low.

This can get you killed very easily because you need to spend more time defeating each enemy. The extra time you spend could mean more uses of your Flask. If your Flasks run out, then you are pretty much dead if you are low on health. Make sure you find all the needed Smithing Stones so you are ready for the upgrades.

Keep in mind that there are 2 types of weapons. Special weapons require Somber Smithing Stones and the Regular weapons require regular Smithing Stones. This can be confusing at first, but you will eventually understand how it works.

3. You don’t have good enough armor equipped

The armor you choose is actually very important to determine how much defense and poise you get. Poise is the amount of damage it will take to stun you. If you get your poise broken, some enemies are able to do a riposte on you and it will pretty much kill you right away. Obviously, defense is the amount of health that is taken when an enemy deals damage to you.

When you first start out, your starting armor depends on the class you chose. Most starting armors are ones that you probably want to swap out for another later on in your playthrough. If you are in the endgame and you are still wearing starter armor, then you probably want to get something better.

Different armors require different stats so make sure you are keeping an eye on your equipment load percent. If you don’t you might be using more stamina than you should. Not having enough stamina can kill you very quickly so make sure to look at your armor weight.

4. You aren’t using a shield

If you are new to the series, then you are probably using a shield. Players who know how these games work usually like to not use shields because they make the game easier. This is not a bad thing because you can actually two-hand your weapon and it will deal extra damage. Not a lot, but enough to make the switch.

If you aren’t using a shield and you are dying a lot, then you might want to use one. You can also upgrade them to give more defense and poise. This will help tank a lot of those attacks you might be getting hit with. If you are struggling, then use a shield, it will help you out a ton.

5. You aren’t familiar with the game’s mechanics yet

Knowing how these games work is the best way to learn how to not die in them. It is pretty obvious to say the more you play, the better at the game you will become, but that is entirely true. If you aren’t learning from your mistakes and you are just trying to get through it as fast as possible, you won’t have a fun time with the game.

As we said before, take your time with each area. You shouldn’t be in a rush to finish anything because this game is all about learning the moves and mechanics of the game. If you don’t have the patience to learn how the game works and you get mad at every death, then this might not be the type of game for you.