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How To Find Aloe In The Forest (Quick Tips)

How To Find Aloe In The Forest (Quick Tips)

The Forest is a spectacular game that has vast landscapes and lush vegetation all around. However, this greenery often makes it quite difficult to find certain key items such as Aloe, which is one of the only ways to remove the infection. So this article will help out anyone who doesn’t know how to.

Aloe has the most amount of spawn points in the Fertile lands. These spots do not guarantee that you’ll find Aloe, but it is far more likely to find them here than anywhere else.

Moreover, Aloe can be found in places that previously were populated by coneflower, marigold, and chicory. Once you obtain Aloe Seeds the most effective way to obtain Aloe is through farming them.

Exploration is one of the major gameplay elements of The Forest, and you have to be active in searching for items if you wish to survive. Where places like the Fertile Lands are is not wholly obvious to many players, so we’ll be providing you with details on how to reach these key locations within the game.

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What Is Aloe in The Forest?

Before we even jump into where you can rush to find Aloe, it’s probably a good idea to know what precisely you are looking for in the first place. After all, Aloe is probably one of the most important harvestable plants/herbs that you can obtain in the game.

Aloe has numerous functions but two of its most important are that it is both food, utilized for sustenance within the game, and a healing item that directly aids you in surviving many of the environmental hazards that plague The Forest.

The plan was introduced in version 0.01 of The Forest and is an incredibly useful item when you need to remove infection or sickness from your avatar. It is also the only item to have this function. That is probably the reason why the item is so sought after by most The Forest players.

Now that we know what Aloe is and how important it is to obtain, let’s discuss how precisely you can go about finding it, and how you can reach the specific locations where it is most abundant.

Where Can You Find Aloe in The Forest?

This section will be going over all the specific information that you might need to find Aloe in your game. It’s easily fairly easy to miss out on this item, so we’ll also be including some tips on how to make it easier for yourself to find.

If you want to farm any particular plant item then you need to find spawn points on the map where that item is available to be obtained. In the case of the Aloe plant, the area with the most amount of spawn spots is the Fertile Lands. This portion of the map was also mentioned in the introduction.

Although the Fertile Lands is not the only place where the Aloe plant can be found, its large amount of spawn spots makes it by far the easiest to harvest the item from. Although we will highlight that there does exist random allocation in this game. So spawns may vary depending on your current RNG.

However, do not despair if you try to search the Fertile Lands and can’t seem to find Aloe anywhere. Because you might simply look into places that you otherwise might have been ignoring. This includes spawn places where previous herbs were like Coneflower, marigold, and chicory.

There is a possibility that places, where those herbs and plants had formed, are now waiting for their next spawn, and often if your luck is good, you can get Aloe spawns in those locations and spots instead. Thus allowing you an additional chance to obtain the plant you want or need.

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Where are the Fertile Lands Located?

If you’re searching and cannot seem to find the Fertile Lands then you don’t have to worry, because we’ll give you some directions to help you get there easily.

You have to first make sure that you orient yourself correctly. Try to center yourself within the Peninsula of The Forest. After that whip out your compass and figure out which way is North. Once you have a solid idea move towards the Eastern side of the map, that’s where the Fertile Lands are.

If you think you’ve reached the area then we suggest looking around. You should be able to see, as the name suggests, lush forests and prairie. There are several useful plants and animals within this location as well.

The Fertile Lands is particularly beginner friendly because there is an abundance of useful resources, plants, and animals here that can directly aid the player. There is also the advantage of lower or limited enemy numbers.

All of these factors combine to give the player a much easier experience, so if you’re going through this region and wondering if you won’t be able to find your precious Aloe then do not fret. The area is far less hostile and you will easily find many spawn points. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Tips And Tricks To Easily Find Aloe

Since The Forest relies heavily on visual queues to give you the information you need to find Aloe and similar items. It is usually a good idea to tweak your visual settings in such a manner that it gives you the best chance possible to find these extremely necessary items.

We’ve got some recommendations for you that might help you in locating Aloe far more easily in the Fertile Lands, and might even help you locate items well into later sections of the game. These tips and tricks include the following:

  • First, we’d recommend that you slow down. Many players want to find items quickly and often run around the place trying to locate items, rather than walk and truly examine all that they can. It is easier to spot items if you’re taking your time. You’ll save more time this way in the long run.
  • Second, your visual settings might play a big role in making it easier or more difficult in locating certain items. If the green of the Aloe blends in with the green of the grass then you can kiss the item goodbye. But if you tweak your color grading, setting it to Blockbuster, might help.
  • Try to search at spawn points that have less vegetation. Even with the correct color gradient, the item might blend with its surroundings. But if you’re searching in an area that doesn’t have to deal with that excess then it will be far easier to locate the Aloe.
  • After you find one spawn location with Aloe, try to mark that location on your map by some means. You don’t want to lose these spots and can revisit them later to get more after a short period of time has elapsed.
  • Finally, we suggest that you use a Garden once you’re able to obtain Aloe Seeds. The seeds will give you far more reliable sources of Aloe, and you will need them to face the dangers of the Forest. One seed turns into 3 Aloe and takes around 4 to 6 days to grow properly.

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And that’s where you can find Aloe in The Forest. It’s a fairly simple item to obtain but requires some active searching and initial grind from your side. Ultimately, it’s an item that you will end up relying on a lot, and will have numerous ways to obtain it within the game.

For any other queries regarding this topic let us know. Till next time! Ciao.