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What Should You Do In Elden Ring After You Beat The Game?

What Should You Do In Elden Ring After You Beat The Game?

Elden Ring is a huge experience that just keeps growing the more you go out of your way to explore the world. The utter grandness of this game feels like magic rather than just basic game design and development. Form the map and level design to the minutia of the various game mechanics present in Elden Ring is mind-boggling and I refuse to believe anyone can experience it all in a single playthrough or a “meager” 200+ hours of gameplay.

You can maximize your first playthrough by indulging in much of the content you can get your hands on or are not blocked by game progression. And luckily this game allows you to keep going after beating it and the various things that you can do when you have finished Elden Ring can be as follows:

  • Put New Game+ On Hold
  • Rune Farming
  • Optional Bosses
  • Build Experimentation
  • Different Endings
  • Legendary Items and Weapons
  • Puzzles
  • Unfinished Questline
  • Platinum or All the Achievements

Put New Game+ On Hold

As soon as you have beaten the final boss and chosen your desired ending you will be given the option to start a new game+. Though tempting as you will be carrying over all the things and levels you have unlocked but it will reset the whole world and everything you have progressed over the map, including all Grace Site, and start you from the beginning. New Game + also makes enemies even harder.

Press no and continue with the current journey as there is much to be explored and experienced. Don’t worry you can always opt for the Journey 2 experience from the Roundtable Hold. Everything that doesn’t require you to start a new game+, like certain quests, should be done now as you have the whole map open to explore and you will be at the peak of your power level.

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Rune Farming

The game will always keep you thirsting for more Runes so that you could upgrade your desired build or buy some weapon, and many other things that will ask for a share in your Runes. There is a location in Elden Ring i.e. Mohgwyn Palace where you can farm huge numbers of Runes, we have covered it in detail right here.

To further make the Rune farming method efficient, after defeating the final boss you will be given a Remembrance that can be traded in to get Sacred Relic Sword. The sword’s skill, Wave of Gold, sends out a huge AOE wave attack that can easily kill multiple enemies in front of you.

Use this sword’s skill on the numerous Albinaurics enemies sitting beside the initial Grace site of Mohgwyn Palace to kill most of them in one fell swoop and in return bank huge sums of Runes. You can easily rinse and repeat this method with the Grace site nearby. Consult the above-given link for better detail. An approximate number of 30,000 Runes will be given for taking them out once, repeat to your heart’s content.

Optional Bosses

Elden Ring has a lot of bosses, even this statement is an understatement. From Software must have a dedicated team to just come up with ideas for bosses who surely by now have gone coocoo by the sheer number they put in the game.

There are so many bosses that you can easily miss owing to their placement while some are only accessible with specific questlines and others require some weird unorthodox action by the players. Most bosses here are optional so you are bound to miss quite a lot if you are not the exploration kind of a person.

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Some bosses are super hard that you have sidelined for the future after getting your butt handed to you countless times. After ending the game it is the best time to visit these monstrosities to show your true potential or die some more, up to you.

Build Experimentation

If you are an avid Elden Ring fan then you must have come across some builds on Youtube that made you drool. Many a time we start and end the game stuck in our ways and not explore all the other playstyle possibilities it has to offer. After ending the game it is the perfect opportunity to respec at Rennala and go for the build you had your eye on. And if you have accumulated many Larvel tears then you can go crazy experimenting.

We have a fun build that you can use right here.

You can also spec yourself in a way that facilitates a particular item or weapon you have been fascinated by in the past only to have it sent off to the storage as you didn’t have the right attribute requirement. Whatever you fancy you can easily create now especially looking at all those crazy-looking boss weapons that you get from Remembrance trading.

Different Endings

Now that you have picked your specific ending you can start over or have a previous save that you can load, using it to opt for any of the other endings this game has to offer. I know most people went for Ranni’s ending “The age of Stars” and missed out on some other weird ones. Start over and go for them now, some of them are even required to get achievements.

Legendary Items and Weapons

There are a total of 9 Legendary armaments and a bunch of other items like Talismans that you can find if you haven’t already gotten these. Some of these items are easily acquired while others are almost as easily missed others are lost depending on your progress.

Look up these items and weapons and go on to tick them off your list.


The game is filled with puzzles that are hard to find solutions for like the various Rise towers. Some of their solutions are just downright insane and come from so far from the left-field that you are surely required to google the solution. Visit these places again and solve them to get the rewards they are hiding.

There are many other puzzles that were right in front of your face and you didn’t even realize it so hunt them down.

Unfinished Questline

Did you actually leave some questline for the end? Then what are doing reading this article go and complete it! The game features some easy-to-miss and hard-to-follow quests that the uninitiated players are definitely going to gloss over.

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Visit this link where all the NPCs in Elden Ring are mentioned and make a mental note of whose quest have you completed and which ones are left. Open their respective page and follow all the steps that are needed to progress their story arc. Do keep in mind some questlines are progression sensitive and will be lost depending on your playthrough.

Platinum Or All the Achievements

This will be an easy one to explain and a “duh!” moment for completionist players. If you really liked this game and want to keep its momentum going you can opt for getting the Platinum Trophy or all of the Achievements this game has in store. Just siphon through the list of the trophies/achievements are get to work on acquiring them.

This will give you some bragging rights for your love of the game and show the world that you are a badass!

Now that you have completed the game you will be excited to keep your blood pumping and getting into all these activities that yet remain. You can also indulge in the exciting world of Elden Ring PVP though the way it works is different from the story side and you will have to align yourself accordingly. And if you are going for the completionist route then good luck my fellow Tarnished! “A hunter is never alone” oh sorry wrong game.