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How to Sell Items in Dark Souls (Easy Guide)

How to Sell Items in Dark Souls (Easy Guide)

Constant grinding in Dark Souls can end up with your inventory getting filled with needless numbers of longswords, battleaxes, hollow armors, etc. On the surface, Dark Souls doesn’t have a clear selling mechanic. However, you could discard the extra weapons but that is not all. 

In Dark Souls, there is no set limit on the number of items one can have in his/her inventory. You can virtually fit anything you want in that never-ending inventory of yours, but there is no real benefit of keeping extra items there.

You could have tons of duplicate items catching rust in a dark corner of your inventory. Therefore, it is much better to sell them. However, there are a few corners you will need to poke to be able to sell items in Dark Souls. 

To sell items in Dark Souls, you need to approach an NPC called Kingseeker Frampt. He will be your guide for a significant portion of the game and will allow you to ‘sell’ items to him under fixed prices. 

This guide will be showing the complete method to access Kingseeker Frampt for selling items. With that said, let’s get started! 

Dark Souls: Kingseeker Frampt

In Dark Souls, the Kingseeker Frampt is a primordial serpent that is in a deep slumber in the early portion of the game. His location is beneath the Fireline Shrine and he can be seen at the start of the Chosen Undead quests. 

How to Awake Kingseeker Frampt

The snake will automatically wake up on the second bell of awakening. You will be able to find him inside the water portion of the church ruins. To locate him, try to listen for snoring noises right after the first bell chime. 

He will be the NPC to relate your destiny to yourself. You can also gain story-related information from him. 

Selling Items to Kingseeker Frampt

Upon the second awakening, the serpent will be awake. However, you won’t be able to initiate selling unless and until you obtain the Lordvessel. Kindseeker Frampt will simply assume you are working with Kaathe the Primordial Serpent and leave. 

How to Get the Lordvessel

The Lordvessel is an item obtained from Anor Londo. Here is the official description for it:

“Lordvessel bestowed upon the chosen Undead who is destined to succeed Lord Gwyn.

The chosen Undead is granted the art of warping between bonfires.

To open the final door, place this vessel on the Firelink Altar, and fill it with powerful souls.”

To get this item, you will have to engage in a boss battle with Ornstein and Smough. Ornstein is the captain of the Four Knights and Smough is the Executioner. The course of the fight will change depending on the method of approach. You will get more loot by killing the executioner but it will make the battle much more difficult than it has to be. 

  • Once the boss is defeated, take the rotating elevator to reach the next level. Search for a giant bronze door near a bonfire.
  • Talk to Princess Gwynevere and gain the Lordvessel. You can also choose to attack her if you want to get the item faster. However, it will be considered a permanent sin if she is killed by you.

Therefore, it is recommended to complete the discussion to receive the Lordvessel for Kingseeker Frampt.

Benefits of Lordvessel

The item can grant you the ability to wrap or essentially fast travel between bonfires. It is worth understanding that only a few bonfires can be wrapped to. Therefore, make sure to check the location availability beforehand. 

Placing the Lordvessel in Firelink Altar will give access to the areas sealed by the Great Lord. This will be possible through Kingseeker Frampt or Darkstalker Kaathe. However, you will need to side with Frampt to be able to sell your items. 

Important Notes

It is still possible to make Frampt believe that you are not a traitor siding with Kaathe. To do this, you will have to join the Darkwariths and kill Ingward for the key. From there, abandon the covenant before ringing both bells. However, this method is not as secure as the Lordvessel one and you might have to wait till your second or third walkthrough before succeeding. 

Alternatively, dropping into the hole after Kingseeker Frampy will make him angry, thus, prompting a sudden disappearance from him while saying:

“You fool! You could not be the chosen one”

It is worth understanding that you will still be able to talk to him. However, the venues for feeding will be closed forever. This can also occur upon dealing too much damage to the Kingseeker Frampt. If Frampt has disappeared, there is nothing much to do other than try a new playthrough. 

Feeding Items to Kingseeker Frampt

Dark Souls allows you to feed your items to the NPC in exchange for souls. Frampt will only offer 1 soul for disliked items. Therefore, it is recommended not to feed him items related to Seath and the Soul of Smough. 

You will also gain more souls for items associated with the ancient gods. This includes (but is not limited to) lightning weapons, women-related items, or antiquated sets.

Here is a trade list for feeding items to Kingseeker Frampt:

ItemReturns to you
Arrows and bolts5
Weapons (normal upgrade path)50
Pyromancy Flame1000 (upgrade +2)
Dragon weapons5000
Crystal weapons1
Divine weapons100
Most Consumables50
Dung Pie200
Humanity (the consumable)1000 each
Twin Humanities2000 each
Prism Stone10
Eye of Death500
Sunlight Medal200
Purging Stone1000
Soul of a …, Large soul of a … (any normal)500
Core of an Iron Golem8000
Soul of Priscilla15000
Soul of Ornstein8000
Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly8000
Soul of Quelaag10000
Soul of (Great Wolf) Sif4000
Fire Keeper Soul1000
Cracked Red Eye Orb500
Copper Coin1000
Silver Coin3000
Gold Coin5000
Dingy Set (Hood, gloves, robe, and skirt)1000 each piece
Havel’s Ring1000
Hornet Ring1000
Cat Covenant Ring1000
Ring of the Evil Eye500
Most Rings100

Should You Sell Your Items in Dark Souls?

Selling your items can give a lower yield than killing mobs. As a reference, selling 1000 longswords will only yield you a total of 50000 souls. Whereas, killing the three giant knights close to the Anor Londo bonfire will net you a steady 9000 souls every two minutes. 

Therefore, you can sell your items to gain souls as fast as possible, but it is not a sustainable alternative to soul farming. 

Feeding Ores to Kingseeker Frampt

Frampt has the unique ability to break Titanite down into smaller components. In simpler terms, you can gain Large Titanite Shards by feeding a Titanite Ore to Kingseeker Frampt.

Trade Chart

Here is the complete trade chart for the Titanic components and their returned parts:

Large Titanite Shard1Titanite Shard5
Titanite Chunk1Large Titanite Shard3
Green Titanite Shard1Titanite Shard5
Blue Titanite Chunk1Green Titanite Shard3
White Titanite Chunk1Green Titanite Shard3
Red Titanite Chunk1Green Titanite Shard3
Titanite Slab1Titanite Chunk2

Feeding Glitch

After patch 1.03, there are times when Frampt would not offer to break certain ores into smaller components. This has been witnessed in the NG+ mode and can be annoying to encounter. You might have every kind of titanite ore yet the game is only giving you the option to break the slabs down. 

How to Fix the Glitch

Here are the steps you will need to take in order to get rid of the feeding glitch once and for all:

  • Go to a random bonfire and try to access your bottomless box.
  • Deposit every owned ore in that box and talk with the Kingseeker Frampt again.
  • Once the talk has been completed, get the ores back from the bonfire and talk to Frampt. He will act as intended and will offer to break every titanite ore down for you.

It is worth understanding that the option of buying and selling your items to Frampt to gain infinity souls has been removed from Dark Souls. Therefore, you will no longer be able to benefit from it by getting more souls than the original price.   

Can Frampt Be Killed?

Fortunately, Kingseeker Frampt is an immortal NPC in the game. He might disappear for a while upon taking damage but there is no method to kill him. His place of retreat with be under the Firelink Shrine. However, it will be hard to meet him again upon damaging him. Therefore, it is recommended to not let your curiosity get the best of you if you want to initiate selling with him. 

All in all, you can feed your unneeded items to Kingseeker Frampt to gain compensation in terms of souls. However, selling is not a main mechanic in Dark Souls, therefore, it is not fruitful in most cases. With that said, it is a decent way to clean your inventory space while earning some quick souls in exchange.