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How to Get Apples Fast in Minecraft (3 Easy Ways)

How to Get Apples Fast in Minecraft (3 Easy Ways)

Apples are a popular consumable item available in Minecraft. They can be used to craft Golden Apples that come with their own set of buffs. Eating an apple replenishes a few points of your hunger bar. However, apples are generally scarce and, therefore, are much harder to find in abundance. 

Having low hunger can come with its own set of drawbacks. This includes reduced movement speed and low health regeneration. You can even start losing health as a worst-case scenario. Therefore, apples are a good way to fill that meter up.

However, that is not all. Apples can be crafted into Golden Apples that restore hunger while also granting a health regeneration buff. Horses like to eat apples, and feeding apples to a baby horse can help it grow at an exponentially faster rate.

You can collect a large number of apples quickly by utilizing the following methods:

  • Breaking Trees with Fortune Enchantment
  • Trading From Villagers
  • Building an Apple Farm

While all the major food groups are present in-game, you will be requiring apples in multiple stages of the game. Therefore, this guide will be familiarizing you with all the ropes and bounds to get started. 

How to Obtain Apples in Bulk?

Apples are quite rare to find in the vast sandbox of Minecraft. However, there are some easy ways to get them in-game. The official statistics for these sources might vary depending on your Minecraft version. With that said, let’s get started!

Breaking Trees with Fortune Enchantment

In Minecraft, the Oak and Dark Oak trees have a 0.5% chance of dropping an apple from every leaf decay and breakage. The fortune enchantment can buff this number in order to increase your apple chances. 

You will be needing a lot of wood earlier in the game. Therefore, it is recommended to start collecting the apples from that point as well. If you haven’t then there is no need to worry since some time investment and an enchanted tool are all you need to make apples rain.

Here are all the current stats for the Fortune enchantments:

EnchantmentChances of Dropping an Apple
Fortune I0.556%
Fortune II0.625%
Fortune III0.833%

Trading From Villagers

Villagers are passive mobs found in the village. A player is able to initiate a trade with them with the condition of having a non-negative reputation. However, you would need a lot of emeralds for this to work since the villagers only accept emeralds as the trading currency. 

Trading System in Minecraft

Trades in Minecraft can be valuable or meaningless depending on your motive. The quantity and the prices of an item will differ depending on the treatment you give to the villagers. There are certain villager professions that won’t trade no matter what. These include:

  • Nitwits
  • Unemployed Villagers
  • Baby Villagers

Villagers have a finite supply of resources at a time. Once exhausted, the trade will be temporarily locked till the Villager gathers more supplies. 

It is worth stating that the price of an item will increase if the demand is too high. Therefore, if an item is exhausted, then the prices can rise upon the next resupply. This trend will sync between all villagers. 

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Stealing From the Villagers

You can attempt to steal apples from the Villager’s houses if you do not have the necessary emeralds. However, this will reduce your credibility for future trades. With that said, each village has a 74.2% chance to contain apples. The number of apples can range from 1-5 and will differ from house to house. 

Simply move around the village and open any chest you find. This can be a good short-term apple collection method if you want to gather a lot of apples in a short time. You may also switch villages to maximize your efficiency.

Building an Apple Farm

If you are running out of resources to farm then it is always a good idea to create your own resources. Using this logic, you can create your own personalized apple farm in order to maximize your yield. However, it costs a sizeable amount of bone meal in order to automate the entire process.

Therefore, you can build a farm according to your requirements rather than trying to scrape up hard-to-get items. This farm will also put your construction skills to the test. There is no need to build a farm if you need apples for a limited time. However, nothing can beat an apple farm when it comes to constant supply. 

Sample Apple Farm + Tutorial

Here is a good apple farm that can be used to gain a lot of apples fast. You may copy this or come up with another design depending on your specific requirements.

You will need to Find a 21W x 22L x 21H block area and flatten it in order to lay the foundation for your Apple farm. Here is how it works:

This design automates most of the process for you. Therefore, you can go AFK while positioning yourself beneath the drops. If you face any issue with the Redstone block that powers the piston, then you can fix it by shooting the piston underneath the dirt block. You will have to adjust the line accordingly and you are good to go!

This farm can work with different kinds of wood including (but not limited to) Jungle, Oak, Spruce, and Birch.

With that said, here are some tips and tricks that you can use in order to protect your farm:

  • Light the entire build-up to prevent creepers from spawning near it. The farm will face damages if any creeper goes near it. 
  • You can cover the unharvested wood with slabs to prevent creatures from spawning over it. 
  • While stopping the machine, wait for the saplings to grow and be processed or the automation might “jam” in place for the next time.
  • Add more hoppers to catch the residual saplings. 

Where to Find Apples in Minecraft

Aside from getting them in bulk, there are different locations to obtain apples from. However, the quantity isn’t much. Apples have a decent chance of being dropped from a chest. Here is everything you need to know about the apple chest loot for both Java and Bedrock versions.

Java Edition:


StructureContainerQuantityDrop Chance
Bonus ChestChest1 – 283.8%
IglooChest1 – 370.4%
StrongholdAltar Chest1 – 333.2%
StrongholdStoreroom Chest1 – 347.5%
VillageWeaponsmith’s Chest1 – 359.8%
VillagePlains House Chest1 – 574.2%

Bedrock Edition:

StructureContainerQuantityDrop Chance
Bonus ChestChest1 – 2100%
IglooChest1 – 370.4%
StrongholdAltar Chest1 – 332.5%
StrongholdStoreroom Chest1 – 340%
VillageWeaponsmith’s Chest1 – 359.8%
VillagePlains House Chest1 – 574.2%

Aside from making Golden Apples, a normal apple can also be placed in a composter to raise its level by 1. However, the chance of this succeeding is 65%, therefore, be prepared for some failures. 

How to Make Golden Apples

Golden Apples are arguably one of the best consumables available in Minecraft. They can be a bit tough to make due to the rarity of components. However, you can collect abundant apples using the methods mentioned above. Therefore, a couple of gold ingots should do the trick!

Here is how you can make golden apples for yourselves:

  • Place 8 Gold Ingots in the boundaries while keeping a regular apple in the middle.
  • Press Craft and you are good to go!

Uses of Golden Apples

Much like a regular apple, the Golden Apple also restores 4 points of hunger while granting 9.6 hunger saturation. This means that your character experiences a reduced need for eating further.

Self Benefits

Unlike regular apples, the following status effects are unique to the Golden Apple and can be key in surviving harsh environments. It is also very helpful during your battle with the Ender Dragon. Therefore, have a stack ready for tough times. 

  • Absorption I: Gain a reinforced health status effect called absorption. Your health bar will have extra hearts till the effect lasts. The total time for this is 2:00 and it starts ticking as soon as the fruit is consumed. 
  • Regeneration II: Experience increased health regeneration for 5 seconds. Can heal 4 points of HP.

Use Cases

Aside from the status effects, the Golden Apple can also be used for the following:

  • Curing Zombie Villagers: A potion of weakness with a golden apple can cure zombified villagers.
  • Taming Horses: Experience 10% better chances of taming a horse.
  • Luring Piglins: Golden apples can be used to lure Piglins. They won’t eat the apple, thus there is no harm.

All in all, apples can be extremely useful in Minecraft however, they are hard to find. You can gather as many apples as needed by following this guide. Therefore, analyze the number of apples you require and choose the option that caters to it in the most efficient manner.