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Best Steam Deck Settings For Payday 2

Best Steam Deck Settings For Payday 2

If you love planning out and executing heists then there is no game quite like Payday 2. The fact that you can play the game on the go, on your Steam Deck now, is simply fantastic. If you’re looking for the best settings and controls to play it, however, then look no further than this article!

Set Chromatic Aberration, Depth of Field, and Vsync Off. Set your target FPS to 60 and set your internal resolution at 1280 x 800 to maintain a good display. Finally, use FXAA anti-aliasing and turn off ambient occlusion. The default controller settings work perfectly for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck.


If you want to learn more about the best settings for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck, then I suggest you keep reading this article.

Best Settings for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck

Payday 2 Performance on the Steam Deck
Payday 2 Performance on the Steam Deck

According to ProtonDB Payday 2 on the Steam Deck gets a rating of Native. This means that the game runs quite well on the Steam Deck and has all of its core functionality that you would expect. While this is true, the Steam Deck is a weaker system and barely runs Payday 2 at a functional level.

Nonetheless, in this section, we’ll describe all the setting options that will impact the performance you receive from the system. Starting with the internal resolution, which should be set at 1280 x 800 for the most optimum gameplay and performance.

Secondly, switch off Chromatic Aberration, Depth of Field, and Vsync. All of these options heavily affect your gameplay and are merely aesthetic boosts. You will notice a severe markup in frames and gameplay smoothness with these options set to off.


Finally, setting anti-aliasing to FXAA can be very useful. This is because this feature will burden your Steam Deck’s resources the least while also cleaning up some jagged edges and poor asset design. Giving a much better finish to your final display of the game.

Check the table below for a more in-depth analysis of the best settings:

Depth of FieldOff
Chromatic AberrationOff
Flush GPUOn
Use HQ WeaponsOff
Texture QualityLow
Shadow QualityLow
Anisotropic Filtering Off
Animation QualityLow
Anti-Aliasing FXAA
Ambient OcclusionOff
Parallax MappingOff
Corpse Limit Low
Frame Rate Limit60 FPS
Color Grading Off
Alienware LightFXOff
FOV AdjustmentOff
Use Acceleration Camera EffectOff
Use Acceleration Camera EffectOff
Best Settings for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck

Controls for Payday 2

Controller Scheme for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck
Controller Scheme for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck

Thankfully, unlike many other games that have been ported to the Steam Deck, Payday 2’s controller scheme maps perfectly with the Steam Deck. Unfortunately, you will not find much use for the touchpads in the default scheme, but this is hardly an issue as full functionality will still be available through others.

Normally, games recognize the Steam Deck as a Mouse and Keyboard device. However, whilst playing Payday 2 you will be given the option of using the controller settings and this will make it easier to utilize the Steam Deck’s handheld button layout to play the game.

We’ve detailed all the core buttons used to control the game in the table below. We’ve also added each of the actions associated with these buttons to give you all the information you need to play the game effectively.

Buttons Action
YSwitch Weapons
R1Interact/ Stop AI Action
R2Fire Weapon
L1Deploy Equipment/ Throw Bag
L2Aim Down Sight
Right GyroLook/ Melee Attack
Left GyroMovement
Up Arrow KeyTalk
Left Arrow KeyThrow Grenade
Right Arrow KeySwitch Weapon Fire Mode
Down Arrow KeyGadget Tap or Bipod Hold
Controller Settings for Payday 2 on the Steam Deck

Although the Steam Deck might not be the best way to experience Payday 2. It certainly is a unique way and allows you to take your enjoyment of the game anywhere you go. With the settings above, you should get the best graphics and performance, and the controller support is great! Can you even ask for more?