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Is There An FOV Slider In Atomic Heart?

Is There An FOV Slider In Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart’s combat is fast-paced and in many situations relentless with hordes of enemies constantly swarming the player to make their life a living hell. Without a moment’s notice, enemies would likely have you surrounded and the default narrow field of view will become an added challenge to make challenges even more difficult.

Does Atomic Heart even have a FOV slider? Can you change your field of view to your liking? Let us find out.

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart doesn’t have a FOV slider. You will be stuck with the default view throughout the game. You can, however, use mods that can help you adjust the FOV but there is no official update yet from the developers.



FOV or field of view is basically the amount of degree of vision that the player views the game in. It is a very essential part of an FPS experience as increasing it allows for more information to be viewed on screen and make combat choices in light of it.

Historically, the FOV slider was a very PC gaming thing but recently even consoles ports of a game like COD: Warzone 2 have included it as well. Some players even face motion sickness from a narrow field of view and having this feature is always a plus in FPS especially.

Having a wider field of view also allows one to scan their surrounding much more easily and tackle any incoming enemies with the added information.

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Is There An FOV Slider In Atomic Heart?

Is There An FOV Slider In Atomic Heart?

The default FOV is where Atomic Heart fails miserably. The game, at present, only has an 80-degree horizontal field of view. The number of enemies that typically bombard you at any given time will surely test your patience and the default FOV will only add to its frustration.

The game doesn’t have any FOV slider in its settings, not on consoles nor on the PC. The players have voiced their concerns to Mundfish (Atomic Heart’s developers) regarding this glaring omission. The internet is filled with complaints about this issue and it’s not an isolated problem for a few.

Hearing this, the developers have tweeted that they have heard the players and the team is working towards adding this feature soon in a near future update. There is no exact date announced for the said update so we just have to wait and watch this space for now.

Adjusting FOV through Flawless Widescreen

PC players do have the advantage of third-party software at their disposal to rectify this issue till the update is released (sorry console players). You can use the highly coveted Flawless Widescreen software to increase the FOV as needed.

This software tricks your game into thinking that you’re playing on a widescreen display but it adjusts the FOV of that with your basic 16:9 display. A very nifty piece of software for other games that suffer through this same problem.

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Follow the steps below:

Flawless Widescreen
available plugins
  • Search for Atomic Heart within the Available Plugin drop-down menu on the left.
  • Select it and let the plugin install complete.
FOV slider flawless widescreen
  • Once installed, the Flawless Widescreen will display a bunch of options that you can tweak. As seen in the picture above.
  • Play with the In-Game FOV – Fine adjustment slider to select your desired FOV percentage. You can increase it to 40%. Keeping it cranked to 40% will produce the best results.
40% FOV Slider
0% FOV Slider
0% FOV Slider
40% FOV Slider
  • You can see the difference in the pictures above. The top one is at 0% FOV and the below one is at 40% FOV. There are no visual glitches that may arise from this hack so you are good to go.

As of right now, there is no FOV slider in the settings of Atomic Heart. We have the confirmation that the developers are working on implementing this feature in a future update so we just have to remain calm for the moment. Consoles players have to accept this reality for now. PC players can use the Flawless Widescreen hack to get what they want.