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You Can’t Sell Plants in Hogwarts Legacy (2 Alternatives)

You Can’t Sell Plants in Hogwarts Legacy (2 Alternatives)

You must be gawking with your eyes wide open as a Monncalf at those expensive items sold at Hogwarts Legacy’s shops. As a student, there is always the scarcity of steady money in your pocket and no professor teaches you the spell to poof Galleons out of thin air. To counter this poverty problem, you might try to sell plants in Hogwarts Legacy.

What can you sell in Hogwarts Legacy? Can you sell plants, gear, or creatures you captured? All the alternatives to fill up your bank will be discussed in this article.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can not sell plants that you grow or acquire throughout your journey. However, you can sell your gear, especially low-level and useless pieces, and you can sell the animals you abducted with your Nab-Sack. These two ways are great for making money and are somewhat farmable.

Can You Sell Plants in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Sell Plants

You’ll be introduced to the planting mechanic early on in Hogwarts Legacy. These plants are used to brew potions in the game and some are even used as combat tools like the Mandrake. Soon you will have these plants growing in your Room of Requirements and picked up while roaming the world.

There is only so much you can do with these plants so there will come a point where your inventory will be overrun by the flora. What can you do besides using them? Can you sell them?

Sadly, you can not sell plants in Hogwarts Legacy. Plant-focused merchants like The Magic Neep do have a selling tab in their interface but you can only sell gear there and not the plants you have lying around.

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What Can You Sell in Hogwarts Legacy? 2 Alternatives

Since you can not sell plants, you have to look for other mediums as a side hustle. Essentially, there are only two other types of things you can sell in this game; Gear and Beasts.

Selling Gear

Legendary Gear - Hogwarts Legacy Sell Plants

Along your adventure, you will start accumulating all manners of gear for your character. Gear usually has offensive stats, defensive stats, and traits depending on the gear’s rarity level and the upgrades you apply to them. The right types of gear can really end up making a huge difference to your effectiveness in the game.

Your inventory will constantly be filled with unnecessary gear that is either totally useless or underpowered since you have moved on to better-quality stuff. You can sell these dust-covered items to make a profit. Every merchant in the game will have a selling tab where you could exchange gear for a few Galleons.

You shouldn’t hold on to lower-level and lower-rarity items. Once you have better items to equip then always opt for them as they provide the most benefit. Hold on to the items that are worth keeping and sell the rest. You only have a certain inventory space and shouldn’t be wasted on worthless loot.

Legendary and Extraordinary loot is what you should think twice about before selling.

And do not worry, if you like the look of any of the scrapped gear, you can always apply the look of that gear to the one you want using the transmog system.

Gear Rarities and Selling Prices

The rarity of the gear is as follows along with their specific traits and the amount they are sold for:

  • Standard – Grey: This is your starting gear and doesn’t have any advantages.
  • Well Appointed – Green: These are common items in the game. This rarity provides a buff to offense or defense based on the clothing item type. They can not be upgraded. Each piece of this rarity can be sold for 60 Galleons.
  • Superb – Blue: This is the mid-tier gear. These can be upgraded and traits applied up to 1 slot. They can be sold for 90 Galleons each.
  • Extraordinary – Purple: The second highest gear you can find in the game. They can be upgraded and 2 slots of traits can be added. You can sell them for 150 Galleons a piece.
  • Legendary – Gold/Orange: This is the best and the strongest gear tier of them all. They have the best stats and can be upgraded and applied 3rd level traits. These gears can go for 200 Galleons.

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Selling Beasts

selling beasts

Once you acquire the Nab-Sack from Deek and can capture beasts from the wild, you can use this to make an awful lot of doubloons. This is the most farmable method to make money in Hogwarts Legacy and should be employed when you feel you are running low on funds.

There are tons of dens and spawning areas for these beasts all over the map. You can simply travel to these locations now and then and get your hands on a bunch of creatures and sell them to the beast merchant i.e. Brood & Peck in Hogsmeade.

As a side note, you can raise these beasts in the Vivarium but there are only so many you can keep in your personal zoo so selling the rest is just a good business-minded approach. You can even breed rare beasts in the Vivarium and turn this into a passive income.

The list of Beasts you can capture in the game are:

  • Diricrawl
  • Fwooper
  • Giant Purple Toad
  • Graphorn
  • Hippogriff
  • Jobberknoll
  • Kneazle
  • Mooncalf
  • Niffler
  • Phoenix
  • Puffskein
  • Unicorn
  • Thestral

Each beast will be sold for 120 Galleons. The shopkeeper won’t offer any special prices for different breeds and rarities, it is just the single selling value for all of them.

It is a bit of a letdown that you can not sell plants in Hogwarts Legacy, it could have become a lucrative venture if it was present in the game. However, there are other ways you can make money on the side by selling gear and beasts. Maybe the developers will add the feature to sell plants later on but you shouldn’t hold on to that wish.