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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bosses Ranked by Difficulty

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bosses Ranked by Difficulty

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a pretty hard game when it comes to learning how to play. From the parrying to the bosses, when you first start playing, you are stopped by a lot of obstacles. Ultimately, if you enjoy a game with a challenge, then you might want to play on the hardest difficulty.

One main thing in the game is the case of all the bosses you fight. Some of them are tutorial or optional bosses, while others are needed to be defeated, but there are a lot of them. Here are all the bosses ranked in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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13. KX-Series Security Droid

KX Series Security Droid

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

This is the easiest boss in the game just because the boss version is the same as the regular KX-Series Security Droids you fight everywhere in the worlds.

When you first fight it, you might think it is hard, but wait till you get to the room with like 12 of them and see what you think about the first boss version. It is actually a very easy fight and it is only there to show you exactly how to beat them for later on. You will fight a lot of them in the game.

Tactical Guide Entry: Imperial Security Droids, also known as KX-series Security Droids, are commonly used in service to the Galactic Empire. Formidable and specialized in close combat, these droids employ a combination of brute strength and rugged durability to capture and incapacitate enemies. They are equipped with a full comm relay, scramblers, and tactical programming.

12. Oggdo Bogdo

Oggdo Bogdo

Difficulty: 5 out of 10

This boss confused me at first because it was technically my first boss fight of the game. I was still getting used to the controls and the combat system and I was not used to its moveset. When you first walk in, you have to watch out because it jumps at you right away.

Ultimately, this boss fight is very easy even though you will probably run into it when you first start the game. It was only difficult because you run into it pretty early on in your playthrough.

Tactical Guide Entry: The rare Oggdo Bogdo is a fiendishly formidable abomination, even deadlier than its common relative. This hyper aggressive predator attacks with ferocity, constantly maneuvering toward its prey to inflict greater injury at close range. The creature’s speed and stamina are unmatched, making it difficult to parry or strike its lightsaber-resistant shell straight on.

11. Albino Wyyyschokk

Albino Wyyysch

Difficulty: 6 out of 10

If you are afraid of spiders, then you will not like this boss at all. It is a giant Albino spider and it deals a ton of damage to you if you are not careful. It might take a bunch of tries to defeat this beast, but you will overcome it. It is optional so you can come back later if you can’t beat it though.

The key thing to the bosses in the game is that there is always a weakness to them, you just have to find and exploit them. It is not that hard of a boss if you figure out what the weakness is.

Tactical Guide Entry: Lurking in the subterranean darkness, the vile Albino Wyyyschokk is a rare but insidious horror to encounter. Feeding off the brains of its prey for centuries, this nasty, venom-spewing atrocity is far more aggressive than its common cousin. Highly intelligent and capable of super speed, this Wyyyschokk’s lunge attack is more vicious and dangerous.

10. Haxion Brood Commando


Difficulty: 7 out of 10

The Commando is the easiest boss to defeat out of the Haxion Brood Clan. You will run into the first one, but the fight purposefully makes you lose so it can take you to the arena. At the end of the arena fight, you will fight one of these.

They are not that hard but you will want to watch out for his blaster attacks and forward dashes. He is hard, but he is a fun boss to defeat. Just keep hitting dodging and you will defeat him.

Tactical Guide Entry: Commandos are among the muscle for the vile criminal gang, the Haxion Brood. Crawling from the seediest corners of the galaxy, bounty hunters of this variety are infamous for their violent reputation. Augmented with smuggled droid parts, they are unwavering combatants who combine superior skills with a deadly arsenal.

9. Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Difficulty: 7.5 out of 10

You will only fight a few of these in the game but they are much harder than the Commandos. These Haxion Brood Clan Members have jet packs and rockets to shoot at you and are always accompanied by a Bounty Droid, the hardest of the Haxion Brood Clan.

You can fight these guys randomly in different areas after you defeat Malicos so keep an eye out because they give great Experience for defeating them. You will see a lot of them if you explore the different worlds to find all the collectibles.

Tactical Guide Entry: Menacing Bounty Hunters of all kinds make up the Haxion Brood. Augmented with droid parts and jetpacks, they are driven by both the massive reward and the thrill of the hunt, chasing only the most dangerous prey. Cocky and self-assured, they haven’t lost a bounty yet and don’t intend to.

8. AT-ST


Difficulty: 7.8 out of 10

Everyone knows what an AT-ST is, but what makes this fight hard is the fact that you fight it with just a lightsaber. If you get close to the legs, it will drop explosives. It also drops stun bombs so if you get stuck in it, it will bombard you with firepower while you are defenseless.

It is actually a very fun fight but very hard if you go into it blind having no information on how to easily take it out. Later on, you will have to beat 2 of them at the same time so don’t complain about it being super difficult.

Tactical Guide Entry: The All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST), also known as a Scout Walker is a lightweight, bipedal two-person transport deployed for ground force support in the Galactic Empire. They were often used for swift reconnaissance and targeting smaller threats that evaded the larger AT-AT’s.

Equipped with chin-mounted medium blaster cannons capable of firing at a range of two klicks, as well as side cannons armed with rockets and concussion grenades targeting enemy vehicles and ground troops at close range. The pilot is armed with a small blaster pistol.

7. Rabid Jotaz

Rabid Jotaz

Difficulty: 8 out of 10

This boss gave me a lot of trouble because it sometimes combos so much, that you can’t escape all the attacks. There were a lot of times I was killed right away because I was destroyed by its combos. I would say that you just need to be patient with its attacks and parry a lot.

Use the dash attack whenever you can and keep your health up. This fight was difficult, but it is a super fun fight. It is optional so you can come back to it later on when you have more attacks or abilities.

Tactical Guide Entry: The Rapid Jotaz is a violent, diseased berserker capable of inflicting critical damage on anything within range. This super aggressive beast is able to strike with an extra powerful flurry, swinging its arms with extended reach. Despite its horrific condition, its thick hide provides armor-like resistance, although some areas along the abdomen may be vulnerable.

6. Haxion Brood Bounty Droid

Bounty Droid

Difficulty: 8.2 out of 10

The Bounty Droids are the hardest Haxion Brood Clan Member because they have a lot of health, and their attacks hurt you if you don’t dodge or parry them correctly.

What makes it worse is that there are always either Commandos or Bounty Hunters accompanying them so you need to defeat 2 of them at the same time. They are optional so if you want extra Experience, then try fighting as many as you can. Try defeating the non-boss in the fight first so you can focus solely on the boss itself.

Tactical Guide Entry: Deadly Haxion Brood Droids are part of the vile criminal gang, the Haxion Brood. Assembled from smuggled and stolen parts, they serve as repurposed droid enforcers for the Brood. Cocky and aggressive, they attack as rugged pugilists, often taunting their foes.

5. Nydak Alpha

Nydak Alpha

Difficulty: 8.5 out of 10

This is the hardest optional boss because if you have fought a Nydak, you will know how relentless they are to fight. They constantly hit you with there fists and non-stop try to destroy you. Thankfully, the arena you fight it in is pretty large so you can run away if you need to.

If you have been to Dathomir, it is no easy planet to survive on so you know what you are in for when it comes to that creature in particular. If you are having trouble with him, then you might want to use a lot of your force abilities, they work very well against it.

Tactical Guide Entry: The highly dangerous Nydak Alpha is a reclusive yet relentless beast. Dominant over its lesser kind, this carnivorous alpha predator balances strength and intelligence to defend against multiple parries. Its muscular forearms are reinforced with a resistant hide over hardened, nutrient-enriched bone, making them versatile to climbing, asymmetrical traversal, and unable to be severed.

4. Ninth Sister

Ninth Sister

Difficulty: 9 out of 10

In my opinion, this is the best most fun fight in the game. From her attacks to her abilities, this fight is hard but insanely fun. Try not to go into each boss battle thinking that it is gonna be hard, go in with a mindset to try and improve and adapt, and add to whatever you know already.

It is the most satisfying thing to complete this fight perfectly, and the more you die to her, the more you learn. It is one of the most challenging fights in the game, but it is fun if you try and improve your skills.

Tactical Guide Entry: A former Jedi, the Ninth Sister is an imposing and dangerous Dowutin Inquisitor. Her mastery of the Force is further enhanced by an extraordinarily natural empathic ability to read minds. While less agile than other Inquisitors, she utilizes her strength and wits to gain an advantage.

3. Taron Malicos

Taron Malicos

Difficulty: 9.2 out of 10

Malicos is one of those fights that you want to end as soon as possible. It is a hard fight, but it was not that fun. There were a few attacks that I could not escape from, but other than that, the fight went on like normal. He has 2 lightsabers instead of a double so when he throws one, he can use the other to attack.

You will want to have all the stims you can to fight him because he is one of those bosses you will need to heal on a lot. Also, try to have all the health and force upgrades you can so you are ready for the fight. It is a relatively small arena so get ready for the fight.

Tactical Guide Entry: Once a formidable Jedi General, Malicos escaped the horrific purge of Order 66. A trained motivator and cunning tactician, he maintains a composed demeanor during combat but will strike with ferocity and deliberate precision. Full of surprises, he utilizes his mastery of the Force with an extended assault, or as a precursor to his lightsaber attack, including a combination of dual-blades.

2. Gorgara


Difficulty: 9.5 out of 10

The Gorgara is a hard fight. It is a massive flying beast that has some devastating attacks if he hits you. He also has a few surprise attacks you need to learn how to dodge if you want to survive the fight. One attack he does is smash the ground and if you don’t jump at the right moment, you might get one-shot by the shockwave

I think this is one of the hardest fights in the game because it does have a lot of health and if you get hit, you lose a ton of health. Once you learn its moves though, it still is a challenging fight. Make sure to stock up on those Stims.

Tactical Guide Entry: The apex predator known as Gorgara “the winged daemon of the canyon,” employs trickery and versatility while soaring to dizzying heights and scouring the deepest crags. A thick, armored hide makes her resistant to straight-on attacks but certain areas may become vulnerable during combat. She is known to latch onto prey with a fierce grip, hoisting them into the air on her powerful wings.

1. Second Sister

Second Sister

Difficulty: 9.8 out of 10

The Second Sister is by far the hardest Boss in the game. Not only does she bombard you with attacks, she has 3 different phases you have to go through. The second phase is the most annoying, because she constantly throws her lightsaber at you while a Probe Droid fires at you. They both take turns so you really don’t get a break.

All phases combined make for a long and hard boss fight that you will remember. She is the final boss of the game and beating her is well worth it because of the “ending of the game”. If you beat the game, you will know exactly what I am talking about. All in all, it still is a fun fight.

Tactical Guide Entry: A relentless Imperial Inquisitor, the Second Sister is cunning and highly intelligent. Her curious nature and sociopathic charisma allow her to patiently manipulate almost any adversary into revealing their weakness and fears. Be wary as she sadistically toys with her prey before a fierce, agile strike.


In conclusion, even though there are only 13 bosses in Fallen Order, it seems like there is a lot more because the game gives you a great experience. All the bosses are different from each other and you have to learn their moves to overcome each challenger. If you have a friend that has not played the game or you have not played it yourself, get the game, it will be well worth it.