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How to Unlock Layered Armor in Monster Hunter: World

How to Unlock Layered Armor in Monster Hunter: World

The layered armor is a cosmetic feature in Monster Hunter: World that allows you to change your armor’s appearance while still retaining its stats and skills. This is fantastic for players who want to look stylish while still being able to use whatever armor they need for the equipment bonuses! This guide will walk you through on how to unlock layered armors in the game.

Unlocking the Feature

In the base MHW game, layered armors are automatically unlocked once you’ve obtained one of the tickets needed to craft them. These tickets are primarily obtained through Event Quests on rotation, which include various collaboration events, the seasonal festivals, or Arch-Tempered hunting quests. 

In the Iceborne Expansion, the layered armor feature can also be unlocked after reaching Seliana, when you’re given the Direwolf set for free. This means you have to finish the main storyline of the base game first!

Once you’ve obtained these tickets or unlocked the feature, you can check either the Research Hub or the Smithy for your progress on crafting the specific layered armors. The Research Hub is often for the limited time event quests and collaborations, where you can obtain the layered armor by fulfilling certain bounties. In the Smithy, you can craft most of the other regular layered armors, such as those based on monster equipment.

Gathering the Materials

There are two main sources of the materials needed for crafting layered armor. As mentioned earlier, some of them can only be obtained from limited-time Event Quests, which are constantly on rotation. If there’s a particular set that you want, you’ll have to see if the quest is available, or wait until it goes back up. And when they do return on rotation, be sure to farm them as much as you need, because you never know when they’ll come back!

The other layered armor sets require materials from Guiding Lands. This means you’ll have to go through the entire storyline of the Iceborne expansion before you can start collecting the materials. And even after unlocking Guiding Lands, certain monsters will only show up at specific area levels, so there’s still a bit of work to do.

Once you’ve successfully crafted your layered armor, you can always check your Item Box and wear them anytime. As with other types of equipment, you can customize most of their color palettes to your liking.

Take Note!

Remember that layered armor does not affect your stats and skills in any way. When you’re wearing something that looks cool and powerful, it’s easy to forget that you actually still need to configure your base equipment, so be careful. 

Also, while you’re free to mix and match most layered armor pieces, some of them, called Full Armor, come as full sets, so you can’t exchange any of their parts.

That’s all for today! Hopefully this guide has helped you figure out how to get layered armors in the game. As always, happy hunting!