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Why Do Piglins Attack You in Minecraft?

Why Do Piglins Attack You in Minecraft?

Piglins are a relatively new addition to Minecraft since their Nether update. This was a massive update because it gave more of a reason to explore the Nether. From the new fortresses to the new biomes, there is honestly soo much more to the Nether. Piglins came with this new update and they have basically updated versions of the Zombie Pigmen.

Piglins will attack when you provoke them, break a Gold Block in their vicinity, or open up any chest near them. As long as you don’t do any of these things, they won’t all attack you. Keep in mind that it depends on the vicinity of the other Piglins to come and attack you.

The farther they are, the less likely they will come and try to attack you. Once you defeat all the angry Piglins, the other ones in other areas of the world won’t attack you. This is good because you don’t want all the Piglins in the world to come after you at the same time. Just try not to get them all angry at once or it will be difficult to fight off all of them.

1. When you provoke them

The main reason why they will attack you is actually a mechanic that was basically the same thing that the Zombie Pigmen had. Once you either hit or defeated any of the Piglins, they will all come after you within a certain vicinity. Not every single one will attack you because that would be too overwhelming. All the closest Piglens will come in and attack you.

The baby Piglens are probably the most annoying because they are small and extremely annoying to hit. Make sure you take them out first because it will be difficult to focus on small and big Piglins at the same time. Try not to provoke them or you are in for a wild ride.

2. When you break a Gold Block

The second reason they will attack you is if you break any gold block around them. This means if you break a gold block or ore. It can be relatively annoying, but you are most likely not going to the Nether for gold. If you do find gold, either defeat all the surrounding Piglins or get ready for a fight. If you do go to the Nether, try to avoid destroying anything that has to do with gold.

3. When you open any type of chest

Opening up any type of chest near Piglins will also make them aggressive towards you. Even if you place down an Ender Chest and open it, they will still get angry. They don’t want you stealing any of their items so you need to make sure to clear out the area surrounding it before opening a chest so you don’t get surrounded.

Just try your best to stay out of the Piglins way or get ready to fight them. They are pretty much harmless if you leave them alone so it is best to try to keep the peace when exploring this dangerous area. If you do need to do something that will make them aggressive, then get ready for an epic fight for your life.