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This is How Long Roblox Premium Lasts

This is How Long Roblox Premium Lasts

Roblox Premium is the game’s premier monthly subscription-based service that allows players to trade items, shoot for gear, and collect bonus Robux. However, if you look over the options available one might get confused about how long this subscription lasts per purchase. I’m here to clear that problem out.

A Roblox Premium Subscription lasts for a month if you pay for the one-month subscription. However, it can last indefinitely if you continuously pay for the subscription service or have an automatic payment method installed through your credit or debit card.

It is undeniable that there are several advantages for players to having a Roblox Premium account. However, managing this account is not particularly easy. We’ll be expanding through the rest of this article on the answer that we gave above. To enlighten you about the various ins and outs of this system.

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How Much Does Roblox Premium Cost?

Image of Roblox Premium banner

Although there are currently three different levels of Premium Membership for Roblox users. However, these are not differentiated based on the subscription length but rather on the quantity of Robux provided to you each month.

  • $4.99 each month gets you 450 Robux.
  • $9.99 each month will get you 1000 Robux.
  • $19.99 each month gets you 2200 Robux

Roblox has had a Roblox Premium membership level for a long time. It isn’t the first and isn’t likely to be the last of its type.

Roblox Premium subscription is quite a unique product indeed. It is something that you do not need if you wish to play the game. However, owning it can have various advantages and significantly improve your gaming experience within Roblox.

Now people often get confused regarding the duration of the subscription itself, but we believe we’ve come up with a simple system to understand it. The Roblox Premium Subscription lasts for a month if you only pay for one month. This means how much money you spend decides the length of your subscription.

There are three different categories for Premium Subscriptions, however, these are not divided by how much time they give you within the subscription itself, but rather highlight the amount of Robux you receive. Robux is the Premium in-game currency of Roblox the game.

If you want your Roblox Premium Subscription to last indefinitely, then all you need to do is pay your monthly bill for the subscription. This is carried out at the end of each month and allows you to either stay subscribed or un-subscribe if you no longer require the Premium benefits.

In a way, paying for your Roblox Subscription is very similar to paying for your rent, or a TV connection, every month. The company prompts you to stay subscribed by paying the fee for the next month, and if you do so, your Premium Subscription will remain active.

Advantages of Roblox Premium

Image provided by Roblox Corporation

The obvious next question that you might ask is, what is even the point of getting a Roblox Premium membership? After all, it’s not necessary to play the game casually, and it does have a fee attached to it at the end of each month. However, we’ll share with you a few advantages of a lasting subscription.

Getting Benefits from Obtaining Robux

Robux is the Premium currency used in Roblux to purchase different games, costumes, and items by the players. Imagine you will that you see a new game released on Roblox, however, to play the game you need Robux. with a Premium Membership, you will always have some Robux on hand.

The normal way to get Robux in Roblox is to buy them from the online store. Buying Robux separately can be a costly endeavor and often difficult to strategize exactly how much you will need. With the Premium, not only do you get Robux in addition to other perks, but you also get a neat little budget for the month.

Moreover, if you wanna buy Robux separately later then a Roblox subscription makes it more efficient by giving you a 10% off from the next purchase of a Robux Bundle. This is especially useful for people looking to keep their spending on the game as minimal as possible.

Exchanging Goods and Items with Other Players

A second important advantage that you get if you’ve got a Roblox Premium account is that you will be able to exchange and trade your goods and items with other players in the game. This is extremely helpful because of several factors.

The first is that since you can trade to your heart’s content, you can get potentially limited edition items that you might have missed out on earlier. Moreover, there might be certain items that a player is selling that you might want to add to your avatar. The only way to do so would be to trade, and this gives you the perfect option for it.

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How To Purchase Roblox Premium

Image of available Premium Subscriptions

If by reading so far you’ve found that the Roblox Premium feature is something that you want to get into then the next logical step is to explain to you just how you can buy a Premium subscription. The process is quite simple, so follow along and we’ll tell you all the details.

To access the Premium membership page, you must first log in as a user to your official Roblox account. By doing so you will be prompted with numerous options that can enhance your experience of using Roblox. One of which will be the option to subscribe to Roblox Premium.

Navigate to the Premium membership section and then follow these steps:

  • Open the Roblox Premium Membership page.
  • You can view three distinct levels of Premium Memberships divided based on the quantity of Robux.
  • Select the package that you wish to avail of out of the three. These have been mentioned above.
  • Set your payment method, and whether you wish for this to be a recurring charge. You may need a credit or debit card for this part of the process.
  • Hit confirms and voila, you’re now a proud Roblox Premium subscriber.

Every month Robux will b automatically added to your account. And the service will change you each month and will be renewed each month, until and unless you wish to cancel it via your Roblox account.

As soon as you subscribe to your Roblox Premium Membership, you may begin to enjoy all the advantages and perks of being a member. There is no waiting period and you can now engage in trade, increased payments, and quite a bit more.

Long story short, players can choose to pay for Roblox Premium Subscription regularly on a monthly basis. That way they can be sure of being subscribed to Roblox Premium for as long as they want.