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Crucio Quest Not Showing Up in Hogwarts Legacy (Here’s Why)

Crucio Quest Not Showing Up in Hogwarts Legacy (Here’s Why)

If your inner dark side wants to become a lackey of He Who Must Not Be Named then Hogwarts Legacy has your back. The game allows you to explore the Dark Arts and learn some of the most deadly curses in the Harry Potter universe. Amongst these is Crucio, the torture hex. However, many likely Dark Wizards are confused that the quest that rewards Crucio is not showing up for them. Why is that? Let us help you out.

The Crucio spell/curse quest is obtainable in Hogwarts Legacy through the In the Shadow of the Study quest. To unlock this quest you need to be Level 16, have completed In The Shadow of Bloodline relationship quest, and a few other objectives as well.

Crucio In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Quest

Daddling in the Dark Arts has been outlawed in the wizarding world. But the darkness has a sweet voice of a siren, seducing any wizard with a desire for evil. And let’s face it, the dark side has some of the most morbidly cool spells out there.

Cruicio is the worst kind of curse and is one of the 3 Unforgivable Curses (including Avada Kedavra) you can acquire in Hogwarts Legacy. The spell causes the target to convulse in extreme physical pain rendering them helplessly endure their punishment, unable to move or think otherwise.

This spell damages the victim over time and also curses them. Cursed enemies will take extra damage from any subsequent attacks.

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The spell can further be improved by Crucio Mastery in the Dark Arts Talent tree when you reach Level 16. Upon unlocking it, striking any enemy cursed by Crucio releases a projectile that curses a nearby enemy.

Since it is forbidden magic and way too powerful, the way to acquire it is not as straightforward as one would think.

Why Is The Crucio Quest Not Showing Up?

In the Shadow of the Study - Hogwarts Legacy Crucio Quest

The Crucio curse is only obtainable through In the Shadow of the Study quest given by Sebastion Swallow. During the quest, you will be given the option either learn the spell or refuse the offer. If you refuse then you won’t get the chance to get the spell later on so choose wisely.

However, there are other steps you need to follow or have compltoer to get this quest from Sebastion. These pre-requisites are:

  • You must have progressed through the main story quest Welcome to Hogsmeade.
  • You must be at least level 16.
  • You must have completed the previous relationship quest given by Sebastion i.e. In the Shadow of the Bloodline.
  • You must have completed The High Keep main quest.
  • If the Crucio quest still doesn’t show up then complete the next quest after High Keep.

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When all these conditions are met, check your Owl Mail and you should have a letter from Sebastion asking you to meet him in front of the Slytherin Common Room. Accepting this request will trigger the In the Shadow of the Study quest.

Complete the quest accordingly, make the right choice at the end and the torturous curse will be yours to inflict on your enemies.

Many players forget to check their Owl Mail regularly and thusly miss out on quests that are collecting dust in the mailbox. Make a habit of opening your mail constantly or after every quest. You never know what amazing or in this case dark opportunities are waiting for you in there.

Crucio is an exceptional spell albeit disliked by other wizards. But who cares, you get the job done, how you do it is none of anyone’s concern. The darkness has brought to me dammit!