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Best Light Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Best Light Armor Sets in Elden Ring

When it comes to choosing an armor set to use in Elden RIng or any FromSoft game, it can be extremely difficult to decide on the one you really like. There are soo many to choose from, but you first need to determine what type of armor you are going to want to use. Do you want light, medium, or heavy armor? In this article, we will be talking about light armor sets.

We have looked at a lot of the armor sets in Elden Ring, and we have found 12 amazing light armor sets for you to try out. They all have their specific uses, but as long as you keep your Equipment Load under 30%, you should have the best speed and Stamina usage out of every single armor set in the game.

Obviously, there are more than 12 light armor sets in the game, but we have found a bunch that we either like using or have some of the best stats for its build. We tried to get different armor types for different builds, so we hope that you try out all these armor sets when you get the chance. They might actually help you out a lot when creating your build.

Best Light Armor Sets

As we said before, these are some of the lightest armors in the game. It is very odd how the game itself doesn’t classify armor sets into categories, but it classifies them by weight class. This does make more sense, but it makes it difficult to determine what exactly a light armor set is. To tell you what a light armor set is, there is one thing you need to look at.

Look at the weight of the entire set as a whole. If the entire armor set is less than 25 weight, then it is basically a light armor set. To have a light build, you have to have your Equipment Load at 30 or less, so that means your armor has to be pretty light to keep within that boundary.

Light armor sets aren’t for the people who have Colossal weapons, they are for the people who want to minimize any weight and maximize the speed of everything they are doing. If you have a Katana, you need to be fast. If you have a Dagger, you need to be fast. Make sure you know what you are doing when creating your build.

Here are 12 really good Light Armor Sets in Elden Ring:

Alberich’s Set

Gives a boost for Aberrant Sorceries, 5% per piece excluding Legs piece. Set with red glintstones said to be formed by the blood of sacrifices. Alberiches was an aloof yet disturbed heretical sorcerer said to have been driven mad by jeering tongues during his service to the Roundtable Hold long ago.

Location: The entire set can be found in the main hall of the Fortified manor in Leyndell, Royal Capital, near the Fortified Manor, First Floor Site of Grace.

This is a must-have light set if you are going to be a Magic-user. There are a bunch of Magic-boosting armor sets and this is by far one of the best. It also has a very cool design that fits right in with the Mage look. If you have seen people playing Magic builds, this set is by far the most used set for that type of player.

There are not as many sets in the game that boost certain aspects of your player, but this one gives you a pretty good boost. You can even mix and match different armor sets to boost different things. It is entirely up to how you want to build your character. Just make sure to watch your Equipment Load because it might turn into a Medium load if you have too many items equipped.

Battlemage Set

Increases intelligence and strength to the detriment of FP. One of the glintstone sets bestowed upon Raya Lucaria scholars whose pursuits were deemed worthy. Scholars of the Haima Conspectus sought the power to quell conflict, and to this end studied the sorceries of cannon fire and the gavel.

Location: The entire set drops from a particular Battlemage enemy, located east of West Windmill Pasture, on a hill near the northern end of the collapsed bridge.

With this armor set, there are pros and cons. If you are wearing it, your FP will be decreased slightly. The upside to this is that your intelligence and strength stats will be increased. You are basically giving something up for another part of you to be boosted. It is actually pretty helpful if you need higher attribute levels for intelligence and strength.

It has a very unique look to it as well. It has a very Magic look to the set and it is basically a Ray Lucaria Academy set. It has a weird pointy hood and the rock face like the other sets similar to it. There is only one person you can get it from and it is totally worth getting the set if you follow the location of where it is above.

Lusat’s Set

Has the highest Magic Negation out of any other set in the game. The crown replaced Lusat’s brain and skull altogether, and now, removed from his body, it is all but dead. What power remains within raises the potency of Lusat’s primeval current sorceries at the cost of additional FP consumption.

Location: All three armor pieces can be found after completing Sorceress Sellen’s questline and siding with Sellen, returning to Lusat’s location in the Sellia Hideaway. The entire set will be on the ground where he used to occupy.

This is one of the most unique armor sets in the game. From its very odd helmet to its crystal robes, there really isn’t anything else like it in the entire game. If you use magic at all, make sure to complete the Sellen questline. It is a very long and tedious side quest, but you get some insanely powerful sorceries and armor sets from it.

It also has the highest Magic negation out of any other armor set in the game. It does increase the amount of FP used from the Lusat Sorceries, but it is one of the best Mage armor sets in the game and is definitely a great light armor set.

Mushroom Set

Has the highest immunity in the game for everything. Mushrooms found growing all over the body. These overgrown mushroom have colonized the entire body. To those enraptured by the scarlet rot, they are holy vestments that root one to the earth.

Location: The Mushroom Crown is found on a corpse hanging off of a pillar ruin in the south-eastern corner of Lake of Rot. The rest of the set is found in Seethewater Cave, in a cavern with a Giant Poison Flower and multiple mushroom people.

This is the most unique armor set in the game. Not only does it have the highest immunity out of any armor set in the game, but it buffs your immunity to literally every single debuff in the game. This is a game-changer if you are having trouble getting through areas with Poison or Scarlet Rot. It can be extremely frustrating to die from the stuff on the ground.

It doesn’t have the best defense, but it is extremely useful to get through areas like the Lake of Rot. These areas are very annoying because there is no possible way to avoid taking damage from them. You either have to take the damage or not explore the area at all. This armor set will make life soo much easier for you.

Black Knife Set

The chest armor piece of this set muffles the sound of the wearer’s footsteps. The assassins that carried out the deeds of the Night of the Black Knives were all women, and rumored to be Numen who had close ties with Marika herself. Scale armor used by the Black Knife Assassins, forged to make no sound.

Location: The full set is found on a corpse under an archway behind Ordina, Liturgical Town in Consecrated Grounds.

This set is probably the best light armor set in the game. If you want to be stealthy, it is the best option for that. Not only is it extremely light, but it will literally muffle any sound your footsteps will make. This makes it extremely easy to stay out of the sight of enemies and you can even get closer to them and still not be seen.

If you are trying to get through an annoying area without being seen or heard, this armor set is a must-have. It takes a while to even be able to get this armor set, but believe me, it is worth the wait. You won’t be able to get it until towards the end of the game. If you are having trouble finding it, you can always look up a video on its exact location.

Omenkiller Set

The helmet increases the Strength Trait by 2. Bears the smirking face of an elder, twisted in wicked delight. This visage is carved in the image of the evil spirits that haunt the Omen in their nightmares. Its thick apron is worn in remembrance Rollo, the progenitor of the Omenkillers and a perfumer of antiquity.

Location: The helmet is dropped by the Omenkiller wielding double swords and wearing the mask outside of Lower Capital Church site in Leyndell, Royal Capital. The rest of the set drops from the Omenkiller in Perfumer’s Ruins.

The Omenkillers are some of the most annoying enemies you come by in the game. They hit extremely hard and they aren’t easy to dodge in the slightest. The Omenkiller set is split up between two of the Omenkillers, but with the right weapon, you can take them out pretty easily. Luckily, there is a Site of Grace right next to both of them.

The armor set only gives a small boost to your Strength, but this is better than not having a boost at all. Most of the time you don’t really think about it, but if the armor can give something extra, anything will help you complete your goal. It is also a very unique-looking armor set as well.

Rotten Duelist Seat

Has some of the highest Immunity and Robustness for its weight. Worn by gladiators who were driven from the colosseum. The wearer becomes a slightly easier target for foes. The symbol of an underground gravekeeper’s station.

Location: The Rotten Duelist Helm is acquired by killing the Rotten Duelist northwest of the Consecrated Snowfield site of grace. The Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak is acquired by killing the dungeon boss of the Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs, Putrid Grave Warden Duelist. The Rotten Duelist Greaves are acquired by killing the Rotten Duelist northwest of Ordina, Lirtugical Town on the cliffside.

If you have seen the Gladiators around all areas of the world, you most likely have a piece of this armor. This armor is not easy to get because all the pieces are scattered around the world. We put in the location of each piece above. It is a very cool armor set to have and it has a lot of good things that come along with wearing it.

It has some of the highest Immunity and Robustness for its weight class. Obviously, the Mushroom set has the highest immunity in the game, but this set is a lot heavier than that one. It is a great set to wear if you have a melee-only build. It is an insanely good set if you want an all-around good armor set.

Godskin Apostle Set

The set was made by sewing together patches of smooth skin. The apostles, once said to serve Destined Death, are wielders of the god-slaying black flame. But after their defeat by Maliketh, the Black Blade, the source of their power was sealed away. Worn by the Godskin Apostles.

Location: The Godskin Apostle boss is at the bottom of the Divine Tower of Caelid. The tower is found on the northern coast of Caelid midway between the two jutting out sections of land. Get to the top of the tower and then parkour all the way down on the inside. Once you get to the bottom, there will be a Site of Grace to rest at.

This is one of the grossest armor sets in the game because it is literally made with skin from living creatures. For the hood, it is literally made from the Face skin of random people from around the game world. It is a gross armor set, but it definitely makes for a unique-looking armor set. If you do use this set, good for you.

There are a ton of these Godskin Apostles around the game world, but the only one that gives you the armor set is the one at the bottom of the Tower in Caelid. It is not easy to get to the top and make your way down, but if you finally defeat the boss, you will be rewarded with this wonderful armor set.

Depraved Perfumer Set

These heresy-inclined perfumers imbibe their own spices to alter body and mind. Their slow descent into self-destruction is what earned them their name. The embroidery on the apron is itself a curse upon the Erdtree.

Location: The Depraved Perfumer Set can be farmed from the Depraved Perfumer enemies located around The Shaded Castle. 

We wanted to put this armor set on the list because it has some great stats. It also looks very cool as well. It has a very large cape on the back and the design is one that is extremely satisfying. It doesn’t necessarily have a ton of extra additions it gives you, but it is worth getting so you can say you have it.

The lore of these people is that they make specific perfumes and alter their bodies around. They can turn into strange creatures and even give themselves inhuman strength and abilities. It is a very cool armor set with some very messed up history behind it so that is why we placed it on this list.

Nox Monk Set

Armor worn by the monks of the Eternal City, with a silk cape attached. Long ago, the Nox invoked the ire of the Greater Will, and were banished deep underground. Now they live under a false night sky, in eternal anticipation of their liege. Of the coming age of the stars. And their Lord of Night.

Location: Gloves and greaves can be looted from the Nox Swordstress, Nox Priest as well as Nox Monk common enemies in Nokstella, Eternal City as they share the same armor pieces with each other. Keep in mind that the boss at Sellia, Town of Sorcery won’t drop any of the armor set.

This is another very cool but not as good armor set. It has a very unique design that has a very cool silk cape. Keep in mind that the only enemy that drops this set are the ones in the Nokstella, the Eternal City. If you try to get it from the boss fight in Sellia, you will only get a few weapons. The weapons are worth getting by the way.

You will really only find these enemies underground in either Eternal City so make sure you know which ones to farm to get the armor set. You can’t just find the whole thing on a body like most other armor sets. Keep in mind that you have to follow the Ranni questline to even get to the Eternal Cities.

Sanguine Noble Set

Worn by the nobles who serve the Lord of Blood. The grand metallic pattern on the shoulder is a signifier of the noble rank they intend to claim upon the advent of the new dynasty they are working to install. Known to strike from pools of blood, these assassins are missionaries come to share the gospel of accursed blood.

Location: The whole set is dropped by Sanguine Noble NPC invasion in the Consecrated Snowfield, north of the Yelough Anix Ruins. It is not an easy fight so get ready to die at least a few times.

When you see this enemy in the game, you usually will die by them. They come out of the ground when you least expect it and they will use weapons that will drain your health extremely quickly. They deal a ton of Blood damage so you won’t be able to heal to full health right away. They are an extremely hard enemy that is technically supposed to be fought towards the end of your playthrough.

The one version that drops the armor set is in the Consecrated Snowfield. You will get thrown off your horse and you will also need to be careful to not attract any bears nearby. If you do, this Noble will invade and you will have more issues than the important one at hand. Just make sure you are ready to face him.

Noble’s Set

The Hood increases the Mind stat by 1. Traveling attire fashioned from metallic white silk thread. Worn by expatriated royalty. A gift of such rare beauty, a royal wouldn’t disgrace their illustrious heritage even if found dead, in a ditch, in the middle of nowhere, while wearing such splendid raiment.

Location: East Windmill Pasture in Altus Plateau, the whole set is in the fire in the middle of a circle of dancing women.

This is another great armor set if you use a lot of FP. You can either be a Magic-user or you might rely on your Skills on your weapon, but either way, this armor set will help you. It will boost your Mind trait by 1 which is better than nothing. It has some great stats for physical and elemental defense and is an all-around good armor set to use.

It is also extremely easy to find. There are 2 versions of the hood. You can either get a Red version or a Blue version, but either way, it will do the same thing. It just depends on what looks best for you. You can also change the look of any armor sets on this list, but do keep in mind that it does decrease the stats a bit.

It is cool how they added this option just in case there is a part of the armor set you don’t like. If you don’t like a cape on a specific armor set, then you can remove it for a cost. It just depends on what you want your build to look like. Just try not to remove too much or else the armor will become obsolete.