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Ultimate Guide To The Crow’s Nest in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Crow’s Nest in Rust

If you are into PVP and want to build a strong base in Rust that can dominate other players, then Crow’s Nest Monument should be on your list. Let’s see what dangers lie ahead if you plan on settling here.

Crow’s Nest Monument allows you to build bases over the land or water depending upon how well-guarded you want it to be. The bases can be built with bunkers and turret setups, which prevent other players from accessing your loot stored at the base.


Here you can learn everything about The Crow’s Nest Monument in Rust and how you can utilize it as your next base location.

How Difficult Is The Crow’s Nest?

Crow's Nest Monument

Crow’s Nest doesn’t seem to be a difficult monument if you talk about the PVE perspective. You don’t get to run into any scientists here. But if we talk about PVP, it’s a whole different story, and this monument is famous for other players raiding the bases, so build wisely.

Apart from that, Crow’s Nest has minor radiations near to water area, so if you are building a base there or setting up a bunker then make sure to have a protective gear on you so you don’t get affected by the radiations.

What You Need To Enter The Crow’s Nest?

You are not required to have something specific that you may need to enter a Crow’s Nest unless it is in a radioactive place then you must keep a Hazmat suit for protection. Besides this, It is a simple place so just have some aid and weapons so you can deal with other players without getting in any trouble.

How To Enter The Crow’s Nest?

Accessing Crow's Nest Monument

You can look for it at the top of the rusting metal tower and to enter there you can climb a staircase attached to this tower.

What Enemies You Find At The Crow’s Nest?

The enemies that you are more likely to encounter are other players. So be prepared with all the essential stuff to keep them at bay from your area. As players tend to set up bases here so it’s natural that it attracts the loot raiders, and the monument becomes a hot zone for the PVP.

What Loot You Can Find At The Crow’s Nest?

Crow’s Nest is a monument where the loot crate spawns so it means there are fewer chances that you may miss the crate.

Furthermore, you can check out the area around this monument if it is in a water treatment plant then you can look for the puzzles and other loot crates.

Is It Worth Exploring The Crow’s Nest?

The Crow’s Nest may or may not be worth exploring as it seems like a limited place but still can suit well to some players due to the ability of setting up a base and protect your loot. So, it is all up to you; if you find it best for yourself, then you should explore it.

There you have it, folks a complete guide on the Crow’s Nest monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope that you find this coverage beneficial, and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.