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7 Reasons Why Elden Ring is Worth Buying?

7 Reasons Why Elden Ring is Worth Buying?

There are thousands of games out there, and most people will have different opinions on what they like to play for fun. Certain games might not be for specific gamers and that is totally fine. There is one type of game that most gamers have a bad taste in their mouth for and those are souls-likes. Obviously, Elden Ring falls right into that category, but is it worth the purchase?

Yes, it is absolutely worth purchasing if you enjoy open-world RPGs that are difficult. We have talked about this in other articles, but if you enjoyed playing any of the Dark Souls games, especially Dark Souls 3, you will love this game. There are people who don’t enjoy it, but this game is obviously not for them.

In this article, we will go over 7 reasons why Elden Ring is worth purchasing. Everything we say is opinion-based, so take everything we say with a grain of salt. If you disagree with certain reasons, then you have all the right to. Elden Ring might not be the game for you if you don’t enjoy playing it.

Why is Elden Ring worth purchasing?

Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game, and within it is a handcrafted world that was built with the players in mind. FromSoft knows how to make a world sprawling with enemies and things to do. There are soo many reasons to buy the game, but we are only going over 7 on this list. Even if you don’t like the game, you can’t disagree with all the content that was put into the game for every player.

Here are our 7 reasons why Elden Ring is worth purchasing:

1. Replayability

The replayability of a game is a massive reason to get it. Most people who play it though will probably play it through once, but there are people like us who enjoy playing the game 2, 3, or even 4 times through. Obviously, if we play the game that much, then we will get our money’s worth out of it. They did add NG+ into this game so you can keep using your character through another playthrough.

When I played through the game, I got all the way to Journey 7 and beat the game. Basically, that is NG+7 which is basically 7 playthroughs with one singular character. The game is absolutely replayable and you can also start a new character with a different class to get a new experience.

2. The Massive Open-World

The open-world areas are massive. Every little corner you explore seems like it has stuff there. You might be wandering through a forest area and you might see a small cave within some rocks. You go explore it and it turns out that it is a large cave system and it has a boss at the end. You could also be exploring and stumble into a whole new area.

There is honestly soo much to explore in this game and if you stopped playing the game because of how little content was in it, we guarantee that you only played the game for like an hour. There are some people who don’t like massive open-worlds, so if you don’t, you might not enjoy this game.

3. Selection of Weapons and Armor

There are soo many equipment pieces to get in the game that it can be difficult to decide what you are going to use. There are obviously the Meta weapons in the game, but you can decide what you want to use. Every boss and enemy has an armor set for you to acquire, and they also have weapons you can get as well.

The weapon selection is bigger than any other FromSoft game, and new weapon types have increased by a lot. There are also new movesets with two-handing and dual-wielding, which makes the builds very unique from each other. If you enjoy massive selections of weapons and armor, this game has a lot of it.

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4. More bosses than any other FromSoft game

There are over 120 bosses in the game which makes Dark Souls 2 look small in comparison with 42 bosses. There are repeats which is understandable because of the sheer number of bosses, but every fight feels unique in its own way. There are soo many bosses in this game that every single area you go to will have multiple bosses.

If you enjoy boss fights, then this game has plenty to fill your time. Most of them are pretty challenging, or easy depending on your build. There have been weapons that just annihilate bosses, but those have been nerfed so they are not as good anymore.

5. It has a massive Community

The Community behind this game is absolutely massive. The hype for it before the release of the game was also massive and the Community says this game lives up to the hype. Most people even say that this game is actually better than the hype that was around it. The game constantly has over 600,000 people playing it simultaneously on just Steam and it grows depending on the day of the week.

If you have a question about something, the Community won’t hesitate to help you out in some way. There are also Discords where they help new players out with bosses they are stuck on or even just to play some casual co-op with random people.

6. It’s a challenging game

It is a FromSoft game, so naturally, it is going to be challenging. There is no “easy” mode for players who are bad at the game, so you need to push through it, and GIT GUD. If you can’t handle these types of games, it might be easier to get into this one than something like Dark Souls 3. If you are struggling with a boss or enemy, you can just leave and come back later.

This game is the most accessible to new players because of all the content they just throw at you. It is not an easy game, but it is definitely easier than the other FromSoft games in this regard.

7. It is Dark Souls with more

If you enjoy playing any games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or even Sekiro, you might really enjoy Elden Ring. It is pretty much a culmination of all FromSoft games and it just works. If it looks fun to you, don’t hesitate to buy the game and try it out for yourself. You might end up putting 100 hours into the game and you won’t even think about it.

Obviously, Dark Souls is considered one of the hardest game series out there, but Elden Ring takes that torch and runs much farther with it. It is bigger than Dark Souls, and has a ton more content, so what is stopping you from purchasing the most ambitious game of 2022?