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Why Do You Keep Getting Disconnected in Elden Ring?

Why Do You Keep Getting Disconnected in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of those games that you can play in online mode or offline. You don’t have to worry about getting invaded like the other games in the Dark Souls series. They made the game in a way that you wouldn’t have to be a part of the PvP side of the game if you don’t want to be. Obviously, the game is massive and the PvP section is a pretty big part of it.

If you are online, you will get bonuses like messages left by other players or you could even get help from other online players in co-op. Each thing the game gives you access to is actually insane and it just goes to show what a good developer FromSoftware is to its player base. If you are online, you might have run into the issue of your game going into the offline mode for no reason.

If you are playing and you get disconnected, there are really only a couple of reasons for that. You either lost connection with your internet at home or the game servers went down for maintenance. Some people actually prefer to play in offline mode since it won’t bother you if you do end up losing connection to the game.

Do you lose your progress when you lose connection?

One question that most people have when you lose connection is if you lose progress. Most of the time you won’t lose your progress. It will just tell you that you are going to be put into offline mode and every online portion of the game will be closed off to you until you go back online. It doesn’t even take you out of the game when it happens.

It will tell you and all the messages will disappear. If you had joined another player, you will get sent back to your world. As for progression, you won’t lose any progress unless the game crashes and the save gets corrupted. This will happen extremely rarely since the developers are constantly updating the game and fixing bugs.

How to activate online if you get disconnected

If you do happen to get sent into offline mode, it is actually very easy to get back into online mode. All you need to do is head back to the main menu and a new option will pop up for you. Instead of it saying offline, it will say online. Just hit that and if you are able to connect to the servers, you will be put back into online mode.

Obviously, if you play the game mainly in offline mode, it works the same way. If you want to go back online, just go back to the menu and click the button again. There are actually a ton of things you miss out on if you aren’t connected to the servers so make sure that you are connected so you can take advantage of everything the game has to offer.

What if I can’t reconnect to the servers?

Well, if you can’t connect to the servers, that usually means there is something wrong with your connection or the servers are down. It does suck, but you won’t lose anything playing the game in offline mode. As we said before, you won’t lose any progress either way, so if it really bothers you not playing in online mode, then you just have to wait until the issues are fixed to play.

If you don’t care, you can play your game just like normal. You will have to go on your journey with no help besides your Spirits, but most of the people playing the game won’t really care too much. The servers rarely go down, but when they do, it only lasts about an hour. If it is a connection issue on your side, then you will have to fix it.