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Ultimate Guide To The Power Plant in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Power Plant in Rust

Found your way to the highly radioactive Power Plant in Rust? If you want to know exactly how to navigate this Monument, what loot and secrets it holds, and what kind of enemies await you, then this guide is going to be perfect for you.

The Power Plant offers an expansive Monument map for players to engage in. With multiple Puzzle Rooms and a swarm of NPC Scientists to take down, you will find your hands full with this Monument. There will be plenty of loot spawns throughout the whole area as well!


Let’s learn everything about The Power Plant Monument in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot it holds.

How Difficult is The Power Plant?

Power Plant monument

The Power Plant is everybody’s favorite Monument to explore in Rust. This Monument presents a really expansive and dynamic map with many ways of running it. It has a particularly vertical layout with some amazing loot spawns.

But all this engagement does not come by as easily as you would want sometimes. This Monument can be categorized as ‘medium-tier’ difficulty level. For players.

The place will be radioactive, with certain zones having high degrees of radioactive poisoning unless you have the appropriate gear. Along with that, the place will have swarms of Scientists spread out that you should be wary of.

What Do You Need to Enter The Power Plant?

To start off, keep a Hazmat Suit equipped at all times when you enter The Power Plant. There will be many zones with very high levels of radioactivity, so it is possible to get poisoned despite having equipped a Hazmat Suit.

Therefore, it is also important that you gear up with medical supplies along with your defensive and offensive loadouts in preparation. Along with the right loadout and gears, you will also need a Blue Keycard, a Green Keycard, and at least one Electric Fuse.

You can find Blue Keycards as purchasable items from the outpost or as loot from most tier-1 Monuments.

Green Keycards are often dropped by Roaming Scientists and can also be found as random loot in Military Tunnel or certain map locations such as Abandoned Supermarkets, Junkyards, or Gas Stations. Electric Fuses are often found in crates as random loot.

How to Enter The Power Plant?

When you start the Power Plant Monument exploration, you will need to prioritize between focusing either on the puzzle or the general crate spawns first. This Monument is pretty large, so aiming for both concurrently will be a difficult task.

For the General Crate Loop, you should aim to go all the way around the Puzzle Rooms at the center of the Power Plant. Just start from any entrance and keep roaming from one building to the next until you clear all of them.

If you choose to focus on the Puzzles at this Monument, you will need the Blue and Green Keycards. In order to complete the Green Keycard Puzzle Room, you will have to flip 2 separate switches within a certain time limit in the Refinery Room and then move to the Recycler Building to swipe the last switch before you can swipe your Green Keycard and progress.

For the Blue Keycard Puzzle Room, you will need to ascend the stairs and then insert a fuse past the blue door before swiping the Keycard.

What Enemies Do You Encounter at The Power Plant?

You will be mostly facing general Scientists spawning all around the Monument. They will not be as difficult to tackle as other Monuments, so you should not have much of a problem.

The main concern you should have is the high degree of Radioactive poisoning that could still inflict poison damage even with a Hazmat Suit on. When facing Scientists spawning all around, make sure you have medical kits ready to use so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Is it Worth Exploring The Power Plant?

The Power Plant is an extremely fun Monument to explore with a lot of activities to engage in. Even though the puzzle rooms are somewhat underwhelming in terms of loot and crates, they are nonetheless a very fun activity for players.

exploring the power plant monument

Besides, you make up for their lack with all the loot you find in between rooms. There is a lot of area to explore and roam around in such as Recycler Buildings, Full Reactors, Puzzle Rooms, Pump Jacks, and a whole Train Station.

The loot is relatively easy to acquire as long as you come prepared. All in all, it is definitely worth the effort!

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Power Plant Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.