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Can You Make an Effigy in Sons of the Forest?

Can You Make an Effigy in Sons of the Forest?

Players who have transitioned from The Forest to Sons of the Forest are constantly on the lookout for things and features that were present in the first game. Effigies were among the many integral parts of the last game and players are wondering whether you can make them in Sons of the Forest.

Currently, you cannot make an Effigy in Sons of the Forest. The sequel is still in early access and we could presume the feature will be added in one of the inevitable future updates to the game. But as of right now, you can not make effigies in the game.

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In The Forest, much like in Sons of the Forest, you are constantly being hunted by the indigenous cannibal population. These fools are relentless and would make your life a living hell with their continuous invasion of your home base.

Fortunately, the developers added the effigy mechanic in the previous game that helped ward off these pesky freaks.

Effigies were player-made structures made out of body parts harvested from cannibals along with sticks and rocks. They were used to mark safe territories for the player which ultimately stopped any incoming cannibal attacks. 

Effigies need to be lit with fire for the effect to commence. Unlit effigies have no effect. You can also place them as decorations if you want.

Effigies had a lot of nuisances though and don’t always work the way they were intended. It was the way the developers made it to keep things fresh. For more complete details on effigies in The Forest check this article.

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Can You Make An Effigy In Sons of the Forest?

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Since effigies were such a help when building your base or keeping the hungry locals at bay in The Forest, the players are scouring the sequel and the internet to find any way they could build these grotesque structures and shoo off any cannibal with the hankering for your skin.

It pains to say that effigies are not present in Sons of the Forest. You can not make effigies as of now in the game.

Either the developers are thinking of adding it later down the line considering this game is still in early access or they have a different vision for this game and would add stuff according to that, we don’t know. Things are being added to the game regularly so there might be a chance for this feature’s comeback.

There is no announcement yet from the developers regarding this feature’s inclusion. But the popularity of effigies in The Forest, not just for their utility but also for their decorative nature, would lead to some sort of addition in the sequel along the same lines.

Effigies have made the lives of fellow survivors on the treacherous island much easier in the past game. The inhabitants of the island pose a constant threat and it sucks that you have to look over your shoulder all the time in Sons of the Forest. However, we do expect the developers to add these in the future. Is it just foolish hope or inevitable actuality, we have to just wait and see.