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Which Is The Best Starting Class in Lies of P?

Which Is The Best Starting Class in Lies of P?

Picking the right class in a souls-like game is one of the most crucial decisions that can directly affect your experience. Lies of P presents you with the most minimalistic choices when it comes to starting class. Still, if you are in fix and want to know more about which is the best starting class in Lies of P, then you are at the right place.

Out of the three starting classes in Lies of P, if you are looking to diversify your options later on in the game, then you should go Path of the Cricket. If your playstyle resembles that of a bunny, then Path of the Bastard is the way to go. Finally, if wielding giant weapons seems more up your alley, then look no further than Path of the Sweeper.


In this guide, we are going to help you find the best class that suits your needs and meets you requirements in Lies of P.

Best Starting Class in Lies of P

Best Starting Class in Lies of P

Much like any other Souls game, Lies of P also lets you pick a starting class. You are presented with the following three options:

  • Path of the Cricket
  • Path of the Bastard
  • Path of the Sweeper

The class you pick will decide your initial stat values. If you are familiar with the genre, you would know that how you play the game heavily relies on your build and stats. That is why you should go with a class that better caters to your playstyle.

Although Lies of P is a bit more forgiving in this regard. While your initial stats are decided by the class you pick, how you decide to further scale it is entirely up to you.

You can put Ergo towards any specific stat you want and turn the tide in whatever direction. Hence it is okay even if you do not like the starting class you picked.

If you are not willing to waste any time and pick the best starting class then the information presented below will surely help you make a more informed decision.

Path of the Cricket (Balanced)

Starting Weapon: Puppet’s Saber

If playstyle varies based on your mood or you are looking for a class that is not leaning towards any extreme then this one is for you. Path of the Cricket is the all-rounder class with points split evenly (almost) across the board.

As we have discussed earlier, Lies of P does not heavily restrict you to stick with your starting class, so you can change your mind at any time and start pouring Ergo into the stat of your choice.

Path of the Cricket will give you a bit more wiggle room if you want to switch things up and try a more specific playstyle down the line, as your stats are hanging somewhere in the middle.

The Path of the Cricket comes with Puppet’s Saber as the default weapon. It is a reasonable weapon and will get you far, but I don’t recommend that you hold on to it much longer than you have to. You can swap it out for something else, like a better Boss Weapon

This class might serve as a great starting point but during the later stages of the game, you will have to pick a playstyle level your build accordingly.

Path of the Sweeper (Strength)

Starting Weapon: Great Sword of Fate

The term “heavy-hitter” best explains Path of the Sweeper. Cheesing bosses with minimal hits will be a breeze because of the ginormous weapons you will be able to wield with this class.

The Path of the Sweeper comes with a massive Health Pool because of high Vitality. You will get that extra Capacity to carry the Great Swords of Fate without flopping on the ground every time you try to dodge.

Every hit you land on an enemy will deal deadly amounts of damage, all thanks to those extra points in Motivity. A couple of strategically placed blows will be the end of any boss that dares stand in front of you.

All of this comes at the cost of low Stamina. Swinging whatever monstrosity you are wielding will quickly empty your stamina bar. If you are not careful enough, you will be left wheezing during crucial moments.

I recommend this class if your goal is to just obliterate your enemies as quickly as possible, even if you have to take a couple of hit in the process.

Path of the Bastard (Dexterity)

Starting Weapon: Wintry Rapier

If hard mode was a class then this would definitely be it. Path of the Bastard is not for the novice but is recommended for someone up for a challenge.

A smaller health pool, low carrying capacity, but with agile movements and enough stamina to run circles around any boss you could possibly imagine.

Path of the Bastard requires you to carefully plan your each blow and immediately step back before going for another one. The trick is to not let the enemy get a hold of you.

As compared to Sweeper and Cricket, who can dish out more damage with every single blow, the Bastard class does lower damage per shot. It surely makes up for it with its speed, where you can launch a full-blown attack combo before your opponent has any time to react.

You will start with Wintry Rapier as your default weapon. It is light, agile and pokes bosses in places they don’t want to get poked. The range is not that great, so you will have to get close if you want to land a lethal blow.

This type of play might take a lot longer than usual to finish fights. So if that’s something that floats your boat, then go right ahead without hesitation.

Our Recommendation

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While you might think that Path of the Cricket will give you more options in the future personally, I think otherwise. If you cannot decide on the kind of playstyle you want to carry, then you can go for it, but I suggest that you go with Path of the Sweeper as your starting class in Lies of P.

A big chunk of bosses in Lies of P are huge and soak damage like no one’s business. In that case, if you are using a more agile Path of the Bastard class, you would be more worried about not getting hit than landing a blow of your own.

In contrast, if you have a high HP, you have the Capacity to equip a heavy armor without slowing down, and you are using a chonky weapon, you would be much more confident while facing an enemy of that stature.

You can always put some more points towards Vigor to make up for the lack of Stamina in the future. That way, you have yourself a full-on TANK!

This was our take on the best starting class in Lies of P. We tried to answer the question as objectively as possible. There is no correct answer to the question and you should go for the one that helps you get the most fun out of your playtime.