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10 Best Base Locations on Genesis Part 2 in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Genesis Part 2 in Ark: Survival Evolved

Genesis 2 has some of the best base locations when it comes to breeding your water dinos and other tamable creatures. It has plenty of flat grounds, rivers, and lakes, along with valuable resources to assist you in progressing quicker in the game.

In Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2, you get access to waterfalls, lakes, underwater caves, and many more fantastic base locations to build your desired base and avoid any intrusion.


Below we have covered some of the best base locations on the Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 map in detail so you can choose the right one per your requirements and build your next dream base.

1. Hanger Bay (32.5-79.8)

This is going to be the best base location for PVE bases. We have got the Hanger Bay which you can look for on the side of Eden at given coordinates. This is a large clean area under the rocky structure. It has a big entrance, and the inside is also spacious.

There are many platforms that appear to be crossing one another, but this place offers you to build in a variety of ways. So here, you can definitely use your creativity to the fullest. It also has organic structures, which you can look up to while building a base. This whole area is pretty good to have your base here.

2. Large Dam (20-70.4)

The next best base location is also on the Eden side. It’s a Large Dam area that is quite dynamic and comes with great diversity. Here, you get a lot of space and platforms to work on and build your base. Here you will find many even surfaces, which is amazing about this location.


The area below the dam can also be used, and at the bottom, you have plenty of water as a resource. There is an area in the center and the top where you can build a base. The platforms on the upper side have enough space for tribes to settle in, so it’s a great location in general.

3. Small Hanger (18.7-89.0)

For this best base location, you have to travel to the northeastern part of the map at it is located there. Follow the coordinates to reach the exact location. This is a fabulous location with a number of areas to build a base and keep your things.

At the bottom, there is a small place that can be used for hiding the stuff. There are ledges on both sides of the structur, whichh you can also build, and the area on the top is so big and seems perfect for a base building.

Furthermore, you canalso consider the land area on one of its sidel. So if you have an interesting design for a base in your mind, then this can be the right spot to lay it out.

4. South Eden Waterfalls (63.7-74.9)

The base locations on the waterfalls never disappoint, and the same is the case with this one. This is the best base location. You pick up the perfect areas at this location for your base. There are flat rocky surfaces, cliffs, and more amazing structures to build on.

The areas from top to bottom can be utilized for various purposes. You have water resources, and for other resources, you can check out the land.

5. Underwater Base (43.0-68.2)

Here is another interesting best base location on Eden’s side, and being underwater makes this one more cool. The way to get here is through the deep water entrances. The cords of some entrances are 41.7-77.3, 40.7-70.1, and 41.7-62.1.


There is a huge building in this area,withs so many compartments for you to check out. This location offers a good amount of space, and you build a strong base with the view of the water world from outside. You can build structures and doors and try out much more things.

You may get limited access to resources down there, but apart from this, it is the best location.

6. Eden South East Corner (78.4-90.4)

This best base location is at the southeastern corner. It is another already-built structure that provides you with tons of even surfaces to build your base on. This is the large surface in the middle, and two on both sides of it.

There is also a space on the top that is higher than others. If you don’t wanna build on it, then you can move to the island right in the middle of the water. A tech terminal is also located closer to this location. You must definitely check out this one, as it can be fun to have your base here.

7. Semi Circle Dam (32.3-31.7)

Moving on to the next best base location, which is another dam, but it’s not a complete circle. The dam covers half the area, and the other half is covered with land. Again here you get a great diversity of areas. You can build on the top flat surface or on the side.

If you admire waterfalls and their view, then you can build on the land in In front of it. The benefit of having such a variety is that you can make different base designs here. So those who want to do something distinct while building their base can visit this place.

8. Circle Dam (24.9-35.0)

Now after the semi-Circle Dam, we have circle one, which is also one of the best base locations. Well, its more look like a lake enclosed in a circle-shaped structure. The whole area on the circle is massive and flat, which seems pretty excellent area to construct your base.


But if you feel the need to go beyond this area, then you can try on the island that is located in the center of the lake. You can also check out the area nearby the waterfall, as it can also benefit you in some way or another.

9. Duel Falls (72.8-38.5)

This best base location has two waterfalls running straight down at the bottom. You can have a lot of areas to consider in the base building process. At the top, you have an even area, and the bottom also has nice space.

There is a big structure with neon dots on it; you can also look around. If you get some creative base ideas by looking at it, then you can build around it as well

10. Space Port Openings (46.8-42.5/50.5-42.0)

We are done doing many land and water best base locations, but what about the one space? The entrances of the spaceport are from the dual water location. There is a fantastic location in the spaceport where gravity can be your concern, but it’s still cool if you are fine with it.

There is a large structure, which you can build inside and outsidt. The interior looks sleek and even and gives vibes of perfection. The sides of the port also have a nice area for building stuff.

Are These Areas Dangerous? 

The only thing that you need to look for in these areas is to avoid some of the deadly predators roaming around. Just make sure to build safely, and you will be good for the most part.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you in saving time and will cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind. 


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

We hope you liked some of these base locations we found for you on the Ark Survival Evolved Genesis 2 map and build your next base on them.