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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Corruption In Conan Exiles

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Corruption In Conan Exiles

In Conan Exiles, you can get afflicted by a corruption debuff if they remain in cursed areas for far too long. This will weaken your character and cripple your fighting ability. If you’re wondering how you can get rid of it then our guide will explain all the methods to do exactly that.

There are a total of four ways to get rid of corruption. Corruption can be removed by doing any of the following:

  • Spending time in the presence of Entertainer Thralls/ Dancers
  • Eating the Heart of a Hero
  • Drinking a Cleansing Brew
  • Wearing Champion’s Leggings

Let’s go into more detail regarding these four methods. Each of these requires some searching and necessary information to execute properly. We’ll be going over all these details throughout the rest of this article, so continue reading to find out more.

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What Is Corruption?

Part of the promotional images released for Conan Exiles.
Image provided by Marketing for Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is a game full of darkness and magic. Various aspects of this magic can negatively affect the player and cause them to become corrupted. This effect becomes especially more pronounced when you attempt to traverse or explore dark places within the game.

Whether they be deep caves, ancient ruins, or the den of an evil wizard, there is always some culpable magic that lingers in these areas. If you stay in contact with these places or stay in close vicinity to them then they can start to slowly corrupt your player character.

You might also experience getting the Corruption debuff if you are fighting certain magical creatures. This effect particularly is highlighted by beings such as Demons or the Undead. This is because both their presence and their attacks can cause the Corruption debuff to be inflicted upon you.

The problem with being afflicted with the corruption mechanic is that it will cause your strength to deteriorate the longer you leave it uncured. In terms of the game itself, the Corruption mechanic reduces a player character’s maximum HP values as well as their Maximum Stamina values. Both are vital stats throughout the game.

One might assume that since these dark places are so dangerous that there is no point in exploring them. However, the truth couldn’t be further from that thought, because it is these dark places that often house the most valuable treasures and the most mystical lore. To not seek them out would be folly for the player.

So then let’s discuss all the ways how we can get rid of the Corruption from you.

Four Ways To Get Rid of Corruption

An in-game screenshot of the Corruption tavern.
In-game Screenshot of the Corruption Tavern

As we’ve mentioned above there are currently four effective ways to remove Corruption in Conan Exiles. These methods vary from incredibly easy measures that you can take to slightly challenging undertakings trying to find a particular item. Regardless, they’re all effective and can be used to aid you in resolving your issue.

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1. Spending Time In The Presence Of A Entertainer Thrall/Dancer

An NPC in-game that can provide the same buff as an Entertainer Thrall.
Lianeele, an Entertainer.

This is perhaps the easiest method that we know which can remove your Corruption debuff from your character. To avail of this method, you will need access to a particular type of NPC within the game called an Entertainer Thrall, these NPC can also be referred to as Dancers.

What Are Thralls?

In Conan, Exiles Thralls are NPCs that are allied to the player character. These NPCs act as servants to you once you have captured or recruited them to your side. How your thrall joins your side is of little consequence in the game, but these NPCs can be extremely useful for a variety of reasons.

After all, some of them can work in crafting stations and can aid the player in constructing new items and weapons that they might require, they can also act as companions that constantly follow you around, and might even be willing to stand as guards for you and your buildings.

But perhaps the most important function that a Thrall serves in terms of removing the Corruption debuff is when they are Entertainer Thralls.

What Are Entertainer Thralls?

Entertainer Thralls are essentially Dancers, and if one is allied with you, you can place them anywhere on the map you see fit. Dancers are special NPCs because they can remove Corruption from your player character. This is done through an Area of Effect healing buff.

The buff can be activated if you stand within four foundations of an Entertainer Thrall when they are granting the buff. You will see this buff be referred to as the Entertained buff And it will remove Corruption from your character as well as increase health regeneration.

So if you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to remove your Corruption then go to an Entertainer Thrall as soon as possible and get the debuff removed.

Where To Find Entertainer Thralls/ Dancers?

We want to make sure that the process of getting to these Entertainer Thralls/ Dancers is as smooth as possible. This is why we’ve listed some locations down below that might be good places to look for these specific NPCs.

  • The Island of Unsightly Sirens
  • Floatsam
  • Black Galleon
  • Sinner’s Refuge
  • Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
  • New Asgarth
  • Mountains of the Dead.

If you’re looking for more details regarding these locations, specifically about finding the Dancers within them then we recommend checking out the video down below by wak4863.

2. Eating The Heart Of A Hero

Precise in-game location where you can find the Heart of the Hero.
Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers locations in the Unnamed City.

The Heart of a Hero is a unique item that can be obtained within the game. Although it has many uses, one aspect that we can particularly focus on is the fact that it allows your character to have the Corruption debuff removed.

The in-game descriptions of the items read that it was taken from the chest of an individual that called themself a hero. It is quite a rare item that can only be obtained after defeating a specific boss battle, so we advise that you think carefully before using the item for this purpose.

Important facts that you need to know about the Heart of a Hero item include the following:

  • You can find the item in the inventory of the Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers. The mini-boss will drop the Heart of a Hero.
  • When consumed it removes all Corruption from your character.
  • Moreover, the item can be sacrificed as well to Hanuman’s Grotto. This provides the player a chance to receive the Silverback Gorilla(Pet) with a 20% chance of dropping or the Hanuman’s gift with an 80% chance of dropping.

Where To Find The Heart Of A Hero?

If you’re trying to locate where exactly you can find the Heart of the Hero then we’ll make it easy for you by telling you all the information that you need.

You can find the Heart of the Hero in the Unnamed City. To obtain the item all you need to do is defeat and loot the miniboss of Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers. The item will be there in his lootable inventory.

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3. Drinking Cleansing Brew

The in-game image of the item called the Cleansing Brew
In-game image of Cleansing Brew

If you can’t access the first two methods that we’ve mentioned so far then it’s probably a good idea to use an item to reduce the Corruption effects until you can find a proper way to remove it completely. This is why we suggest that you craft and subsequently drink a Cleansing Brew.

The Cleansing Brew is a craftable consumable that your player character can use to reduce the detrimental effects of Corruption. When you consume Cleaning Brew it reduces the HP reduction caused by Corruption by 5% of your Maximum HP before you got Corrupted.

This is incredibly useful for dealing with challenges that you need to complete before you can get Cleansed properly through the Dancer healing or through consuming a Heart of a Hero. What you need to know about the Cleansing Brew is the following:

  • It can be crafted by using a Stove or an Improved Stone.
  • You will need the basic ingredients: Herbal Tea, Yellow Lotus Blossoms.
  • It takes 5s to craft and gives you a total of 124 EXP.

4. Wearing Champion’s Leggings

The in-game image that you can see of the Champion's Leggings.
In-game image of Champion’s Leggings

Possibly the slowest method to remove Corruption from your character is by wearing the Champion’s Leggings over an extended period and allowing its boon to remove your character’s corruption.

The Leggings are part of the Champion’s set, which is an entire set that you can craft through numerous different means. The essential ability of the Champion’s Leggings themselves is that they remove one point of Corruption from your character every 30 seconds.

Some important notes to keep in mind when trying to craft this item are the following:

  • You can create this item using the Improved Armorer’s Bench, Campaign Armorer’s Bench, and Garrison Armorer’s Bench.
  • The ingredients you need include 20 Armor Scraps, 1 Perfected heavy Padding, and 20 Layered Fur.
  • To craft the item it will take your character about 1 minute and you will gain 5320 EXP.

The armor is perhaps one of the easiest but also least effective ways to have the Corruption debuff removed from them.

Ultimately, the best way to remove the Corruption debuff is still to obtain an Entertainer Thrall or to consume the Heart of a Hero. But if those means are out of your grasp then the second best option is to craft yourself a Cleansing brew or get yourself a pair of Champion’s Leggings.

We hope this article provided you with all the necessary information you needed to get rid of Corruption in Conan Exiles. Till next time! Ciao.