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This is the Best Burial Gift in Dark Souls III

This is the Best Burial Gift in Dark Souls III

You will quickly become aware of the burial gifts when you start the character creation screen on Dark Souls 3. As hard as it is, most people are met with a growing dread with a seemingly important decision decided so early.

Thankfully you can grab the Fire Gem thanks to its variety of uses, and the fact that you won’t be finding any till later in the game makes the Fire Gem the best Burial Gift in Dark Souls 3.


However, best for most doesn’t necessarily mean best for all, and there are plenty of other options to consider that could fit your playstyle a bit better. Follow along as we dive into the burial gifts offered in Dark Souls 3 so you can genuinely decide the best burial gift for your Dark Souls 3 quest.

The Burial Gift Meta

With Dark Souls 3, we find different options for burial gifts than in the original and Dark Souls 2, and we have many more options. The previous two iterations had obvious choices for the best burial gifts, while Dark Souls 3 offers multiple options that could appeal to different types of players.

Many options are only available for single-use while others offer more uses, but none are game-breaking. You can run without a burial gift without too much issue, but you might as well grab one for the extra benefits they offer.

Why Choose the Fire Gem?

Choosing the Fire Gem will allow you to familiarize yourself with the infusion system early while giving one of your weapons a significant power boost. The fire infusion is one of the few infusions available at the beginning of the game that can be accessed without beating a specific boss.


While you can find Fire Gems later in the game, their usefulness will have diminished due to how damage is calculated. However, the main benefit of choosing the fire gem is that it gives you access to powerful fire weapons early in the game.

Downsides of the Fire Gem

Like many other choices, the Fire Gem is only suitable for single use; however, the biggest issue comes with split damage types. Typically splitting your damage between multiple elements will lower your damage due to the resistance you fight and having less raw damage in a single class.

For example, you might have a Long Sword with 179 attacks and 209 attacks with the Fire Gem infused. Since that damage is split between physical and fire, an enemy with high fire resistance will make the weapon less effective. Damage is less of an issue early game as enemies have less resistance.

The other issue is that infusing the Fire Gem will prevent your weapon from scaling further. Infusing means you will want to use it on an item with minimal scaling options. A Fire Gem-infused weapon can help you speed through the early game but don’t expect to use that same weapon throughout your progression.

The Other Solid Choice

Despite the Fire Gem being the most common choice for an early boost, you can also find a similar benefit in the Life Ring. This item will increase your maximum hit points by 7 percent when equipped. This will be very useful if you have a high Vigor stat, which determines your health.

It also benefits from not being a consumable like many other options to use throughout the entire game. Since it is a gear, you will likely find better choices as you progress, eventually making it a bit useless.

Niche Options for Specific Playstyles

While the other options for burial gifts have benefits, some you will have to use creatively, while others will find use in desperate situations. Though none of the other options offer a permanent equipable or as much of a boost as a fire-infused weapon, they become much more dependent on how you decide to play.

For that alone, these options are better for more seasoned players who know how they want to approach the game.

Divine Blessing

This item will fully restore your health and cure all ailments. A very solid effect, but the problem is that this item is only suitable for single use. Even though there are not too many of these in the game, the effect isn’t worth giving up another option. Single-use items can be effective, but you’d prefer one with long-lasting benefits.

Hidden Blessing

This item is very similar to the Divine Blessing as it is single-use. The only difference here is the Hidden Blessing is focused on fully recovering your Focus Power. For these reasons, this item isn’t very recommended.

Black Firebomb

These items act as grenades dealing heavy fire damage to any enemy you hit with one. Their fire damage makes them very effective against flesh-based enemies and can help you speed past a few fights. Once again, the issue is limited quantity as you are only given five as a Burial Gift.


As an action item on your utility belt, these are fun to use but can be found during your progression and aren’t recommended due to their finite nature.

Sovereignless Soul

You can consume this soul item for an instant boost of 2,000 souls to your currency pool. Souls are useful for upgrading your skills and abilities throughout the game. You are continually earning souls as you play, so the usefulness of this gift is debatable. However, this does give you an instant boost, which has merit.

Some players might grab this to instantly grab an upgrade when they reach a certain point in the game. This item also stays in your inventory, so you can save it until you find that perfect moment.

Rusted Gold Coin

The Gold Coin is an interesting choice that many will find useless, but others consider it priceless. This polarity comes from how these coins function. You will receive 7 of them though they are every single use. Using a coin will give you increased item discovery for 60 seconds.

The time limit can make it tricky since many encounters can last well over a minute. Another issue is that early game, these coins won’t be helpful as you just won’t find great reasons to use them. Later in the game, they might help find special equipment, but later in the game isn’t the recommended aim of burial gifts.

Cracked Red Eye Orb

This item, which you will be given four of, allows you to invade another player’s world for a single time. PvP is a fun part of Dark Souls 3 but doesn’t serve much use for a player early in the game, especially one who is still learning the game.


For these reasons, this item is probably the least recommended option for new players as the benefits are lacking.

Young White Branch

It is possibly one of the most peculiar options due to its unique ability to camouflage into different objects. Sadly, it is only a one-time-use item like many other options. As funny as it is to turn into a tombstone in a graveyard, or a tree in a forest, this item is mostly for novelty use.

Deciding Like A Pro

It is very simple to go with the Fire Gem or the Life Ring and call it a day, but putting some extra thought into your choice can go a long way for season players. Most players used to the game will avoid the Life Ring as the benefits aren’t great compared to the other equipable options you will find along the way.

The Fire Gem is also strong, but a skilled player will not require it and could find more use in other options. The healing consumables are excellent in a pinch for any level; However, the Rusted Gold Coins and the Young White Branch have the most interesting options.

The Young White Branch can be useful for a certain point when you come across an arrow-firing giant. If you carry the Young White Branch’s burial gift version on your person, the giant will instantly be friendly and not fire at you.

Meanwhile, the Rusted Gold Coins offer the most versatility to the seasoned Dark Souls 3 player. Some users have attempted to use gold coins to help them find an early halberd. In comparison, others use gold coins to find other assorted early-game items.

The gold coins are a favorite of experienced players, as you can find an entire Knight set and weapons near the beginning of the game or substantial items like the Zweihander if you’re lucky.