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Can’t Change Your Secondary Class In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? Here’s Why

Can’t Change Your Secondary Class In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? Here’s Why

The sheer amount of customization available to you is probably the best aspect of Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. However, figuring out how precisely to access these options can be quite tricky. This is especially true if you wish to unlock or later change your Secondary class. So within this guide, we’ll share exactly how to go about doing both. 

The Step by Step method to unlocking your secondary class is the following: 

  • Complete the Quest Thy Bard, With A Vengeance 
  • Enter Weep Wild Dankness 
  • After completing the Quest-line return to the Docks in Brighthoof
  • At the end of a string of cut-scenes you will gain access to your secondary class. 
  • After selecting your secondary class you may only change it after having beaten the main story of the game 

How to change your secondary class: 

  • You must have completed the game before accessing this option. 
  • After completing the game head to Izzy’s Fizzies Soda bar in Brighthoof
  • Interact with the Customization Station 
  • Select the Reset Skills option
  • Select Respec Skills
  • Confirm by clicking yes
  • You can now change your secondary class

How to Unlock your Secondary Class

Accept the Quest “Thy Bard, With A Vengeance”

This quest can be initiated by first going to the Docks and then kneeling in front of Paladin Mike

Find the Bard

After talking to the Dockmaster you will be tasked to search for a Bard in order to progress through the mission. The bard can be located inside of the cave next to the large Cheeto blocking your path.

Enter the dungeon and Kill the boss, you will obtain a key that unlocks the cheese puff blocking your path. 

Enter Weep Wild Dankness 

The quest-line now continues after you enter the Weep Wild Dankness cave and upon going further you will encounter Torgue, who is coincidentally the bard we are searching for. After that point in the quest simply make your way through the dungeon complex and kill the main boss at the end. You can now return to the Docks and after watching the cut scene associated with the quest Emotion of the Ocean you will be able to select your secondary class. 

How To Change your Secondary Class

In order for you to change your secondary class you must first complete the main story of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Once that is complete you can follow the rest of this guide. 

Go to Izzy’s Fizzies In order to change your class you need to go to the Soda bar called Izzy’s Fizzies in Brighthoof. It is also depicted in the image below. Head inside this building complex and then interact with the Customization Station.

Interacting with the Customization Station

Open up the Customization menu and press the Reset Skills button in order to open a new window asking you to Respec your skill tree selection. 

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You should then select the Respec Skills option as this will prompt the game to ask you one final time to confirm that you wish to Respec your Skills

Select Yes again. Once that is complete you will now be able to reallocate your skill points to your desired Secondary class. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland provides you with a plethora of customization options right after the 5 main story quest lines and that in itself would have been amazing.

However, the fact that you have to complete the entire main story quest before you can switch your secondary class option  truly hampers the overall build variety and fine-tuning that the player could do to curate the experience to their liking. Nonetheless, we hope this guide was helpful to you and finding out more cool things about this game.