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Is Arcane Worth Leveling in Elden Ring?

Is Arcane Worth Leveling in Elden Ring?

Arcane in Elden Ring is very similar to the Luck stat in the Dark Souls games, but it adds more to it. There are a lot of attributes in Elden Ring to worry about, but one majorly overlooked one is Arcane. There are actually a ton of weapons and Incantations that use Arcane and some need a lot. One major question that new players and even veterans ask is, is Arcane worth leveling in Elden Ring?

Yes, Arcane is worth leveling, depending on if you want to use an item that needs it. There are a bunch of things that Arcane increases and those are Item Discovery, Bleed Damage, Incantation Damage, and Defense for Holy Damage and Vitality. It does a whole lot more than the Luck stat in Dark Souls 3. There isn’t really a bad Attribute in Elden Ring.

Every single Attribute in Elden Ring has a plus, so that means nothing really gets left out. Most people won’t play Magic builds, but a lot of players will get into Bleed Builds. These are extremely overpowered after patch 1.03.2, and it made Bleed weapons super viable for pretty much everything. Even if you don’t use a Bleed or Incantation Build, you should still put a few points into it for Item Discovery.

Why is Arcane worth leveling?

Arcane is an extremely important Attribute after the latest patch, and the builds you can make with it are some of the most fun in the entire game. Not only do Bleed weapons look cool, but they also deal a lot of damage to pretty much anything you come across. Of course, there will be the occasional enemy that is strong versus blood, but most of the time everything is weak to it.

Arcane is worth leveling because of all the increases it gives you. There are 4 main reasons and we will go over each one in the rest of this article. Even if you don’t use Bleed weapons, you can always put some into Arcane for better Item Discovery. Every little Attribute counts and it is worth at least a few of your levels.

Here are all the increases Arcane gives you in Elden Ring:

It increases your Item Discovery

Arcane increases your Discovery stat which governs the likelihood of finding items on the corpses of defeated foes. There are many ways to increase Item Discovery like using items that will temporarily boost Discovery or equipping items that increase Discovery. By far, the best way to increase it is with the Arcane stat.

If you have very low Arcane and you don’t need it in your build, then you shouldn’t put that many points into it. You should use items or equipment to boost it, but if your build takes Arcane, consider putting most of the points into that Attribute. If it scales better with other Attributes, then try to be sparing with the number of points you put into it.

At the end of the day, it is totally up to you how you want to build your character but remember, you can always reallocate your attributes later on in the game if you don’t like your build a certain way. Reallocating is actually very easy to do compared to the other Dark Souls games don’t be afraid to test out different builds.

It increases Bleed Damage

Bleed is a status effect that builds up through repeatedly hitting the target. Once the Hemorrhage meter is filled, the effect is triggered and the target takes damage equal to a percentage of their Max HP. There are a lot of weapons with Bleed stats, but you always want to look out for the passive Bleed weapons. It is nice to have a weapon with a Bleed skill, but if it does passive Bleed damage, those are the best.

Basically, if it does passive Bleed damage, you don’t need to use any FP to give the enemy a Bleed effect. It is very important that certain weapons deal Bleed damage faster if you have Arcane leveled up a lot. Rivers of Blood and weapons similar to that deal massive Bleed damage if you have your Arcane skill leveled up to a high level.

Always check what your weapon scales with because it might not scale with Arcane. You need to check the letter it scales with and put Attributes into specific spots depending on what letter it is. The higher the letter, the better the scaling for that attribute will be. Make sure you know what you are doing.

It increases Incantation Damage

A whole lot of Incantations have a high Arcane requirement, but this is not a bad thing. With this, you can actually do a melee and Incantation build very easily. If you mix Dragon Incantations with Bleed weapons, it is a build that most people don’t know about. It is easily one of the most overpowered builds in the game.

If you don’t want to do one of these builds, you could always use some other Incantations that take Arcane to use. There are soo many different Incantations to choose from so the replayability for builds is endless. Just keep in mind that a lot of Incantations have very high requirements for pretty much any Attribute.

It increases Holy Defense and Vitality

Having the defense in Elden Ring is especially important if you are fighting enemies with a lot of different status effects. You will run into a lot of Holy damage to you and putting attributes into Arcane will help defend against them. You will also gain more Vitality which is basically your Poise. Poise determines resistance to flinching or staggering from enemy attacks.

This means the higher Poise you have, the harder it will be for enemies to actually stagger you. Poise is especially helpful for heavy builds where you can’t get your attacks out fast enough. If you have high Poise, all your attacks will cut right through all your enemy’s attacks. Arcane is a great Attribute overall for pretty much any build you create.

If you have nothing in your build that takes Arcane, you don’t necessarily have to put anything into it. Basically, it is helpful no matter what build you have so don’t hesitate to put some levels into it.