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Is Fishing Worth It In New World?

Is Fishing Worth It In New World?

If you love playing MMORPGs then you know that every MMORPG necessarily has Fishing in it. New World is no different, with an extensive Fishing mini-game you can interact with. But is it worth doing Fishing in New World?

Yes, Fishing in New World is worth it. You can pull more than just fish, such as useful materials and items necessary for crafting within the game. You can also get Treasure Chests with gems, ingots, money, and other things inside too. 

Even though every other MMO might have a Fishing mini-game, not all of them have such fun systems. This is what makes Fishing in New World so unique. But if you’re still on the fence about the system, then we’ll share why we think Fishing in New World is worth your time. Read on to learn more!

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Why Fishing is Worth it in New World?

New World Fishing - In-game Cutscene
New World Fishing – In-game Cutscene

Fishing is an integral part of any Open World game. And it is no different for the Amazon Games developed New World. New World after a bumpy launch has, with constant updates and additions to the game, come to a very stable point in its life cycle. And a flood of new players is joining now more than ever.

So naturally, you might be wondering if all the systems in the game are well worth engaging with. For many games Fishing is just a throw-in addition. Something to pad out the list of features. However, I’m glad to tell you that this is not the case in New World. Several systems and rewards provide that make Fishing well worth your time.

Regardless of whether you’re someone hungry for more gold, items, armor, or weapons. I believe that Fishing in New World provides rewards that everyone might appreciate regardless of what type of reward you’re seeking in particular. So let’s go into more depth about the reward structure then, shall we?

Fishing Rewards

Fishing Spots in New World
Fishing Spots in New World

There are several rewards that you can receive as a result of Fishing in New World. However, perhaps one of the most sought-after is that you will get Food and Alchemy ingredients. This is because not only can the different varieties of fish be used as food. But additionally, there are several materials that you can farm up through them as well.

Other than that, Fishing can give you several Treasure Chests. These are incredibly important. Because even though they might be RNG, you can still get some fantastic materials from opening them. An example of what your loot might look like includes the following:

  • Pristine Gems <1%
  • Brilliant Gems 12%
  • 3 x Gems
  • 3 x Flawed Gems
  • 10 x Silver, 8 x Gold, 6 x Platinum Ingots
  • Coins (Removed since Patch 1.02)

Additionally, there are a lot of people that regularly buy Fish Fillets on the Market. So if you’re looking to make a quick buck in-game, then trying your hand at Fishing is the best chance that you’ve got. Besides these individual rewards, I believe the Fishing mini-game is just plain fun. So if you enjoy fishing in other games then chances are you’re going to enjoy it in New World.

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Fishing Achievements

Currently, you can obtain 5 unique achievements in New World by engaging in Fishing. This is especially important for anyone who considers themselves a completionist. After all, you can’t get all the achievements without Catching them All.

The achievements themselves are fairly simple, however, so regardless of whether you’re a casual player or if you’re hardcore, you’ll practically be able to obtain them all.

Note: Fishing might receive more achievements as time and development for the game continues. So this list is subject to change. Nonetheless, here is the list of achievements for Fishing, and how to obtain them.

Achievement NameHow to Obtain
A Reel ExpertAwarded after catching 5000 fish
Feeling CrappieA nice consolation prize after ten hooked fish snap the line and get away
Fish WeightlifterCatch 20 000 weight units of fish to get this achievement
Fishing for LifeA reward for catching 10 000 fish
Heavy Scale ExpertCatch 10 000 weight units of fish to get this achievement.

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Fishing Armor Sets

Fishing Armor in New World
Fishing Armor in New World

There are 5 unique armor sets that you can also obtain if you continue the Fishing Side Quests. And complete the various challenges provided to your character. Although these sets are mainly for increasing your Fishing ability, they can still work as exceptional armor sets since you can achieve Tier V sets by the end as well.

These Armor sets provide a unique and alternative method for your character in New World to gear up and make it easier for you to fish for far more valuable and rare fish. The lands of New World are dangerous and full of tough foes. So we appreciate the extra protection that the game provides.

The following are the names of the Armor Sets and their Associated Tiers that you can obtain through Fishing in New World.

  • Battered Fisherman’s Set – Tier II
  • Hardy Fisherman’s Set – Tier III
  • Sleek Fisherman’s Set – Tier IV
  • Fierce Fisherman’s Set – Tier V
  • Vengeful Fisherman’s Set – Tier V

The Tier V set has some incredible bonuses that can truly make your fishing experience in New World a lot more fun and interesting. Especially, if you find yourself enjoying the gameplay. And want to experience more of it throughout the lands.

And that’s it, to be honest, you receive a lot of rewards for playing Fishing in New World. And I believe it is worth it if you enjoy playing New World in general. Between material rewards, achievements, and new armor Fishing is worth it and has something for everyone.