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Is Sea of Thieves Worth It?

Is Sea of Thieves Worth It?

Sea of Thieves is one of those games that when you first play it, you are just amazed by everything in it. You walk around and see all the different buildings and docks and then you finally see your ship. You go up to it and then walk onto the deck. You pull up the anchor and set sail into the vast open sea. As you sail around, you go to the different islands and hunt for treasure.

I have never seen a game that gives me vibes like Sea of Thieves does because it gives you a sense of happiness and the feeling of dread all at the same time. All the fun that I had in the game came from playing with my friends because it makes the experience of exploring a world with someone else. There are endless possibilities for what you can do, and they are constantly adding new content.

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What can you do?

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There are tons of things to do in Sea of Thieves. The main thing that most people will do is Gold Hoarder Missions. Once you and your crew buy a mission and vote on it in your Captain’s Quarters, then you will gain 1-9 maps showing either an island or a clue. You then use the maps to find a treasure chest on an island somewhere in the game world.

Finding this treasure is no easy feat because you will encounter many things like Megalodons, Skeleton Ships, the Kraken, Volcanoes, and even Skeleton Forts along the way. As you arrive at the island, there will be Skeletons that wander the island that pose a large threat as you are uncovering the loot. The loot you receive is random, but there are many times where you will get lucky.

Another thing to do is missions for the Merchant Alliance. These missions are more calming because you basically have to deliver items to other NPCs. You can also deliver cargo and animals to certain merchants for some easy cash. If you want to do something chill in the game where you just deliver stuff, then the Merchant Alliance is the best choice.

The third thing you can do is the Order of Souls missions. These are probably the most challenging missions to complete but are some of the most fun missions to do. What you do in these missions is you get a target, mostly Skeleton Captains, and it tells you what island this skeleton is on. You go to the island and defeat a bunch of skeletons and the captain comes out. Once you kill the captain, you take its skull back to the witches at an outpost.

There is honestly soo much more to do like the Arena, Hunter’s Call missions, Bilge Rat’s missions, Athena’s Fortune missions, and even the little story missions. If you play Sea of Thieves, you will find that there will always be something for you to do, that is what makes it a good game.

Is it a fun game?

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There are people that say the game is fun and there are people who say it is not. A game always has a split community no matter how good the game is. Yes, the game is very fun, but if you play too much and you do the same thing every time, then it does get a little boring and repetitive. If you do something different every time you play the game then you will have a good time because your gameplay is changed.

In the long run, it is a very fun game because you are constantly on your toes while you play. You always have that feeling that you will be attacked while you sail through the open ocean. It does get kind of annoying when you have been grinding loot for 3 hours and a big ship comes over, kills your crew, and takes everything. It is all about your perspective on if the game is fun or not.

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How many islands can you sail to?

There are a total of 89 islands that you can sail to currently in-game and they all are different from one another. Each island belongs to a group of islands that all have the same theme. Some have snakes, while others have volcanoes. Each can be challenging to explore, but ultimately is the best part of the entire game.

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The Shores of Plenty – Includes a total of 24 islands. Located on the North-Western region of the World map. The Shores of Plenty’s inviting bright and sunny environment induces a more calming aroma to wandering pirates. Here, the climate is tropical with the water a clear light blue, the sands Silver-white with Palm-filled Shores and lush vegetation.

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The Devil’s Roar – Includes a total of 18 islands. The Devil’s Roar is a harsh and volcanic area in the Southeastern Region of the World Map. The Roar is mostly composed of large islands formed of volcanoes, covered with half-burnt plant life and strange red crystal growths. Aside from the Volcanic Islands, there are also several volcanoes in the Seas. The whole area is extremely dangerous to any seafarers with very little resources.

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The Wilds – Includes a total of 23 islands. Located on the Northeastern region of the World Map. The Wilds is a harsh and miserable environment with green-yellowish seas and constantly overcast clouds, giving it a dark and gloomy atmosphere. The Islands in the Wilds are semi-fortified and haunted, containing the remains of many deceased pirates who tried to brave the region.

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The Ancient Isles – Includes a total of 24 islands. Located on the Southern-Southwestern region of the World Map. The Ancient Isles is mostly a bright and sunny place with dark blue waters and thick vegetation among large rock monuments, hidden cave structures and ancient hideaways of Pirate Crews that used to sail these seas.

How is PVP/PVE?

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PVP – This is probably the hardest thing to master in the entire game because there will always be someone better than you at the game. There are people who play to have fun, but there are those people who are there to mess with the new players and get easy money. PVP in Sea of Thieves is very hard and can get very annoying, but it is fun at times when your teams are balanced to where it is a fair fight.

There is also the arena in which you can fight other crews in a match to get the loot at the end. It is much different than the main game because it is all about PVP in the aspect that you have to eliminate all other crews and secure the treasure. It can be fun at times but there is something about just sailing without worrying about anything.

PVE – This aspect of the game is really fun because you don’t know when you will be attacked by skeletons or giant sharks. There are many types of skeletons to fight like skeletons that you need to splash water on, that have explosive barrels, that are ghosts, and even skeletons that are massive. All the skeletons are very fun to fight and they all have different traits.

There are megalodons that randomly spawn while you are sailing to another island and you can kill them for some good loot. There is also a Kraken that you can kill for some really good loot as well. Everything in the game is fun to fight and seems very balanced. It does seem kind of grindy sometimes though.

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Is it a hard game?

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Yes and no to be perfectly honest with you. It can be hard depending on the thing that you are doing. If you are fighting a Skeleton Captain in an Order of Souls mission, it can be challenging depending on what level you are. PVP can also be very annoying and hard if you don’t have the right resources or you are not ready for an encounter. Some people can be idiots and kill you even if you don’t have anything good. Don’t let that stop you from playing though.

How are the graphics?

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The graphics in Sea of Thieves is very unique because it is very cartoony but at the same time looks amazing. The water in it is absolutely beautiful when sailing over it. The islands are full of vegetation and color and it seems like everything is alive. I can’t tell you enough about how good this game looks, and it seems like every area you go to is different from the others. I would play this game for the graphics alone because they are just soo good.


Sea of Thieves is a game that you either like the grind of the game or you don’t. There was only a certain amount that I could take and I took a long break in between playtime. If you play this game, I would highly recommend playing with some friends because it makes you appreciate the game better since you can explore it with other people. You should at least give this game a try to see if you like it. Try the Xbox Game Pass and you can try it for a pretty cheap price.