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Ultimate Guide To The Handler in Remnant 2

Ultimate Guide To The Handler in Remnant 2

The Handler Archetype has become a fan favorite for solo players in Remnant 2. Your pet companion keeps you covered in the battles against your foes, and the Tankiness you gain from the class keeps you safe from incoming damage.

Handler Archetype is more suitable for players who like to play as a tank in the game; you sacrifice a lot of stamina and speed in exchange of becoming immune to incoming damage to a good extent. Whether you are in a group or playing solo, you can benefit immensely from Handler’s extra toughness.


Let’s learn everything about Handler Archetype, its pros & cons, and the playstyle it requires, and find out if it fits you best in Remnant 2.

What Makes The Handler A Good Class?

Handler Archetype

The Handler Archetype in Remnant 2 can offer so much versatility to players with the availability of an additional teammate in the Pet Class. You will always have your trusted Dog with you, whether you are finding your way through Labyrinth or bringing down Bone Collectors in Losomn.


Perhaps, the best part about The Handler is the addition of your pet in your team who can pull agro away from you so you could focus on riddling every foe in sight with bullets. You can even direct your dog to attack enemies on your cue.

What Gear Does Handler Start With?

As Handler, you acquire some starting equipment such as starter’s weapons and armor. Let’s look into what becomes available:

Armor (Trainer Set)

  1. Trainer Cap: Although a cap for head armor may seem like not much, don’t be fooled. This lightweight armor provides 7 armor points and minute Toxin resistance.
  2. Trainer Clothes: Trainer Clothes are medium-weight body armor that can provide a good deal of protection against physical attacks with 37 armor points and Elemental Status Effects, such as Bleed, Shock, Blight, and Toxin resistance. 
  3. Trainer Workboots: This heavy leg armor can provide 17 armor points and some resistance to Bleed, Shock, Blight, and Toxins.
  4. Trainer Bracer: Bracers are lightweight gloves that provide seven armor and similar protection against Elemental Status Effects.


  1. Blackmaw AR-47: This will be your primary weapon of choice. With 17 Damage and a Max Ammo capacity of 190 rounds, you will have your foes at bay with controlled bursts in medium-range combat. They have relatively higher accuracy than most weapons and offer a nice, comfortable Ideal Range of 20 meters from targets. It has a +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  2. Tech 22: This Hand Gun with a medium magazine capacity will help you as your secondary weapon. It is exceptionally accurate in close-range combats and deals 8 Damage with a Max Ammo of 270 rounds. It has a +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus as well.
  3. Rusted Claws: Rusted Claws will serve as your melee weapon starting off as Handler. They are a formidable pair of claws for slashing your enemies with 51 Damage and a +110% Weak Spot Damage Bonus. 

Is Handler A Good Choice For Solo or Co-op?

This Archetype seems like the best fit for solo-mode enthusiasts. You start with an assault rifle as your primary weapon, accompanied by a rapid-fire pistol as the secondary. Handlers also get movement buffs upon each level up, making evasiveness an easier task for solo players who need to look out for themselves.


While in co-op mode, Handlers essentially play a support/tank Class. You will primarily be assisting the team with getting different buffs. The Handler is designed for teamwork in both solo and co-op modes. 

What Perks Foes Handler Start With?

The Handler starts with its Prime Perk automatically unlocked at the beginning, called ‘Bonded.’ This Prime Perk is unique to this Archetype alone and can be upgraded at various points upon leveling up the Archetype.

When a Handler gets defeated, his companion may attempt to revive him with 50% HP using this Prime Perk. This can also be used to revive allies by command, provided they have a Relic Charge. This Prime Perk has a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Handler's Skills and Perks

When you first upgrade it at reaching level 5, the cooldown will decrease from 120 to 105 seconds. On the final upgrade at level 10, it further drops to 90 seconds.

All the other Perks are unlocked from level 1 onwards and are not automatically accessible at the start.
Along with its Prime Perk, The Handler has four more perks that can help him in combats.

But you eventually unlock them, and they are not automatically accessible initially. The Damage Perk, Pack Hunter, lets you obtain 3% Ranged and Skill Damage when your companion is active and within 25 meters of you. 


Your Team Perk, Spirit of the Wolf, will increase your movement speed by 10%. This can also help your allies if they are within 10 meters of you.

Your Utility Perk, Teamwork, is just as the name suggests. Handler and Companion obtain 5% improved Revive Speed. Your Relic Perk, Best Friend, lets you fully restore your pet’s health upon consuming a Relic.

Are The Skills and Traits of Handler Worth It?

The Handler’s Skills include Guard Dog, Support Dog, and Attack Dog. They all relate to your coordination with your companion. Guard Dog will reduce all incoming damage by 20%, while Support Dog will heal all allies within an AoE of 3.5 meters for 0.25% of Max HP per second.

Attack Dog helps you deal additional 20% damage to your enemies and takes the pressure off you.

The unique Archetype Trait Handlers get is called Kinship. It basically further reduces all incoming damage by 8%. This can be leveled up to 80% at level 10.


It suffices to make the point that if you plan to play alone or provide extra valuable support in team fights, you should opt for the Handler cause of his Skills and Traits.

There you have a detailed overview of The Handler Archetype in Remnant 2. If you find this coverage beneficial and want us to keep producing such helpful content, share our work with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in the next one.