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PvE Vs PvP in V Rising – What Should You Choose? Complete Guide

PvE Vs PvP in V Rising – What Should You Choose? Complete Guide

V Rising is a survival RPG that has garnered quite a buzz in the short time it has been released. With praises circling the internet and communities the game is attracting the attention of many new players who have yet to experience a game from this particular genre. And if you are not aware of the ways a survival game works then it can get quite intimidating to understand the starting point of your journey. V Rising has its specific take on the formula that differentiates it from the herd in certain ways.

V Rising is divided into two sets of playstyles:

  • PvE: Good for beginners to understand the basic workings of the game.
  • PvP: Good for players who are familiar with the game’s mechanics and are able to hold their own against other players.

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Beginner In V Rising

If you are a new player or you want to try V Rising and are still on the fence if whether you want to buy this game then you need to consider a few things before you take the leap. When you are starting a game of V Rising you have to understand what kind of a player are you.

V Rising is a survival RPG game where you have to keep in mind that if you are not aware of the survival genre then this might be a somewhat different experience from what most of the players are accustomed to. This game has some rich RPG mechanics. These mechanics are inherently part of most survival games where you have to constantly craft better gear, fight bosses, and explore the vast open-world all the while collecting resources to further improve your character until the point of the endgame. So if you’re just starting the game then you have to define what you want to do within this game, do you want to play online or do you want to experience it in singleplayer.

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Since the game has attracted a lot of attention from its early access launch, the player base has gotten quite accustomed to this game and the players are easily divided into hardcore players or players who are looking for a casual experience.

When you select the play option from the main menu to start a new game the upper seen screen will present itself from where you can select the type of game you want to engage in.

From this menu, you can select the following:

  • Online Play: PvE, PvP, Full Loot PvP & Duo PvP. All the various types of game modes that involves online or other players’ interaction either cooperatively or against.
  • Private Game: Host your own customized world with your settings. Can be both single-player or PvP.
  • Host Dedicated server: Here you rent out servers for online games. This an advanced option that new player’s shouldn’t bother with.

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Private Game / Single player (PvE)

The Private game can be a single-player experience if you want and set the options accordingly. It can be a cooperative experience or a player versus player experience depending on the players you have invited to the game and the settings you have chosen. This game mode is perfect for when you just want to play with your friends or if you want to play with acquaintances or when you want to go at it alone without any interference.

If you are a new player then starting a single-player server should be your main choice as you can use this opportunity to get yourself familiarize with the game’s mechanics, traverse and get acquainted with the game’s map, and get up to speed with everything that this game has to offer before joining a public server.

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When you first enter Private Game you will see that it has a default set of settings already selected here and we would advise you not to change anything so that you may experience the bare bones of the game.

If you go to Advanced Game Settings you will notice that we have a bunch of options that we can change and tweak every minute detail of the game to your heart’s content. Though if you are a new player then you probably won’t know any of the game’s mechanics or everything that the game has to offer hence leaving the settings as it is is recommended.

If you want to experience this game as a single-player it’s nicely adequate considering it’s not a story-driven game but the overall ride is quite fun from the exploration of the world to upgrading yourself and your castle/base. Using the private game you essentially want to get familiar with the game and once you are done with that you can start playing in Online Play.

Online Play

This game is more amusing and crafted in a way where most of the enjoyment will come from engaging in online play. The online play is focused towards certain playstyles which we will discuss individually below:

PvE: This game mode is just for fun if you want to play cooperatively with other players without having to worry about players making your life hell while exploring Verdoran. PvE is the perfect place where you can meet a whole lot of like-minded people and it’s quite an experience when you can just run up to another player and become friends and help each other out through the perils of V Rising. After playing private games a beginner should indulge in PvE.

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PvP: Most of the new players actually stay away from this playstyle and we should advise you to not be afraid of it. After you have thoroughly examined the game in both private and PvE then you can easily adjust to this mode. If you enjoy playing against players and welcome a bit of a challenge but you are under the misconception that people will hinder your progression all the time or you think that this is a very punishing game mode as when you die with your resources all will be lost, this is only applicable in the Full Loot PvP.
There is no need to be afraid of getting constantly targeted by other players. Luckily there are not many players like that as the main focus of this mode and the reason why players target others is to get their hands on the resources you carry. If a high-level player finds you then there is little chance that they even care about your beginner/amateur base.
This is a time-consuming game and if someone is investing the time it’s for a particular purpose or goal i.e. to loot/gather effective resources to expedite their progression. These types of resources are rarely acquired from laying an unnecessarily laborious siege on low-level bases and players.
Considering this conundrum you will end up competing with players that are on the same skill level as you are and for resources that you would rather grab from some player than go through the tedium of farming said resources. On top of that, you can even create your own clan of friends or randoms while indulging in PvP so that you can have constant help while gathering resources and have backup in fights against other players.

PvP is where the ultimate fun of V Rising is and you should experience it later down the line once you are feeling confident facing the challenge. Even the more challenging Full Loot PvP can become a hoot when played against and with amazing players. You can truly test your skills in these modes.

If you are into the challenge and want to rise through the ranks and hone your playstyle then beginning with the private servers and eventually moving into the chaos of PvP is the best route. On the other hand, if you like a single-player experience and a cooperative game style then you can very much play the game exclusively in Private Game mode with your set of friends or move to Online Play’s PvE for random player team-ups. All in all this game is fun regardless of the mode you choose.