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Ultimate Guide To The Gunslinger in Remnant 2

Ultimate Guide To The Gunslinger in Remnant 2

The Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 offers the best aim-based gameplay experience. This means if you are really good at shooting your targets, this should be on your top pick list. We will look deeper into this Archetype to find out if it is the perfect fit for you in this guide!

Gunslinger Archetype is meant to output a huge amount of damage and requires high precision aim, you can easily take out enemies at close to mid-range, and you cannot go wrong with this one whether you are playing in a group or Solo.


We have broken down all the nits and bits of the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 so you can decide if it’s the right pick for you or not, according to your playstyle.

What Makes The Gunslinger a Good Class?

Gunslinger Archetype

The Gunslinger Archetype is all about being a good shooter as we mentioned. It is about precision and DPS with this Archetype. Gunslingers are supposed to deal maximum possible damage with rapid fires and quickly swapping between guns in your loadout for a strategic shootout.

It is a mid-range DPS Class so most of your fights will be intense with little room to evade enemy strikes. Timing will be key as a Gunslinger. Also, you will have to make quick judgments about the fight you are indulged in to see which ranged weapon in your arsenal will deal the heaviest blow quickly.


If you love the thrill of FPS and third-person shooter games and want to stick with the essence of Remnant 2’s survival shooting experience – go with Gunslinger. And to some extent, it might give you a sense of Overwatch 2’s Mccree now known as Cassidy but in Third Person POV.

What Gear Does Gunslinger Start With?

Gunslinger is one of the starting classes in Remnant 2, and Let’s look into what becomes available in terms of starting equipment such as starter’s weapons and armor.

Armor (High Noon Set)

  1. High Noon Hat: Hugh Noon Hat is a lightweight head armor with low protection of 8 armor points and some degree of resistance against elements such as Fire, Shock, and Toxins.
  2. High Noon Duds: High Noon Duds are medium-weight body armor with decent protection of 38 armor points and a decent amount of resistance against Fire and Shock. They also provide some resistance against Toxins.
  3. High Noon Soles: These heavy leg armors provide decent protection of 18 armor points along with a moderate degree of resistance against Fire, Shock, and Toxins.
  4. High Noon Armguards: High Noon Armguards are medium-weight gloves with 8 armor points and moderate resistance against Fire, Shock, and Toxins.


  1. Wrangler 1860: Wrangler 1860 is a Long Gun that can provide 55 Damage with 10 Magazines and 50 Max Ammo Capacity. This long gun has an Ideal Range of 25 meters making it perfect for mid-range combat. Its only drawback is slow reload speeds. It offers a Weak Spot Damage Bonus of +110%.
  2. Scrap Hatchet: The Scrap Hatchet is your Melee Weapons starting out as Gunslinger. It can deal 57 Damage with a +105% Weak Spot Damage Bonus. If charged, it can deal double attacks that increase your total damage output.
  3. Western Classic: The Western Classic acts as your secondary weapon. It is a hand Gun that can deal up to 32 Damage with a capacity of 6 Magazines carrying a Max Ammo of 66 rounds. It is highly accurate for close-quarter encounters with an Ideal Range of 18 meters. It offers a Weak Spot Damage Bonus of +105%.

Is Gunslinger A Good Choice For Solo or Co-op?

Gunslingers are capable of dealing a huge amount of damage with long-range weaponry in their loadout. The best part about the Gunslinger archetype is, perhaps, their Prime Perk ‘Loaded’, which can basically let you fire ammunitions for as long as possible within the Perk’s duration.

Their only disadvantage is that once the Perk is down, you can not easily keep shooting and dealing high DPS and may have to be constantly on defense without any teammates that can provide support or take some Agro away.


The slow reload speed with some weapons can also play into the difficulty during combat engagements such as Gunslinger. Given these points, Gunslinger is ideal for co-op play but can be a fun, exhilarating experience in solo play if you wish to take up the challenge. 

What Perks Does Gunslinger Start With?

The Gunslinger starts the game with his Prime Perk automatically unlocked at the beginning, called ‘Loaded’. This Prime Perk is unique to this Archetype alone and can be upgraded at various points upon leveling up the Archetype.

The Gunslinger Archetype Prime Perk

When utilizing this Prime Perk, all your weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite ammo for 5 seconds. This Prime Perk is activated every time you use a Skill.

When you first upgrade it after reaching level 5 as Gunslinger, the duration of this Prime Perk increases to 6.5 seconds. After the final upgrade upon reaching Level 10, you will get infinite reserve ammo on every gun in your loadout for 8 seconds.

All the other Perks are unlocked from level 1 onwards and are not automatically accessible at the start.

Are The Skills And Traits of Gunslinger Worth It?

The Gunslinger has 3 skills available with cooldowns so they must be timed with strategy for maximum effect. At any time, only one skill can be equipped.

Quick Draw skill is automatically unlocked upon choosing the Gunslinger Archetype. It allows you to deal up to 6 Critical Shots that can deal 35 Base Damage and double Stagger value.

PRESS – If you just press the Skill button, you will instantly fire at all enemies within an AoE of 25 meters. After releasing, the rounds fired from your weapon will be evenly divided among all targeted enemies.

HOLD: If you hold down your Skill button, you will manually aim and fire one single powerful blast after releasing.

Cooldown: 40 seconds.


Sidewinder is unlocked at level 5 and can increase your ADS Movement Speed and Draw Speed by 50%. This lasts 12 seconds with a cooldown of 80 seconds.

Bulletstorm improves your Fire Rate by 20% and Reload Speed by 50% for 20 seconds. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

The unique Archetype Trait Gunslingers obtain is ‘Ammo Reserves’. At level 1, you will have +5% Ammo Boost. This can be increased to +50% after reaching level 10.

Given these Skills and Traits, you can rest assured your experience as Gunslinger in Remnant 2 will be extremely exhilarating. You will constantly be shooting down the strongest bosses in the game with strategic long-range combat.

If you feel like this is just what you wanted, then dive into the worlds of Remnant 2 as a Gunslinging champion and shoot down all your foes.

There you have it folks a detailed overview of The Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2. If you find this coverage beneficial and want us to keep producing such helpful content then do share our work with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in the next one.